Sunday, August 31, 2008

A taste of my own skills!

Been thinking making a meal for myself out of scratch for quite some time already. So this time round since parents away at hometown, I'll be taking care of my stomach my own. And I've been planning this for quite some time already...

Wanted to make a burger/sandwich thing. I'll make it with beef patties, made from scratch (of coz of minced meat to save some time). I'll mix some onions and cheese into the mix and the patty will be oh so juicy. I'll use a baguette as the bun and have some leafy veggie in b/w. Maybe extra cheese?

This is the rough idea. Mine's (supposedly) juicier.

I decided not to watch the National Day parade. Sheesh nothing special one la... Watch so many years already... And the National Day mood is kinda down coz, you noe, somebody lost popularity but still hanging on to the seat. So anyway, started the car and off I went.

Tesco is the last place I wanted to go alone (ok maybe not last but def not on top of the list). Everytime my mom asked me to go along I never did. Today is a special day. I had to go to Tesco for the sutff. And so I parked the car and went in.

As soon as I got the trolly and went into the supermarket, I knew I picked the wrong day to come. PEOPLE!! AUNTIES! MAK CIKS!! PAK CIKS!! Damn uncles are the most ridiculous. They push the trolly slowly, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LANE, with their aunty slowly walkin in front. DAMN LAAAA. Then there're the independent aunties. Now I know where the aunties learnt their infamous driving skills. IN THE HYPERMARKET! No joke. They push the trolly into you even when they know there is hardly any space for the trolly to go. Some "slow" ones will push the trolly slowly and the bunch of people behind her will be cursing their heads off. THEY FCKIN DOMINATE!!

So I got the baguette. Then to the meat place. Damn no minced beef? I came here for minced beef and now no minced beef? NVM I'll improvise. Looked around. Hrmm... Chicken fillets would work fine. I'll be making fillet sandwiches then. Then I got to the veggie dept. That's where the congestion wit the aunties happened. Looked around. Damn no mood find for leafy veggies ah. Cabut only la... Then remembered the shops near my house has veggies. LOL fckin weird holding a baguette and a packet of chicken fillets lining up at the cashier. Got to the grocery shops, coundn't find veggies, so only got myself a red onion (yes, "a", one only. It's 20 sen) (do you call them shallots? Or they are the big version of shallots?)

There! My ingredients for my first burger/sandwich. Quite sad la coz no veggies... And no environmental burden! I brought my own plastic bags!

So I cleaned the fillets first la. Helped my mom once so I kind of knew that I have to clean the white nerve/ligament/ thingy. Damn mahfan ler the thing so tough to clear...

Marinated the fillets wit some honey, soy sauce and pepper. I dunno where I got that idea from.

Chopped them onions up.

Sauteed 'em. (yes the spoon thing. Mom uses the same thing. Couldn't find the 'righter' one)

Sauteed the fillets.

And done!

The onions are well browned (I guess). It's sweet! I rested the fillets on top of the onions and the juiced dripped onto the onions. Ooo...

I insisted that I do not over-cook the meat coz that's what people do. Oh damn it's so succulent!

I guess this is the only way to eat it la. If got veggies sure would taste better... Didn't bother to toast the baguette.

The nicer-browned one. This one is nice!

And I still have some uncooked fillets in the fridge. This meal costs less than Rm10, and there's still half a baguette left! I bet it'll cost a bit more wit the veggies. I'll leave it for next time, so I'll have an excuse to make it again :-P

I'm bored of eating takeaways almost all the time. I'm makin my food next time. Hrm should've went to Jusco instead... I'm more familiar wit the supermarket there...

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Watch This!

Barack Obama's acceptance speech as the Democrat nominee for the presidency of United States of America.

It's 45 minutes long.

Damn his speech practically covers everything you need to build a country. Health care, education, taxes, labor policy, foreign policy, current issues (incentives for green energy!!! HE IS GREAT!!!) and etc. His speeches always amaze me.

And his policies are what we need to improve our country. Maybe Anwar can take a hint or two from Obama's plans and implement it in our country? Coz I'm damn sure bodowi is too sleepy to listen to Obama's plans and C4 is too busy covering his crap trail.

Shall our country prosper and be united for the 21st century. Let's put aside our differences and be united on our common grounds. Those that halt us shall be eliminated.

Happy National Day. "Unity is the Core of Success"


Title dedicated to ylup's hardship. I'll save the story for some other day.

Yesterday went for this steamboat opposite IOI. It serves sichuan hot pots but of course comes yin-yang style la.

Jon's Nice Food Selection vs Jason's Selection of Crap

Dudes went off to buy the cake for yong xin. I had to distract him so that dudes can bring the cake into the restaurant to refrigerate. LOL took me some quick BS thinking to pull off the stunt.

The food was OK. I might actually go back there for the clams. Not exactly big huge clams but they were sweet. The cheese-fishball was funky but tasty too.

SO here's the pic i took during the candle blowing thing:

Wut's Jason busy about? He can't seem to hold steady whenever we have these kind of things goin on.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Rojak post


God damned... Hurricane Nuri, they call it Parrot Hurricane. Wut language Nuri is anyway? Malay? Latin? Portugese?

I hate it when it rains when I go online. Have to take the risk of power going off suddenly and HDD being corrupted. Then maybe if got lightning surge the phone line's gonna fry the modem up. It always rains when I go online, or when I was to go online. It's risky business.

So like Avril's gonna finally perform in Malaysia? How would you feel if you wanted to eat something, but wasn't allowed to coz 'I dun approve', but was finally allowed to just coz 'I approve'. I wanna makan also no appetite already la.

Damn wut the hell why does the government have to decide wut we can or cannot listen, know, read, watch and stuff? Thank god TMNut's not setting up a filter to filter out the opposition's videos on youtube. Who are they to decide whether a movie is suitable for me or not? God damned let me decide, can ah? If a movie contains explicit content, juz make it available to mature audiences only la (aka 18+). Check my ID, I dun mind. JUZ DUN FREAKIN CONTROL WUT I WANNA WATCH.

Censoring and banning content actually promotes piracy if they have yet to realise. People download musics coz the ones sold in stores are censored. (Try previewing 'Git Up' by D12 in the music stores. You'll hear blanks in the first 10-20 seconds) Wut to do if I wanna insist listening to censored content? Download from the internet la of coz. This applies to movies and books as well.

Been doin some bloghopping. I love posts about how a dude cheated on the girl on the girl's blog. Rant rant rant. LOL I wonder if the dude's enjoying his moment of glory. "Hell yea you should've seen that coming biotch! *Insert unsatisfaction here*". And also, who glorifies their own skool? Gosh stop wit the '*skool name* ROCKS!' or '*skool name*, I LOVE YOU. OMG YOU ROCK!!!' or even treating the skool as if it's a person like "Happy B'day *skool name*" Fck you. The moment you write something bad about it, you can kiss the blog goodbye.

DAMN PA homeworks. Think of benefits of oil palm (4 please). And lots more that the question itself also quite ambiguous.

And that speech I have to give on Monday. Can we juz finish it up peacefully? Everybody would be cursing their heads off when the ceremony gets too lengthy...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Weird feeling

Have you ever had this feeling of missing something/someone but you duno wut/who it is?

I dunno. I'm getting attacked by this feeling since the start of the semester break, and I doubt it'll go away after the school reopens. It started on Monday. I woke up and I was thinking about something but I dunno wut it was. I dunno if it's a project, an assignment, someone, some TV program, some thing to do or some unfinished business. I keep thinking about it. Wut the hell is this thing that I'm missing?

I didn't miss the Olympics (there's Astro). I didn't miss the news (there's MalaysianInsider and MalaysiaToday). I didn't miss any TV show (I missed House but it wasn't the thing). I didn't miss any appoinment (no dentist, no doctor, no girl).

Is it the company that I get in skool everyday? Hrmm that would a bit too fast, aint it? Is it the time I spent wit old pals? Hrmm that was last weekend.

I dunno.

You noe sometimes when you wanted to say something but someone interrupted you then the next moment you totally forgot wut you wanna say? That's the same feeling I'm feeling everyday after I woke up, juz that it's not something I was to say. It's something else.

I forget about the feeling in the middle of the day. But when I get idle, the feeling comes back again. It's like I freakin forgot something important or I am craving for something so much.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Slacking off?

Semester break half way thru. Was initially planning to study. Yes really sitting down and study, revise, update notes. Everything you'll wanna do if you wanna do well in the second half of your semester.

Yet my itchy hands went to the games store and bought myself 2 shooters. Got me self Gears of War and Rainbow 6 Vegas 2. Gears of War maybe computer cannot support, keep on saying not responding when I launch the game. Rainbow 6 was great.

Then thought of the COD4 cd Sai Hoong lend to me last month. Installed it few times then but somehow couldn't get it to start. This time I installed it with everything it takes to play the game, and it works! Damn do I need to install DirectX that's available from every game to play it? Game's cool (yes kinda outdated, sue me). Although the storyline's kinda short, it was very interesting. Nuclear weapons wei! Finished it in 2 days.

Now playing Vegas 2. At first thought the game was hard to play coz have to co-op. Then when I got a hang of how to control the 'teammates', the game got better. All sorts of technique is used throughout the game. I like the one where you can take cover while looking behind the cover. Got chance can just pop out your head and take the kill. Nice!

And yes, I have english stuff to do, wit PA karangans. Still scratching my head for isi lerrr..

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Yea so the monthly assessment (not really monthly, but you get the idea) ended b4 the semester break (yes I'm gonna call it semester break, so that I'll sound like I'm in some cool college or something). Dudes wanna chill out so went out for a movie yesterday.

Was the day Lee Chong Wei's gonna play to qualify for a minimum silver. We went out earlier la coz I wanna watch the match but the movie as well. Ended up in some chinese restaurant and watch the match. SMH at ylup keep sayin there's nothing special about the match coz Chong Wei's not gonna qualify anyway. Of coz he got PWNed coz Chong WEi WON!! I'm seeing history in the makin! That's how excited I'm! I never thought I'll be seeing someone from our country get an Olympic medal. Yes, that's how pathetic the system is working out.

After that went on to watch Wall-E. Show's surprising wit some pre-show show. GO TO THE MOVIES if you wanna noe wut the pre-show show is. Alternatively I think youtube has it. The movie's great, minus the cute robot voice Pixar is using to impress the kid audience. It sounds so weird to watch a show wit that kind of cute voice.

And I've gotta take this off my chest: it's obvious there's a hidden message (if it's not obvious enough). It's how we'll end up if we continue to procrastinate efforts to conserve the environment. Shall Wall-E enlighten you to a greener path...

That's Wall-E. Den today watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I've gotta say the movie's nice. I dunno but I'm liking US movies that are original. Sarah Marshall's a bitch. Damn... But Kristen Bell is fckin hot. Next big star in the making.


Monday, August 11, 2008

What China has to Do to Beat the US in Basketball

*I'll appreciate it if you have the patience to read the whole post. I was inspired.*

As y'all know, basketball is an Olympic sport. This time round China is placed in the same group as basketball powerhouse USA (and Spain, along the way). It is said to be the match to be watch by billions around the world. China, the home favorites, against USA, Dream Team, known as the Redeemer in this Olympics to redeem their loss in Athens.

K so the match ended wit a victory for USA wit a 31 point margin. But that was not before China played a competitive first half. They started out wit threes, wit the first from Yao Ming. He's known to try 3 pointers in NBA matches anyway. Then they put up a good defensive game and were tied wit US. The second half was a whole different story as somehow US wit the likes of Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade, LeBron James and Dwight 'Superman' Howard got a hold of China's defense and started to play like an All-Star game. Play after play the US sliced China's defense like butter.

China's strategy early in the game was to score 3 pointers. It worked well wit 7 in the first half, compared to 2 for the US. That was why they tied the game at first half. US was scoring from the paint very often coz, that's wut the style in NBA is. So after the accuracy of China's shooters deteriorate as the game progresses, US took advantage and won the game easily.

So how, you might ask, can the chinese beat the United States in a sport that is traditionally dominated by the US?

China started by thinking 'hrmm... Maybe we need an NBA player to beat US'. So they sent Wang Zhi Zhi to Dallas to play in the NBA.

Then Wang came back and say 'hey we need pro players'. So China formed a pro league, the CBA.

Even after the pro league, they couldn't win. So they went for physical. They breed Yao Ming. And Yao caught on being an All -Star in the NBA.

But they still couldn't win the US. Yao came back and say ' hey we need sharp shooters.' There's where the 3 pointers in last night's game came from. 'we also need good defense'. And voila, a defensive, sharp shooting team. Along wit some tall fellas in the team.


But they still couldn't win the US.

They observed yesterday that the US team was very athletic. New breeds of NBA players were all well built. From Lebron, to Dwyane, all of them are very athletic. Soon you'll see a team of tall, sharp shooting, well-built men playing for the chinese team.

And you guessed it, they still would not win the US.

The chinese officials will be scratching their heads over this. 'Why we no win guai lou? We have tall man, shoot man, jump man, pro man. WE chinese muz win! We win guai lou we dominate the world!'

Then they'll come to realise: it's the SKILLZZZ!!! Soon they'll be having basketball academies (like the mushrooming kungfu academies) all over China. Kids as young as 3 will be doin slam dunks and all the street stuff you can imagine of.

But damn. They still can't win the USA. Oih damn sien la still cannot win the US one...

Then they thought: maybe some acrobat will do the trick. I'll add in some SunTzu's Art of War in it. Maybe some drugs to help the growth. Full time singse FTW! Acupunture! Maybe I'll have a space program to get our players to train in space, where the world have yet to do so! Then we'll have gravity defying players who can beat the US!

(By this time you should've realised the determination of China in beating the USA. They won in population growth, they won in economic growth, they won in pollution, they won in making the greatest, grand-est, biggest scaled, fireworked Olympics. They just couldn't win in basketball)

So the Chinese will be having all these programs. Training. Spying in the NBA. All sorts of chinese stuff you can think of.

But they still couldn't win the US.

They lacked one key ingredient.

They lacked black players.

Black players who have the hip-hop influence.
Black players who played the game as a way of life.
Black players who depend on it to earn respect.
Black players who... er... juz play it better than anyone else?

Yup. China can do everything but still lose to the US because they lacked black basketball players.

Soon you'll start seeing China breeding black hybrids of african-chinese.
That wouldn't be hard coz lots and lots of African students are going there to study, like the invasion we have over here.

Then, you'll see China dominate the world.
They dominated everything you use. So, they might as well dominate the world.

Ever wondered why steel prices are rising sharply?
China's been collecting scrap steel from all over the world. To build the world's biggest nest, to nest the best. You want steel? The Bird's Nest is made of it. Go get it from there.

Soon they'll make the Giant Ball (to commemorate their dominance in sports), and the giant fan (to sort of blow all the smoke away from their cities). You KNOW they are capable of doing these kind of things. So dun be surprised when they really do.


Saturday, August 9, 2008

A tale of broken things

Had quite a few stuff broken around me.

First was my legendary 'mighty calculator'. It's so mighty it can calculate matrices, vectors and complexes, along wit some other function I still wouldn't noe how to use. Few days ago it tried to defy gravity but failed, wit a faceplant. Initially the 'bleeding' resembled a Johnnie Walker logo (go wiki la...). But then it continued to bleed and becomes wut looks liek this:

I bought a new one yesterday.

Then yesterday, before goin to buy the new calculator (desperate coz tests is next week), another thing broke down. When I finished reversing my car out of the porch and was to go in another direction, I heard something shreading underneath the car. It sounded like I dragged something tough thing under my car. Fckin sounded scary. But after a few meters there was no sound anymore, so I thought I would check later. Then there's a guy walkin past the car and his eyes locked on to the car all the way until the junction. He was like 'WTF?'. That scared the crap outta me. So I stopped at the road side and guess wut, my front tyre looked like it was dislocated from the rim! It was deflated so i guess the rim might have teared it when the tyre was dislocated. LOL panicked and called ylup to see wut should I do (I was on my way to his house anyway).

While he was on his way there, I had this idea of changing the tyre. LOL should've thought about it earlier. So ylup got here and we changed the tyre together. LOL first time changing tyres so sweated like heck only. Under the 2PM hot sun summore.

After changing into spare tyre I still continued to drive around. Went to Mawar, den to IOI, den back home. Dad got back and he said maybe there were defects in the tyres so he's goin to bring it to check.

Today he brought the car wit the tyre to the workshop. They checked every inch of the tyre and there were no leaks wutsoever. The tyre was normal beyond normal. No dislocation. They inflated it and check for leaks. No leaks. Then how the F the tyre suddenly deflate and caused the shreading sound? Somebody purposely enter the porch to release air from my tyres? Weird stuff...

Olympics! The 2008 Summer Olympics has started! Opening performance was superbly done. Nothing beats ol' man power in performance. The rest was kinda bland and boring. Another nice one was the mass qi movement 集体运气. Guess the Bird's Nest was moving along wit the qi at that time. The performers got back into straight lines and perfects circles after every movement. Damn geng ar. Lighting up the couldron wasn't that impressive like everyone said. Seriously I expected something better. Was impressed wit the folding LED (or is it LCD?) thingy. It unrolled into a big sheet of display. Damn...

Force-f(friction)-T(tension) = m(a)
T(tension)-f(friction) = m(a)
Formulae that forms the basics of a system of forces. Damn was scratching my head to derive it when revising... Rupa-rupanya it's kinda simple...

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Been doin some salvaging these days. Waste salvaging, that is. Kinda thought that I should practice wut I preach.

Draft paper (or scribbling paper) is quite an important part of my whole studyin thing. Partly because I cannot afford to keep changing papers when I made too much mistake in the homeworks, and that it's always better to organise my workings before I write down the stuff that I'm goin to hand in the next day.

So where do I get these draft papers from? Cannot afford to keep usin new paper, right? Wut I've done is salvaging them from the mountain of waste paper in my room (yes, sounds spooky, never had the time to throw it away).

My idea was to use the unused part of the papers for scribbling. I've been doin that for quite some times already, but only with the papers that find laying around that are big enough for scribbling. This time I'm goin big. LOL

My rule is that I only salvage papers wit one whole blank page. You'll never know how much paper that were only used one page of it that were thrown away. I also only salvage papers that were decent enough to be used. Dun wan crinkled paper. So the aim was to only salvage wut I would be willing to use again, as scribbling paper.

30cm of waste paper that was meant to be stuck into the bunch of old newspaper.

I've had that mountain of paper sitting at the corner of my room for quite some time already. There were originally 2 stacks. I got rid of one of it already.

So I sat on the floor and went thru most of the junk. By the time I went thru half of it i was quite surprised at the amount that I salvaged. There were quite a lot of plain paper that were accidentally discarded along wit the junk. I also noticed that there were a whole damn lot of notes photostated one side only. That's a lot of pages combined ya noe...

After process.

Overall out of 30 cm of paper i salvaged 8 cm of one-sided paper, which translates to 4 cm of total paper surface. 4 out of 30, approx 13% salvation rate. Not bad, or should I say, very bad coz the amount of salvagable paper is so much due to bad bad management?

Plain pages ma...

I guess that 8 cm of paper is enough draft paper for the rest of my F6?

Quite a sad thing to do ler... Where on earth did I find time to do all this stuff... Tests is next week. Aiks...

All in the name of reducing waste...

There's an ongoing event by a Brit on a pledge to use no plastic (plastic abstinence) for one month. Her month starts on August 1st and ends on the 31st. Hosted on the BBC news portal. Month Without Plastic.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Road Pics

Was quite eventful on the road these few days.

Space for one more?

Taken at the highway along Tesco. Shopping spree wit a price? LOL

Fuel Economy 101: Save at all cost

There's 2 riders on each bike. Either the guy's stingy on fuel, he's a really green guy, or his friend's legs really needed a rest.

Scared la monthly tests coming...

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The King

I just felt that I didn't get enough pics for the whole durian season thing in the previous post that mentioned it. So here's a whole motherload of it!

I'll start it off wit the Queen of Fruits. Mangosteen is quite rare in the open (super) market coz it's rarely packaged and sold commercially. Part of it is due to the fruit itself. Only a little flesh is found in the fruit and a big part of it is the seeds. So to extract the flesh is quite troublesome and not cost-effective. Most of the time (or the only time) when you eat the fruit is in it's natural packaging. The fleshy outer rind containing the pearly white insides. A good, rare one would have translucent flesh, the kampung ppl call it 玻璃山竹. It's extra sweet, extra 'crunchy' and nice. The normal pearly-white one is good enough as well.

Ze Queen. You noe 'mangosteen' is not heard of outside Asia coz the spell check is suggesting 'mangrove' to replace it. A check on confirms that mangosteen is indeed Malaysian. It originates from the word 'mangustan' (manggis + (h)utan), meaning 'forest mango'. Weird coz the mandarin name 山竹 suggests that its 'forest bamboo'.

Usually the mangosteen's in season when the durian's in season. That's why they are called the King and Queen of the fruits. They complement each other. The durian's 'heaty', while the mangosteen's 'cooling'. So the Yin and Yang balances each other out. Makes a good fruit feast.

Nothing much special about the rambutan. You can eat it in canned fruit cocktails and stuff. The taste difference is not much between the canned version and the ori. Only diff is the texture coz the ori one still has the crunchyness, wit the occasional hard thing stuck to the fruit coz you bitten off part of the rambutan seed. Sometimes you'll also find a worm or two to boost the protein content of the fruit. Sweet! (No you dun eat it if it's infested, you throw it away, if yer wondering)

Ze baby rambutan makes an exclusive appearance.

And here comes the KING!

This one is a different variant. Dunno the codename. Can see the diff in the spikes.

Kidney-shaped, heart-shaped, you name it. They say durians that have the weirdest shapes tastes the best. Preferably not round. Too perfect in this case.

Close up on the spikes. I wonder if it puntures itself if it continues to grow.

Ze insides.

This pic wasn't staged. My lil cousin bro reached for the durian juz a fraction of a sec before the camera managed to snap the pic. Juz proves the attraction of the KING!

Aunt's enjoyin it.

This one's on death roll.

My grandpa taking over as surgeon.

Can you feel the glow of the golden fruit? It's like opening a treasure chest.

The legendary good-tasting durian. The perfect shade of yellow of this fruit suggests that the taste and aroma is of the highest level. The name for it is 黄肉干包, meaning yellow flesh but wit a dry outside, I guess...

Ze ice-creamy texture of the fruit after the first bite. I was using my left arm to take this pic coz my right arm's holding this fruit. Steady huh?

A good fruit has an after taste that's sweet and aromatic. It circles in your mouth and the sweetness juz blows your head off.

Like almost every other posts that I posted pics taken in my hometown, here are some bugs!

This one has this unique pattern on it's back.

Can see the segmented legs and stuff.

It has these weird horns or something on it's head.

Ze back.

One more time.

I think they should make the durian seasons an official celebrated one. C'mon, the only seasons we have here is the fruit seasons and the moonsoon seasons. We dun have the 4 seasons like the northen countries have. Extra holiday?


Friday, August 1, 2008

2 Things

There's 2 things that I'm fed up right now.

No, not Anwar's sodomy case (or rather, BN's sodomy case). Nope, not why the project manager lost the key when he should've prevented it by fckin-putting-the-key-back-in-it's-tag.

Nope, there are more frustrating things in life.

Like the god damned router. I dunno wut the fck is wrong wit it, but it could never do it's job right. Sometimes it takes forever to provide me an IP address. 'Forever' is an understatement. I would have to disconnect the mouse and keyboard and go around the room to the nearest distance b/w the router and the laptop to get a connection. Fcked up, right?

That's not all. It also fails to provide good connection these few days. I thought I would blame TM-is-Nuts coz they havin this patching thing goin on. But as soon as I restart the router the connection seems fine. usually loading takes max 5 seconds, now it takes min 1 minute, and it can drag on to a few minutes. No joke. After restart den normal la. Fck man... I knew about this a few times already, usually by instinct. But today I dunno wut made me NOT think that it's the router's prob and I stupidly waited until 8.30 to realise that I can restart the router and try. I was stupidly downloading something thru HTTP that's 100MB at 4/kBps it took 4 hours and still wasn't completed. DAMN...

Then it's Firefox. No difference whether it's FFX2 or FFX3. Sometimes it would act like it hasn't fck any female fox in a thousand years. It would take a lifetime to load a webpage EVEN when the connection's ok. No joke. It takes the same time to load as it is wit a fcked up router. However Firefox seem to get pumped up when I load the same page wit Safari (yes I have it installed as well, coz I can). It is that significant. Sometimes I think Safari's more reliable than FFX, although Safari's fcked up in it's own ways as well. Sometimes while loading in FFX, if it takes a long time I would check the connection wit loading in Safari. As soon as Safari finishes loading the page, so does FFX, and that was when FFX was given a lifetime's headstart.

Another example would be when I wanna check my mails in GMail. It would take a century to get to the page. But when I open GMail wit Safari after loading it wit FFX and still waiting, within a while the page's open in Safari and not long after FFX follows. WTF? Do I need to fire up 2 browsers juz to get FFX to work? Why doesn it need to see the compass before the fox flames up?

I wanna buy a new router, and I want a better, more reliable browser... (IE still sucks)