Monday, April 28, 2008

Post-new-lappie days

Since the arrival of the new laptop (been 2 months old already), things have changed. It's more than juz a change of online habits, it's kind of like a lifestyle/health issue.

The new workstation.

I've only blogged once after gettin the new lappie. That's quite a bad thing coz I've always wanted to make blogging a daily activity (ya noe, sort of make my brain work by writing stuff). Well at least make it a weekly thing, right? But no, the mighty laptop was so powerful I got some games wit it and was addicted. Not exactly addicted la but there's this urge to play these games for a long period of time, which directly translated to me sitting in front of the thing for long hours. Let's get to the game thing first.

One part of the reason is that my old PC was so under-spec-ed that it couldn't even play FIFA07. I noe this sounds weird but I used to play games too, until a time where games started to be more graphics and RAM hungry (around 2004?). Since then all could do was juz watch vids online, blog, chat, you noe, basic stuff. The FIFA series was the few low-spec games that I still get to play, until the 07 version. It's so annoying to noe that my old PC can't even support FIFA!

But now the Inspiron I got was full-spec-ed. I'm bored of having a normal graphics card, small RAM and slow CPU. Now I can play any game I want (almost). First I got Halo 2. I've always wanted to play this game coz it's like the 'it' game on XBOX, which i dun have. Every time I turn on the laptop, I'll play the game. Den I got FIFA08. It was perfect coz of the whole revamped gameplay thingy. Again I played it everyday. (Well I get to do it coz I have yet to start skool ma, kinda makes me look like I'm rotting at home...) Den I got CS:Source. Man I can play this game all day long I tell you

The 1520.

The game thing effectively kills off any patience to blog. Whenever I open the page to start a new post, I'll end up clicking at the CS icon and start fragging. Then I'll stare into the display for hours before I realise that my eyes are getting tired and watery. I dunno but I think my short-sightedness has increased. Time for a pair of glasses? Or time to reduce my online time? (That's coz i'm online most of the time I turn on the computer)

The amount of time I spend in the living room has also dramatically decreased (not that i keep a record or something). It's scary coz I'll only see my family during dinner time and after I'm done fragging (not to be confused wit frapping) (which is around 11 or 12?). And I'm also finding it hard to get to sleep these few days. Whether it's the radiation or the strain, it's doin it's job of keeping me awake.

It's a good thing that sometimes the servers on CS suck, or that I can't find the way out in Halo, or FIFA's lagging coz of the incompatibility issues. I get to think about wut's goin wrong and wut can I do about it. Where has all the interest in takin photographs gone?

Ah damn NEED TO FIND SOMETHING ELSE TO DO!!! (besides goin for breakfast wit the same 2 guy friends of mine almost every week... Sheesh...)

Form 6's starting soon though...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I have height-phobia

It's always better to know your weaknesses beforehand...

Last Saturday went to Genting wit few of my old classmates. 3 of us to take bus to 1U so had to start journey earlier.

The sky early in the morning.

Reached 1U at around 8.15 and we haven't eaten anything yet. The mall's open but the shops weren't. Them both were so convinced that there'll be no eateries around and we are better off having breakfast at Genting. Me being the hungrier one among us cannot wait till Genting, so went to explore. It seems that it takes a dude to start walking for the rest to start following. Asked the guard where we can get food and apparently there's a mamak shop in 1U that's open 24 hours. Went there makan den ngam ngam 9 o'clock everyone arrived and off to Genting. Of coz we left some of them behind...

Morning at Genting Bus Terminal.

Waited for the rest of the gang to arrive coz they were late and the bus drove off already. From 1U to Genting it takes 45 minutes. Quite fast huh? Then they came and we headed off to the cable car to get to the main buildings.

It was actually quite expected that it rains. Decided to play indoors first b4 going outdoors. Went to this 4D movie thingy. It was supposed to get you a little wet and stuff. All i had was pressurized air blown at parts of my body. The 10 minute movie was a simple story of Alladin or some sort of Arabian story, flying around in magic carpets and having genies in distorted colors coming to you. I dunno but it might be my glasses that made the 3D effects look dull. Coz we had to wear these special specs ma, and i'm wearing glasses, so the whole mechanism doesn't seem to work for me. The colors dun merge to form a 3D image...

After lunch we headed outdoors. First ride was the Spinner, aka seats on chains. I have to confess that I hated thrill rides. I dunno why but for some reason I never had the initiative to ride one of these things. This time everyone's goin, are you not? Summore Sanjay being kuat-kutuk the whole time, aiks... The hardest part was when you have to wait for your turn and the people who are still riding it are screaming and you're like "fck man it's gonna be scary!!". When it was our turn (coz we try to make sure everyone's on the same ride), what has to be done, has to be done. Before I knew it, the ride has begun. At first it was ok, dangling on chains and moving in circles. Then it got faster, and higher. By the 2nd or 3rd spin it got so unbearable for me that I had to start [s]scream[/s] shouting ("scream" sounds high-pitched). It started wit 'ahhhh...', but then somehow the "fck" and "shyt" got thru my self-censoring mechanism. That on was all 'fck!!!! FCK!!!!! oh shyt... FCK!!!!!!". No joke esp when the seat was sort of going sideways...

Looked like the scene in Halo where you drop down from some building or cliff and evetually die, except this pic was taken horizontally instead of looking down.

Next one was the [s]dick[/s] cockscrew. This one i rode b4 few years back wit my cousins and it was my first roller coaster rides, so I was kind of prepared for it. It felt so different this time though... Maybe I was old enough and started paying attention to the G Force and everything. It was an OK ride though, not that scary and stuff...

Then came the highlight of the day. It was around 5 already and we had to get down to the terminal to catch the bus back to 1U. But somehow we decided that we will get to the terminal in time after the last ride of the day, Space Shot, previously known as Solero Shot. It wasn't until 5.30 that it was our turn. Initially was ok, getting the safety thingy on and stuff. Den the way up. From below, the ascend didn't look liek a quick one, but from the ride, it felt quick. As it was going upwards, I said to myself "oh shit this looks scary. WTF am I height-phobic? Oh fck looking down looks so scary. Shit..." Den when it was stuck at the top I looked down again. "oooohhh shit... Why so high up one... Fck... Ok let's do this wit my eyes closed...". And eyes-closed it is for the ride down. Most of the time ppl won't shout that much in this ride coz, I dunno, fun? Most will start enjoying the scenery after the first or second bounce. I juz kept shouting only, wit my eyes closed, until I feel that I'm close enough to the ground to care about how embarrassing to be the only one to shout in the ride. Fck man...

After the ride, said our goodbyes (few of them will be going back later and some will be staying overnight) and started running to the cable car place. When we finally got to the terminal, we managed to wave goodbye to the bus coz we're freakin late. Got there, the bus was gostan-ing already and driver did the 'no more' sign. Aiks... Had to settle for the 7.00 bus...

There, I'm afraid of heights. Not a lot, but enough to get me cursing in public. I felt safe in a roller coaster though. Maybe coz I noe that it's a safe ride? Only reason to shout was to maintain consciousness...

Oh yea. This time round I only wore a T-shirt in Genting. Nothing else. No long sleeved shirt (i bought one but didn't need to wear it), no jacket or sweater shyt. It's cool in Genting nowadays. It even rained a few times and it didn't felt cold. I guess it's the effects of global warming. YES, MALAYSIA IS AFFECTED BY CLIMATE CHANGE TOO, SURPRISED?

Sorry I'm in the Earth Day mood now... It's April 22th. If there's one time in a year to do something for Earth, it's NOW. If you're not getting the climate change hype, try watching An Inconvenient Truth, or get a ticket to watch The 11th Hour at . Al Gore's talk is the one that got me to be environmentally aware of the climate crisis we are in now. Being aware is the first step to stop global warming.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

An experience of a lifetime...

Well not really of a lifetime la, coz i'll be getting that more in the future. Yep juz came back from the JPA interview. And it was really a lot of first time experience.

Everything got prepared already. The copies of docs, and the original ones, stationary (you'll need a pen only actually, mind the 'pensel 2B' and 'pemadam' and the 'dll'). Den started the drive to PICC at 1PM. Actually started driving only at 1.15 coz mom still has some makeup to do (i tot i'm the one goin for the interview?). Walau damn panicked coz interview was at 2. Started off normal but when reached Putrajaya I have no choice but to speed up a little (a little is an understatement). Since the place has super wide roads and virtually no cars, it's the best time for some noob to try speeding. The car felt like it was floatin when I drove around 110kmph (first time!) and went pass some uneven road. 

Kept on following the roadsign to PICC but den missed a turning coz some lorry was so slow and I was driving too fast and managed to read 'PICC' after I passed the signboard. DAMN... So found another tuning to the place near to it and found the way to PICC. Finally reached PICC. The clock read '13.50'.

There's a huge mushroom at the mountain top.

Got down the car, found the registration counter (it's really juz a board and you sign your name there) and by the time I finished signing, the dude called for everyone to go to the respective meeting rooms. Wou, that was close...

Totally symmetrical. I guess the inspiration came from Beijing...

Went in, signed a few more attendance forms and waited for number to be called. The group was divided into a few batches, and I was in the first batch to get interviewed. Got in wit 6 other ppl, 2 girls, both chinese, wit 5 boys including me, of which 2 were cina, 2 were indian and one malay. As the interview went on I got to know that 4 of us chose engineering, 1 Business Admin, 1 medic and 1 biotech.  Damn...

PICC got No 2. for Energy Efficient Building in an ASEAN conference. I wonder wut are the lights on for... It's freakin daytime ler...

First first was the ol' intro, in BM. The rest of them talked about their family, their parents' job, their achievement and so on. I was very unprepared so I only told them my name, where I live and why I want the thing. All done under 30 secs... I guess I'm special for giving a short intro. Dunno if it's good or bad...

Den came the discussions, which was in english. It was all about education la. Like emphasize on academic performance, wut to change in a skool, how you see the education system in a few years time and macam macam lagi. The first question was made kinda formal. Ppl started writing notes and so on. Very weird feeling. And one by one gave their points. Me, I stuck to the 'keep it simple and short' concept. Hey as long as I made my point den enough la... Den from questions 2 onwards it was made informal by the panel. I was being the usual me la, by the time she asked the second question I was eager to answer already while the rest was jotting down notes. Den she told the rest "nvm, this is informal". LOL den it went on w/o jotting notes. 

Green lung of PICC. Actually it's the smoking area.

Was kinda fun making your point to others and having them agree and giggling on some trivial matters. Was indirectly making friends la. But still I was nervous and didn't get my words smooth enough la... Like hang there for a while den continue.

Overall I think the panel was observing at the way ppl interact wit the group members. They didn't ask about the koko, they didn't ask about SPM. Which is cool la in a way...

After the interview few of us gathered and had a little chat. Ok ok la. Names weren't important coz it's the first and last time we're seeing each other. So juz chatted like normal friends la.

After the quick chat I walked out to the waiting hall. Mom's at some shopping complex nearby (nearby is another understatement) so I walked around and took the few pics I put up there. Visited the toilet la, at least I can say I pissed at PICC b4, right? The first 2 pics were taken yesterday when me and my mom came to look for the place first.

Shoot me! (Relax la, no one was looking at me when I took this photo)

OMG so little places so much competition!!!

P/S: First post on new lappie!!! Will post about it someday.
P/S 2: Post done on Safari!! Faster than FFX IMO... Though the GUI sucks... Looks like macintosh rather than mac... Give it a try though!