Saturday, December 19, 2009


What a night!

The night's beautiful. As with the pic, there were a lot of subtle things that made the night wonderful. Of course there were some bumps and hiccups, like that overexposed patch from the highway, but overall the sky's nicely lit, and buildings, well are buildings.

Weird that nobody went out to look at the night view just outside the hall, coz it's one of the most beautiful views of the night.

For noobs, it's around 10.30pm when that pic was taken. If it doesn't look like 10.30, it's coz it's taken with that intention. Hehe.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Shit am I the last person to blog that I'VE COMPLETED STPM? Woohooo~~!!!!

Weird that it doesn't feel as euphoric as right after Maths 2. Maths 2 felt more like THE last paper than Chem 1.

Gotta get my bum out more often. Been sitting for hours in front of the computer playing games. Never realised my computer is capable of running so many games. I think is driver problem la previously. Hahaha. DiRT2 rocks. The soundtrack rocks even harder (ok maybe one or 2 tracks that I love, yes love, hardly use that word). Borderlands sien la play until wanna fight Sledge liao. Stupid Badasses hardly take any damage. L4D 1 & 2 juz waiting for LAN party. Hehehe

And I never knew torrenting could be so convenient. Latest season of The Simpsons done in around 2 hours. D'oh!

It seems if I link my pictures from Picasa instead, the pics look clearer. The original upload was so blur I thought my eyes were blurry. If only this was a Rm50 note.