Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Start of Something New

K so I've read back what I wrote for the past year's resolution. And the following is my review:

- I've gone from wanting a good camera phone to being having a prosumer-level PnS. Certainly made the right choice but not a choice good enough.

- I did not get a bicycle. I walked a lot though, to and from school. Hehe.

- I never noticed if I've done it, but I think I've sat down and do a lot of maths, all of which involves more than 2 hours of brain juices. Not sure if it lasted a month though.

- Yeah, patience while people are talking. Certainly did more good than bad. I did let a lot of people self-destruct though, as in them telling more than they should and I got more ammo to shoot back XD

- Not much chance to learn a new sport.

- Not much chance to make a meal.

- Still not that good in remembering directions.

- Reverse parking, well yeah kind of improved a bit.

And the bunch of things me as a teenager did not do:

- I'm still not in a relationship

- did not get laid (fck how did I even get that thought last year?)

- No drinking. It's bad mate.

- Kind of stayed awake for more than 24 hours (insomnia during STPM, does that count?)

- Music instruments are too much for me.

- Had a chance to go to a live concert, but passed it.

- skip more than a day's class.

- Did not find a reason to confront a teacher.

- Did not go into a fight. Lots of problems were solved by intelligent reasoning.

- Swam half-naked. Haha.

- Nothing much to break down over.

- No reason to travel by plane.

So, what do I have to say about the year?

It's been a lot of ups and downs.

1) Certainly do not like the red tap in school.
2) Did something I've always never dared to do. Well only one person saw me doing it.
3) Did something to realise a small part of my dream. Let's say the results are still pending.
4) Made a bunch of keeper's friends.

To think about it, not much up and down also. A lot of time is spent on being online, or doing revision, or other miscellaneous stuff.

So, am I satisfied with 2009? Well Item 2) and 3) certainly defined my 2009. No doubt about it. Not that much to look back at, besides the fun times with friends (which is a lot!). Satisfied or not, well let's just say that satisfaction depends on achieving targets and I'm not that all satisfied.

2010, the year I'll turn 20. Two decades on Earth. 2 freakin decades. Feels like a long time and a lot have been done, but not really it seems.

I wanna:

- make sure I get that DSLR and hold on to it.

- try not to concentrate too much on those kind of stuff. Too much stress.

- manage my time better. Maybe I'm not doing much but I still think my time deserves being used on something beneficial.

- stay healthy.

- discover what do I really want to do.

Hrmm... Nothing much that I can wish for right now. But yeah I want to get into the few reputable local U's if I'm unable to get admission for the foreign ones. Boils down to the results (which can't be undone already).

I still want a a female companion. Damn this sounds corny but doesn't it kinda show that I'm a lonely dude inside? Shit I need to get out more often. Too much hanging out with dudes.

Wish my collection of StarTwo recipies will get used. Looks tasty the food there.

So, 2010. Here I am. Show me what you've got.

P/S: In case you're wondering, this is a post to myself. You won't find it interesting, but makes a good reference point for myself. You guys should try it too. Leave the new year's resolution post alone for a year and come back at the end of the year.