Monday, April 28, 2008

Post-new-lappie days

Since the arrival of the new laptop (been 2 months old already), things have changed. It's more than juz a change of online habits, it's kind of like a lifestyle/health issue.

The new workstation.

I've only blogged once after gettin the new lappie. That's quite a bad thing coz I've always wanted to make blogging a daily activity (ya noe, sort of make my brain work by writing stuff). Well at least make it a weekly thing, right? But no, the mighty laptop was so powerful I got some games wit it and was addicted. Not exactly addicted la but there's this urge to play these games for a long period of time, which directly translated to me sitting in front of the thing for long hours. Let's get to the game thing first.

One part of the reason is that my old PC was so under-spec-ed that it couldn't even play FIFA07. I noe this sounds weird but I used to play games too, until a time where games started to be more graphics and RAM hungry (around 2004?). Since then all could do was juz watch vids online, blog, chat, you noe, basic stuff. The FIFA series was the few low-spec games that I still get to play, until the 07 version. It's so annoying to noe that my old PC can't even support FIFA!

But now the Inspiron I got was full-spec-ed. I'm bored of having a normal graphics card, small RAM and slow CPU. Now I can play any game I want (almost). First I got Halo 2. I've always wanted to play this game coz it's like the 'it' game on XBOX, which i dun have. Every time I turn on the laptop, I'll play the game. Den I got FIFA08. It was perfect coz of the whole revamped gameplay thingy. Again I played it everyday. (Well I get to do it coz I have yet to start skool ma, kinda makes me look like I'm rotting at home...) Den I got CS:Source. Man I can play this game all day long I tell you

The 1520.

The game thing effectively kills off any patience to blog. Whenever I open the page to start a new post, I'll end up clicking at the CS icon and start fragging. Then I'll stare into the display for hours before I realise that my eyes are getting tired and watery. I dunno but I think my short-sightedness has increased. Time for a pair of glasses? Or time to reduce my online time? (That's coz i'm online most of the time I turn on the computer)

The amount of time I spend in the living room has also dramatically decreased (not that i keep a record or something). It's scary coz I'll only see my family during dinner time and after I'm done fragging (not to be confused wit frapping) (which is around 11 or 12?). And I'm also finding it hard to get to sleep these few days. Whether it's the radiation or the strain, it's doin it's job of keeping me awake.

It's a good thing that sometimes the servers on CS suck, or that I can't find the way out in Halo, or FIFA's lagging coz of the incompatibility issues. I get to think about wut's goin wrong and wut can I do about it. Where has all the interest in takin photographs gone?

Ah damn NEED TO FIND SOMETHING ELSE TO DO!!! (besides goin for breakfast wit the same 2 guy friends of mine almost every week... Sheesh...)

Form 6's starting soon though...

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how much ur laptop cost??