Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ah the timings...

*it's pretty pointless to keep mentioning that it's a long time since the last post*

Pictures are really low nowadays. Nothing to take a shot of. I'm trying to get my hands on a proper camera, and hopefully open another blog specifically to post pictures from that camera, of which I believe will be updated quite frequently considering that i'll be taking lots of experimental shots wit it. :-P

In the meantime, some pics from the 2.0.

Found dead in the fridge. No idea how it went in.

The thing to put your plate on in one restaurant. (frequent customers should be able to recognize it)

Who wins? DarWin.


Breakfast at mamak before the drive down KL. I'm earning the seal of approval from me dudes. Next time perhaps?

@ Koon Kee Wanton Mee off Petaling Street. Biggest bowl of pickled chillies I've ever seen.

The noodles itself. Well-done char siew, perfectly made noodles, the best (and probably the most expensive) wanton mee I've eaten. Rm6.50 for big one wit a drink.

I wanna get a proper digicam...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Update of updates

Being very very lazy to update the blog nowadays. But took some pics la. Was thinking of getting an actual camera instead of getting a phone wit better cam.

First off:
Infinity G35. M.Y. identified it for me. Looks cun in real life, but Google images turned out it looked not-so-cun.

Da dog at hometown. Grew so fat already...

Was waiting to see the so-called solar eclipse. Mana tau kept on waiting also no eclipse. News said it was seen in KLCC, and it was PARTIAL. WTF tot was full eclipse.

Little cousin bros got themselves 'fighting fishes'. LOL dun let us open up the barrier to fight. Get goldfish better, right?

Some ants-infested mantau from the CNY dinner. Chloe would freak out if she sees this.

Tried getting cousin bro as my model. LOL.

On way back. The guy dunno the rear bumper peeled off already. Dragged it a few KM before stopping somewhere to remove it.

Saje nak emo.

Printing errors on RM1 notes. Wonder if these are worth something else.

Dog at friend's house. Damn fierce la...

Dog at another friend's house. LOL at it's pose.

Like very song like that.

NBTD shots.

ASTRO~ Sentiasa bersamamu...

Shot at normal focus.

Shot w/ macro. See the diff?

Got me-self a mini cube.

I like the effect on this one la. Only the far cube is in focus. Everything else is blurred.

Was thinking of making the jump to getting a DSLR, or get a prosumer... But tight on money larrr...