Monday, December 31, 2007

100th post!!! / New Year's Eve

Woohoo it's 100th post!!!

One year ago I was still worrying about coping with SPM. Now I'm confused about which pre-U course to get into. See? Time does change stuff, but they dun make probs disappear.

Saturday and Sunday went back to "hometown" as usual. All I can say about it is that global warming is goin to kill us all... I tot that sub-urban is gonna be cooler but naw, it ain't no makin no diff.

Sunday while on our way to my aunty's saloon, saw this gang of Harley Davidson cruisin around.

Got choppers kah?

I think they are on a road trip or something, like in Wild Hogs. That'll be cool. That other day on the way to Penang saw a bunch of BMWs parking at the side of the highway. No joke. I think I'm gettin my dad's Waja as my first ride. Any Waja-s goin on a road trip?

Today went to CHS wit sis and mom to get my sis her books. LOL there's this bunch of mandarin association girls sellin this chinese accessories. Neh those strings Lillian Too was sellin to hang in your cars one. Yea those type. Kinda walked around the skool la, the area around the canteen. Didn't really go inside the skool. Wanna keep it till I really got into the skool den only explore ma...

Den went to IOI for a while. Went to survey see got vacancies or not (dun ask me where coz yer ain't gettin my rice bowl). Around 4 went back la. Bugger so damn hot. I guess the world should admit global warming is a fact ,or for those ignorant ones, a way of life. Fck you a way of life, I ain't no livin this life lookin into the thermometer everyday seeing this:

You can cook an egg wit this temperature, I guess...

Damn it dropped from 49 degrees when the car was first started. I guess the air condition cooled it down a bit. I dunno whether it's the internal or external temperature, but to get to this temp is already torturous...

It's New Year's Eve. Make a wish and hope for the best for next year. Oh yea tune in to TVBS Asia to catch the Taipei New Year Countdown. Last year's fireworks lasted 8 minutes if I'm not mistaken. This year's one gonna be cool as well.

P/S: If our country's going to make international headlines like this, I really dunno wut's coming up for us in 2008.

Link here

Have fun! 2007's ending in 5 hours!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

This is wut I call a feast

Initially had to go to my sis's secondary skool to check out wut class she got into. Den mom changed the plan and decided to go to have a lunch instead. Scared of the traffic coz Orientation day at the same time.

Well she informed that we're goin to Shogun at 1U. Heard of it from dudes and of coz they made it sound so wonderful and stuff. Mom went there once b4 and she said the same thing about it. Cool now I finally get to bust the myth.

Let's say it's myth confirmed. We reached there a lil too early. They only release to get in at 12pm. So walked around outside until it's almost time. Den mom called and got in la. I guess only the first customers of the day get this, we were greeted by the bunch of staff as seen on tv. Seriously. Cool. Den we were brought to our table and started to get the food. The variety of food there is really a lot. Well as the name suggests it's japanese la but there's this mini section of korean food as well. There's sashimi, sushi, japanese noodles, teppanyaki. There's even fusion japanese food. Since when chicken and cheese is a part of japanese cuisine? Tastes good though (well, I love cheese, of coz).

After first round, mom said there's this 'secret menu' thing. She confirmed wit the waiter and ordered "oyster baked with cheese". I guess everyone got the same as moments later everyone else is given one of those. It tasted ok though. Personally I prefer the raw oyster. Baked one is a lil rubbery for me... Yea everyone is only entitled to one serving only, no extras...

And for a dude like me who likes to take pictures, can't sit still in the restaurant w/o snappin some pics, right? Damn as soon as i took my first picture of the food, a staff (callin them staff coz technically they dun take orders coz there ain't ala carte, I think...) pop-ed from behind me and warned me that I ain't supposed to take pics of the food there. Hrmm... I managed to take one though. LOL

Seriously the variety is so wide that, as quoting my mom, "you'll be full by the time you tried half of the food there." Hell yea. I realised that there're gimmicks to it one you noe. The have big portions of one serving of some food, so that by the time you finish that serving, you're starting to feel full already. LOL i took few bite off the lamb shank and gave it to my mom. Smart eating, I call this. And there's a huge variety of sushis at the sushi bar. LOL I only took one that I've never ate b4. The rest I can try the toping from the sashimi bar, right? I didn't try the soup as I noe by the time I tried the soups, I'll be full already.

40 minutes into the feast, I started to feel full already. At a normal buffet this wouldn't happen, but this time the Jeneral (according to the banners, Shogun = 将军, which in english is 'Jeneral') defeated me... So went out and walk around la to 'help digestion'. Came back i tot maybe playin some sudoku will help digestion coz you need energy to think. LOL the stuff ppl can think of juz to take advantage of a buffet.

By 2.30 is last call already. And since we're full already, paid the bill and left la. Honestly, there's still a lot of stuff that I haven't eaten yet. Hrmmm... Maybe after SPM results?

I will be back!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Finally... Mission Accomplished!

Today went to settle some unfinished business.

Came to the HQ. K. I'm prepared (well haven't been driving for a week already, hrmm...) to pass this damn thing. Go one round den take number. Ulangan-s will get to do it first. So number got called and went to the pondok.

K. I failed once and I'm not going to fail something I'm certain of passing. Chose an old Kancil juz in case I got jinxed. Damn la this one the brake so cacat one... Nvm la as long as the gear can la. First one slope, the nightmare. Got to the yellow line. This time I double-checked my gear engagement. Masuk gear 1, hrmm... take out and put back in again. Den I do balancing. K got respond, release handbrake, and the car moved on. Phew! Slope test, done!

Den come parking and 3 point turn loh. This car the clutch also cacat one. The kancil i used to drive no need petrol also can move by releasing the clutch carefully. This one... Hopeless... Have to hit on the petrol la or not mati... First time in so many times use petrol to do parking and 3 point turn... Ok ok la. Nothing big happen. LOL collected the paper and I'm certified passed! Not to mention unofficially street-legal too!

Coz ulangan got to do first ma, so ended at 9.30am. Waited for other dudes to finish also around 1.30pm. Went to canteen and coincidentally met a friend, primary skool classmate la. Doin undang. Chat a bit den went back in and wait till everything gao dim den can go back.

So my P license will be out in 1 week time. Oh boy oh boy I can't wait!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Education Dilemma

I think I've never mentioned the education struggle I'm having now. Looks like it's time to dedicate a post to it.

After the grace period after SPM, I started my so called research on my pre-U options. Since it was still in early stage, the cost was not in consideration. The American Degree Transfer Program sounds attractive as you get to complete your degree 4 years after SPM. It's offered by several private colleges here.

But den when it comes to practicality, going to US juz to get a degree is really costly. And risky too if you wanna change your mind in the middle of it. So I decided that since I'm interested in psychology, why not take the Foundation in Science at HELP? It's a one year course and continues wit a 3 year psy degree course. Not bad huh?

Den I thought, wut if I wanna explore other fields as well? The foundation cert will be kinda wasted loh like that... So I thought of A levels. A levels is attractive. You get to apply for foreign universities and their scholarships as well. It's something like STPM but some say that it's easier to pass than STPM. Cool huh?

But then after chattin wit my dad, I thought, why not open up the opportunities? If I can do well in STPM, I might get offered a place in the local universities. If I can't (or the desired course is not given), then I have an option to do my degree overseas or private. If I do A levels, my only pathway would be a private or foreign university. And my research showed that STPM is in fact accepted in most foreign universities, only a few giving a 'guaranteed entry' privilege to A levels while STPM has to compete with ppl from other countries like the Hong Kong and India 12th year education. Top Unis like Oxford, Harvard and Cambridge give equal opportunites to both A levels students and STPM students. They only want AAA. Only prob is wut if getting AAA in STPM is tougher than in A levels? Hrmm...

I also thought that if I was to put in an equal amount of effort (let's assume both are of same difficulty/standard), why pay for it? I can use the same money (add a bit more la, of coz) and do a degree in case the local uni doesn't accept, right? If the local does accept, I can use it to do a masters in a foreign country, right? I dun see the point of locking out yourself an option of local universities. Afterall, a degree is still a degree, right? My dad said that in terms of salary a fresh graduate will get a fixed amount, regardless of where you got the degree from. Some might argue that a foreign graduate might have an advantage coz of the brand name of the degree, that might be true but again, it's down to how you present yourself in an interview that matters.
And I dun think professionals need to go thru interview. When you're good, they will come for you, right? Most professionals are being 'booked' while in 2nd or 3rd year of their course.

So now my plan is to wait for the SPM results to come out. If I'm accepted into Form 6, den I will do Form 6. But if I'm not, I dun mind doing A levels for march intake.


Friday, December 21, 2007

Movie buff...

Streamyx was acting up yesterday. Couldn't come on9 la... Watched some of the old vids I had on my computer. LOL watch clips also can watch until 2am...

Watched a few movies these few days. Simple review la:

1) Balls of Fury. Not really as funny as the cover says. There are some funny parts la, but overall I wouldn't watch it again.
2) Dodgeball. Not really that funny as the cover says. Ain't no watching it again.
3) Warlord. One of the best Asian movies I watched this year. Watch it in the cinema only got effect one!
4) The Game Plan. Nice movie to watch. Not really that funny la, juz a nice movie to watch.
5) Toy Story 2. Obviously I watched this coz it's nice and has rewatch value.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Yesterday not feeling well, so didn't go aikido lesson. Next one is on Thursday.

Hrmm.... Today went for driving test loh. First first coach settle everything like registration, den take number, wait for number to be called, do road test. Wah this time road test I tried hard not to show that I'm nervous. I can feel my leg shaking you noe... Step pedal also no feel liao... But ok la, not like QTI that time so bad... So bhgn I pass!

Den waited for my turn for bhgn II. All I had in mind was to quickly finish it up and get my P license. Too bad my impatience cost me another week. The system works like this: if you feel like it, you can start.' So as soon as I saw an empty car, I hopped on and started to do la. Mana tau I forgot it's a new Kancil, everything different one. First is slope. Yellow line I no prob. But den after do clutch-petrol balancing wanna release handbrake, mana tau didn't masuk gear, whole car roll down the slope. I wanna rescue one, the officer said 'tak payah tak payah, sudah fail!'. Awwww... Bugger ah the old Kancil I used once push can enter gear liao, this new Kancil the gear maybe too smooth, no feel one...

Have to wait for next wednesday to try again loh...

Yea dun feel like blogging about failing my bhgn II. Damn I was very confident of passing the bhgn II. Maybe that's why I failed... Eh retake test Rm140 ar... You think very nice feeling to fail ah?

On to other stuff...

Hrmm... I can never ever understand why ppl would wanna take topless pics of themselves. I mean, literally only the naked top, showing only half of the chest or something and posing to it. WTF... Hey wanna star in AV go look for director la, no need pose naked on cam and put as disp pic for WLM gua... And obviously, dudes are the ones causing this resentment in me now. I wouldn't mind if a girl would do that on WLM though...

Sheesh... Put some clothes on, man... It's not like yer a bodybuilder or something, yer a teenager still undergoing puberty! Damn...

Monday, December 17, 2007


K I found out that my adidas bball shoes were lost before the penang trip. So, I blamed it on some kind of burglar that came into my house and took it away coz i left it at the shoe rack outside.

I started my investigation today. Firstly, why would some dude wanna take my adidas bball shoes? It's old and full of creases, the decor (?) started to peel off, the lables are gone. Weird huh?

Secondly, why only my bball shoes specifically? There are so many other shoes there, like my dad's Nike golf shoes, and a few of his leather working shoes. Those should worth something too, right? But no, he (i assume) did not take any of those, only my adidas shoes. Even my new leather shoe was left intact to give way for my bball shoes.

As my suspicion grew, I started to investigate further into my house. I looked everywhere but they were nowhere to be found. Den I made a startling discovery: my other Nike bball shoes are gone as well. It's in the USA flag color of red blur and white. WTF? This shoe has been sleeping in the shoe cabinet INSIDE the house. (yea, we have another cabinet for shoes that we dun wear frequently) This is fcking weird. I haven't touched it in a year and I always see it whenever I take out my nike dunks (the shoe I posted in the previous post) to wear for outings. And it so happened that I realise that it was gone after the adidas was gone...

So from the observations, I made a hypothesis: my mom took BOTH shoes and donated it to charity, assuming that I would no longer wear those shoes coz I'm out of secondary school already.

Yes i noe i noe it's a bad thing to suspect your mom for doin things. After all it's to the charity, right? But wut if it's not to the charity? And this is not the first time she took my stuff w/o tellin me first, only for me to get pissy after I knew about it.

So I approached my mom and asked her whether she saw my shoes or not (have been askin this few times already). So she started looking around the outside of the house (she was preparing to go out liao ma) and made no discovery. Hrmm...

See, both shoes, both are basketball shoes, not casual or golf shoes, are missing. Everybody else's shoes are intact. I'm ok if only the adidas is gone coz I left it outside, but even the nike one, the one I kept inside the house? This is getting too much man... Take my old broken ones, they are all in my room. Take thim all if you want, but not the ones I'm wearing la... (I do occasionally alternate b/w the adidas and the nike dunk for outings).

Maybe I'll juz ask my mom directly la...

The Adidas JabStep

Nike Unlimited AF

*Hrmm... Maybe I'm really that much of a sneakerhead...*

Sunday, December 16, 2007

A not-so-boring trip afterall... *56K BEWARE!!!*

Hrm yesterday morning slept at 2am den woke up at 6am for a trip to Alor Setar/Penang. Bugger ah slept for 4 hours only... Journey started at 7am from a mom's friend's house. Had breakfast on the bus la, some nasi lemak... Reached Alor Setar (?) around 2.30pm. In the middle got stop for piss and lunch la, which is why it took 7 hours to get to the first tourist spot.

First stop was the rice factory, or so it was called.

The paddy samples outside the 'factory'.

Yea like all 'visits' to factories, we're brought to a room and shown a video clip on the process of rice making. In the end she did a demo on rice processing using a mini version of the machines used to process rice. After that also got complimentary tasting of unpolished rice (糙米), which is said to be high in fibre and all sorts of vitamin B. I dunno how true is this but it seemed that a lot of them believed it, including my parents who bought 10kgs of it. They had this 'promo' price at the 'factory' ma... And thank god it's vacuum sealed to save space (and keep it fresh?), but it's still heavy nonetheless... Why am I saying that all these factories that we went are 'factories'? Tell you later.

The paddy fields around the factory.

Next stop is Gunung Keriang to see some sort of 'thing'. Tell you later. See the pics.

Hrmm... Nice scenary huh?

The paddy fields...

Ooo... Cloudy...

Does it look anything like a big piece of painting? Click to enlarge the images. Coz ppl say it looked damn real, but I dun really think so loh... The skies look real, but the other stuff... Hrmm... Human limits? Hahaha... They say it's drawn by a few Korean artists and utilises helicopters to get a clear view of wut they were to draw on the ceilings of this centre. The mural is drawn on the inside of a dome, so it's something like a 360 view of the area la. The details in the mural is superb la. But to say it's 'real', maybe I dun have the eye for it...

CCTV at the top of the dome.

The reason why I took a pic of the surveillance cam is coz you have to buy an extra ticket to take pictures in the mural area. Stupid huh? Initially everyone had to pay for the extra ticket one. Den I suggested to my mom that maybe we can pass the ticket around when we wanna take pictures. After listening to my 'advice', the tickets reduced to only one per family. LOL. Mana tau reached the dome there full of ppl. Dun care la I still snap pics even w/o the ticket, juz held to the normal ticket as though it's the one for photographing. The dude there stand there only, also didn't check one... I think he can't do anything about 'unauthorised' photographing there la coz everyone's taking pictures of the mural as well... LOL

Next stop is a crystal factory, or so they called it. Again, it's more of a marketing gimmick la... This time no clip also, straight to the shop one.

Hrmm... Are factory visits only driven by profit? If that's the case, what's the point of even visiting a factory located miles from the nearest suburban area? To watch a clip? I can download it or watch it from the documentary channels on my satelite TV also la... Buy stuff? Dei I can buy it at any supermarket also la...

Gimmicks... And I realised that almost every trip I go will always pay a visit to the 'local product store'. And everytime we go there it'll be full of product testing and running away ASAP. Damn... Sien la...

At night went to Gurney Drive to have dinner. It's a stretch of relocated hawker stalls. I've been to the old Gurney Drive hawker centre too. They say the relocated to this current place coz the old one is too near to the beach area, and they were worried that if the tsunami ever happens again it'll ruin their rice bowl. This new one is located quite a distance from the beach, but the sea is still visible. It's less spacious compared to the old one though. The foodstuff there are repetitive. Laksa, rojak, ABC, laksa, rojak, ABC, occasionally fried oyster, ikan bakar and char kuey tiew. After makan went to the nearby Gurney Plaza to walk around.

The christmas decor outside the mall. Beats IOI anytime.

Around 11 checked into the hotel and sleep la... Not bad la the hotel...

Was a lil bored while waiting for my turn to take a shower. That's the kicks I always wear to nice places. To this penang trip was a whole accident. See at the very morning we were supposed to go to the trip, and while I was looking for the adidas bball shoes I wear to long distance trips, I noticed that it was either lost or I left it somewhere that's not my house. Damn the pair of kicks I bought wit my savings! One of the comfy-est shoes I've ever wore! Now gone! I dun even have a chance to take a pic of it... FCK YOU ASS-NO-HOLE BURGLARS!

Next morning roll call at 7. Aiks...

View from the window at the room.

Breakfast was buffet at the hotel. Hrmm got some scrambled eggs. LOL wanted to see if it's really as good as those as seen on TV. Biasa la... I dun see him taking it off the heat and repeating the steps... Tsk tsk tsk...

First stop was the Khoo Kongsi. It's some place about the surname of Khoo. Not really clear wut's it about in detail though...

On the way to it, some vintage houses.

Tryin to be artistic wit my shots... Ada effect ka?

I saw this type of water hydrant all around the vintage sites in penang. I wonder wut it signifies... (I dedicate this pic to my close friend, classmates should noe who this guy is, no offense yea...)

Outside of the place. Hrmm...

Drawings on the wall. Tour guide said the drawings are all drawn with pencil.

Sculptures around the building.

You can see quite clearly the influences of the english governance. Here you see the sculpture of a sikh guard. Immigrated to Malaya ma... And this is a chinese cultural building. Not bad huh...

Next stop was the Kek Lok Si Temple. I came to this temple 2 years ago in my last penang trip and it was not with a tour. This time it is. The driver parked the bus far away from the actual temple. So we had to go thru this narrow alley of street vendors all the way to the temple.

Reached there, can't find a way to walk up to the 2nd level of the temple, so bought tickets for the cable car.

Look up! Pic of ceiling of the section in front of one of the praying halls.

Sien sien dei den go back to the 1st level den walk up the pagoda. Before and after walking up the pagoda, we knocked the big bell near there. Juz for the fun of it.

Not bad huh?

The view at the 2nd highest floor of the pagoda. Any higher levels are closed for tourists for an obvious reason. Notice how the landscape changes suddenly from the undeveloped at the left to the highly populated area at the right?

After that had lunch in a rush coz late liao. On way back to KL stopped at a local product store. This particular product got my attention:

You should be able to understand wut's wrong wit the label if you can read chinese.

That raps up my overnight update on my not-so-boring trip to penang/alor setar. Well mom's friends brought their children along ma, which happens to include my friends and a few other girls. Hah some eye candy to savour at when i'm bored...

Oh yea I bought 2 DVDs at Gurney Drive. Haiz... DVD vendors that we'll miss forever here in central bolehland...

Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas tree as reference point, 9 o'clock

Today went to MV for a 'business trip' wit Jon and ylup (since Jon revealed this already might as well do the same). Wanted to buy some books to past time. I wanted to buy an aikido book to further understand the art better and faster.

First went to check out got wat movie loh. Since we can't make any decision, we let the coin decide our movie. B/w I'm Legend and Warlords, it chose WarLords. So Warlords it shall be. Den went to MPH and browse for some books for 2 hours. Damn la aikido books so expensive one ah... All more than Rm70 one... I read the contents enough la... At least get the idea of the stance and the breakfalls...

3 went to the movie. Was predicting that the movie'll start after 30 minutes of ads. Jon said 15. Since we're all debating ylup also joined in and said around 20. K lo, so Jon bet that 15 minutes the movie'll start, ylup bet 15-20 minutes, and I predict more than 20 minutes of ads b4 the movie starts.

As soon as we entered the box, we looked at our watches. Whoever gets the closest wins. Mana tau 1 minute later intro liao... Walau GSC since when so fast put the movie already one... Everybody lose this one... Movie was nice. Talk about brotherhood and strategy. Seriously, these kind of movies that has all the dolby surround sound and battle scenes and dramatic scenes one ah... Have to watch in cinema only 'song' one. The chair is cozy, the air-con keeps you awake, and the crowd yells with you. LOL a moment after the start of the movie a guy's phone rang and he picked up. He talked like the DiGi ad taikor like that. Seconds later everyone in the box 'shh...'-ed him. Wow never thought that it would actually happen in real life. I swear that really did happen.

Everyone, go watch Warlord. Or you can watch 'Le Petite Lieutenant'. Some kind of french movie I saw at the TV there. Sounds nice.

Damn la... Tml going on a trip to penang/alor setar with my mom's aunty gang... Again ah... Damn la 6 hours on the bus again... Let's hope no more karaoke this time... I'll pull the speakers right out of the bus and smash it down the highway... Or I'll juz make earbuds out of tissue liek last time... Damn...

Coincidentally this weekend is the Open Day for most of the colleges. I'm not interested in the 'other' colleges, only the HELP University College. Plan to study there ma. Mana tau ada aunty trip pula... How la... My future is (partially) ruined by an aunty trip? Hrmm... You think next week's 'half' open day is enough for me to gather info ah? Hrmm got class preview oh...

Aikido aikido aikido... It makes taekwondo look like kid's play. You noe Lego? Compare that to building the Twin Towers, or Palm Island, or the Dubai Tower. Yea, it's that difficult (maybe too hyperbolic la). Aww man... Someone enlighten me on aikido basics pls... I need a partner to share views on the beginner's level of the art... Or to practice the newly learned stuff... I dun care, I'm joining the club. I dun wan to be labeled a quitter. Yikes... I might be joining taekwondo instead though...

I'll be giving up on languages though... Too expensive laa brudder...

Posts from now on shall contain no important or interesting stuff as I'm racing towards my 100th post. Let's see if I can do it. Please let me have a nice trip to blog about... And nice holiday... Rushing this post coz tml gonna wake up at 6 for tha trip. Adios!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

As the saying goes: '万事起头难'

Today's my first aikido lesson. It's a trial class to be exact. Called one of the guys up and he say can go for trial class. Since mom dun wan to fetch me there coz the traffic is horrible, I took a bus there.

Waited so long for the bus to come. By the time the bus came I tot going to be late liao. As soon as I reached Giant I quickly crossed the road and climbed all my way to 3rd floor to the dojo. Mana tau not yet open. Aiks 7.30 only... Wat to do oh... Class start at 8. Went all the way to the end of the shop lots to get some buns. LOL 2 bread shops side by side. Bought one from each store. Den I walked and ate the buns back to the dojo, trying to walk as slow as possible. Not coz got leng lui or something, but there's really nothing to do there. Waited for a while one of the students arrived. I asked whether can go or not, he say can.

Went to the dojo. Hrmm... Simple only. The floor is matted. Walls got aikido related pictures and that's all. After a moment the rest of the class arrived liao, with the sensei. A while later the class started. It started with everyone bowing to the o-sensei. Den bow to the sensei. Den started some stretching. After stretching, sensei taught some new stuff to the students.

As a noob, I know nothing about aikido. Na da. So it was hard for me to do whatever everybody else is doing. Was trying to understand what are they doing. Never got it. My partner told me that the key to it is observation. Damn la... My partner can do it, but I can never get the concept. This is something like golf. You can never learn it without proper guidance...

So sensei came to me and taught me some basic stuff. And when they say basic stuff, it means rolling and breaking to prevent injury. Quite cool also actually. Doing wut as seen on tv. So my first proper thing to learn is front roll (not to be confused with california roll). The key to aikido is really body coordination. The front roll is ok for me, and that's only the right front roll. For the left side coordination, I'm totally out. Damn... A while later sensei came to me and asked me how was I doing. I said I'm doing ok, but I'm having probs with my left side. He said the key to learning is applying. Wut he taught me for the right side, I have to apply to the left side. This is more of a self learning thing, he told me.

Aduh... And this is front roll for the lowest position. He then taught me the medium position. Walau this one right side also ok, but left side like org cacat like that... Golek macam terencat... Dudes call this 左手废材, inability to the left side. Much like basketball... As i struggled through the left rolls, he came and taught me back roll. This one ok la, again left side tak boleh. He call this 'kissing the floor without injuring myself'.

Sensei took some time to come and teach me the basics, and went back to teach the others. I observed that aikido doesn't utilise the arm muscle that much. It's more of a hip work, and it does do a lot of damage.

Around 10 the class ended. Sensei and other seniors came and talked to me for a while la. Said that aikido needs commitment and stuff. Well he did say that to get used to the techniques take around 3 months, and perfecting it takes another year or so. Getting to shodan takes around 5 years.

Hrmm... So, to continue or not? It's not that hard, I juz need to understand the key element, which is obvious that I haven't. Hrmm... Maybe I'll be officially enrolling into the club la. Learn something better than nothing.

Hardest part is sitting with your legs folded the japanese way though... Even with cushion, it still hurts where the bones are!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Football (soccer) is getting boring....

Yea early this morning I woke up to catch the match b/w Real Madrid and Lazio. Real needed at least a draw to qualify for the knock-out stages.

I made an effort to wake up at 3 am, only to be bored back to sleep by the pre-match debate. Felt hungry and got some corn flakes. My urge to always try something new with my food had prompted me to get a few spoonfuls of cream cheese as a condiment to the corn flakes. Not bad...

I've been a RM supporter since the end of the 2002 World Cup. Was into Brazil and Ronaldo was their striker. They won the World Cup ma. Right after that he transferred to RM ma... Support RM until now loh, and it's not coz of Ronaldo anymore.

I've seen a trend of boring football in English football. They are so overly defensive and does a lot of back-passing. It's not good for the game. The game is slow and... Well, boring.

Italian football, on the other hand, is ok la. Long shots and tricks. But the teams very cha sui.

I like spanish (club) football is coz it's versatile. They have all kind of stuff in their game. They can go defensive and in the next moment attack in a swift motion. The game is never boring as action is everywhere.

This morning's game. 13 minutes into the game and RM took the lead. Not bad huh? 2 minutes later Raul added another goal. Wow I'm gonna expect more goals in the match. 38 minutes into the game and Robinho added another goal. Wow... 3-0 by half time? They gon tapao Lazio...

The 2nd half is a whole new story. Everything slowed down. No more attacks. Defend also not that good. As soon as the time hit 50 minutes I switched channels liao. SIEN. Watch Deadliest Catch. A boat sank and they had to rescue the ship. Only one was rescued. The rest perished...

Back to the match and it was still boring. RM even conceed a goal without scoring one for themselves... I switched b/w channels until the game ended. 3-1 final score. Damn should've went to bed after half time.

You get wut I'm tryin to say? Football (soccer) is dying... I dunno who taught them but they seem to like to defend after getting a comfortable lead. Damn... Ppl pay to see them play football, not sookchun and defend la... The english is famous for defending after a one goal lead, which proved to be a dangerous strategy. I guess the pattern spread throughout the football world...

So guys, watch American Football, it's fast-paced, highly organised, and very entertaining. Minus the frequent-as-shiat ads in the match.

P/s: Dudes, do the world a favour. The polar bears are drowning and sea levels are getting higher and higher. The world is in danger. Help reduce the effects of global warming. Efforts should not be driven by profits. It should be for the sake of our lives and the future generations.

Sign the petition at please. Mr Al Gore is going to the UN Climate conference at Bali tomorrow to present the petition to the UN delegates and deliver the message about global warming. Let's hope that this will make them realise how serious global warming is and how many people is affected by it. Help the World. Do something about it.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Today go driving lessons again. Damn I blog about this blog until sien liao... Today normal la. Go do the REAL route. He said last time the road is 'shortcut', QTI ma... Diu...

After do the road test once, whole day do the 3 part tests. Damn full 2 hours doing the same thing. Sien ah... Parking, 3 point turn, slope, parking, 3 point turn, slope... Den got bugger cut my line when waiting for the turn to do the slope. Baka...

Was trying to record the fastest time to do parking. Damn la, a lot of them other dudes parking also not yet practice den go try the track liao. Waste time waiting for them to slow slow try la...

It was so hot and boring and draggy, I left the car and walked around... I even played wit the cam.

Tot that mirror view would be cool.

I think I'm gonna ask him let me practice the road test for half the time next lesson. Damn I think this is some kind of con you noe. Make me fail the QTI, den make me take extra lessons...

Monday, December 10, 2007

Fake prom...

Hrmm... Initially going to go wit Eugene one. Suddenly he said cannot fetch, say wut wut jealous thing. Sheesh. Den have to ask Jon to fetch loh. Went to his house at 5.30. Mana tau he say going to leave at 7.30, now play PS2 wit him first...

Played Burnout. Played this game few times b4 la. Not really used to the game also, ma lost few rounds la. The controller also sot sot dei one... (LOL excuses). Around 7.30 we left la.

Arrived at the place. OK one at first. Acoustic performance. Mana tau following performances all rock one. The one nvm loh, the speaker still open so loud. It was unpleasant. Seriously, the bands were good, but the loudness spoilt the whole performance. We had to literally leave the room several times to clear our ears. Asked our organiser to lower it down, he replied "it's normal! It's your fault to sit so near". WTF. We freakin paid and we can't even ask to lower down the speakers by a bit? When it got to a stage when our ears start to get this stinging pain, we decided enough is enough, go outside and chat.

Around 10.30 the bands performance ended. They turned the lights off and put on some music. Hrmm... We paid liao ma, not feeling like wastin it, so we went back and see wut's up la. Simply danced and had a lot of fun la. At least it's not as bad as the band thing.

I'm bored of blogging about events, can you tell?

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Vroom vroom...

Today went to edu fair wit dudes la. Took LRT go. B4 we took off to PWTC, me and Jon went over to the Bkt Jalil Stadium and had a look at wut's up wit all the banging and revving. Ou got some kind of autofair... I think it's more of a festival or race thingy la. These 2 cars were ready to race liao de. But den waited for so long also haven't start. One of the drivers even came out and it seemed that the race is off or some sort, so I suggested to leave for the LRT station. Mana tau half way thru the way to the station, the revving thing started and we heard car sounds vrooming past us... Deng...

Reached PWTC around 11.45. Had to fill out some form. Around 12 the fair opened la. Went around first to see wut universities are there. Then we started to hunt for the information. Went around lookin for psychology related courses while Jon hunted for medicine ones.

In the middle we took some time out to attend one of the presentations on medical and science courses. Mana tau 10 minutes and the guy still tak muncul muncul lagi... Cabut la wait for wat oh...

After another while of hunting, we for a presentation on Monash University. Not bad la. At least this time the presenter showed up.

Den when almost finish liao, decided to give the rows of Japanese universities a look. Whoa suddenly kena invite to a Japanese language crash course. Of coz crash la... Half way thru the session we entered. 10 minutes later I tak boleh tahan liao, asked to leave. Den they insisted that we take pictures. Right after that the session ended... Did I just ended a session on Japanese? Hrmm...

Aiks, tired la. Lazy go into the details of the whole edu fair trip. Adios.

Friday, December 7, 2007


This week dunno why but had 3 driving lessons already, each lasting 3 hours.

Today's lesson started at 1. Normal la went thru the road test track a couple of times. Den the coach said goin to give me 'trial test'. Damn i also dunno driving test got trial one...

If it's a test it'll be conducted by another instructor, right? Walau full with mock checklist... Bugger suddenly the coach told me the real test track is different a bit one. Wut wut he say i also cannot get. So he say he will tell the instructor to help me navigate. So I told myself 'ok la, can one la, like normal only. The guy will give directions one.'

OK so the guy arrived moments later with a new Kancil (I did my lessons with an old Kancil). Coincidentally my coach went to the canteen. I thought maybe he will tell him later. Mana tau I sat inside the car liao, the guy changed into this trial test officer liao my coach was still no where to be seen. Den I thought maybe they discussed liao de loh.

New Kancil new controls. The clutch limit feels different. The pedal feels different. The gear feels different. The steering feels different. All different. It's like studying the whole year of our country's physics syllabus and suddenly given the singaporean physics syllabus to test on... (metaphor might not sound right but you get my msg). Similar but not same. So I went off with a shaky start, literally.

Everything ok one, until the part where I was supposed to turn into a roundabout and go to a desired direction. Muthafcker ah I asked the guy go where, he asked me back 'tak pernah jalan jalan ni ke?' Wut should I say? I recalled that coach said that the first is a 12 o'clock and the second is a 9 o'clock, instead of the first being a 9 and the second being a 12. So I went to the 12 o'clock direction la. Muthafcker ask where am I going. I can only go straight there den have to U-turn liao. I U-turn back den came back to the same roundabout. I asked wehther are we going back to HQ. I said nothing but a 'umm...' and pointed at another direction. Bugger you think I'm a psychic or a mind reader ah? How the hell I noe la? So I went to the direction he pointed (3 o'clock). While almost reaching the 12 o'clock junction he suddenly turn my steering wheel. Muthafcker ah... Den on way back to HQ la. Inside HQ got another roundabout one ma. I saw got car want to go den I go slow la. Bugger he ask me 'keluar, keluar'. WTF. Den I panicked den the wheel kena the divider on the roundabout la.

Stopped at the office there liao signed some stuff la. Den he said 'dik, sekarang tak boleh nak tolong ah. Nanti dik beli kupon lagi boleh tolong.' OK wut does that suppose to mean? I noe that you need to pay for this small green coupon thingy that gets attached to your form one. But then why can't he help me out during the first time? Why muz I 'beli kupon lagi'. WTF man. And of coz since it's so problematic I got a 'gagal' with a note 'langgar pembahagi jalan' and a tick at 'tidak mematuhi garisan jalan', which makes it an automatic fail. Ok this is unusual... Give me the freakin directions den I can drive la. Bugger I dun live in Shah Alam you noe. I navigate by directions, not by familiarity. You can fail me for not putting on the signal lights, but not coz i dunno the directions and I broke the rule of line (was hesitating when entering a line).


So after that met up wit coach and went on to practice the parking and stuff. Half and hour later balik la...

If yer goin to take yer license, remember a QTI is a trial test. And make sure that you noe where to go, the REAL directions.

Damn it's a good thing this is a 'trial' test. I seriously dun wan to think that this has anything at all to do with racism or even bully. But again, which officer doesn't want to bully a chinese dude who's speaking shaky BM coz he's nervous?

I think I just need nerves of steel...

Thursday, December 6, 2007

LOL The girls changed so much liao...

Woke up at 6 to prepare for my early morning driving lessons. Damn la long time didn't wake up at 6 liao. Driving that time like still haven't wake up like that...

Reach HQ liao den standby for a while den attempted the JPJ test route. Damn la turns + heavy traffic = chaotic. At first ok one. But den kinda lazy la... Need to stop at roundabout... First 12 o'clock, den 9 o'clock... Driving ok la, but the directions... Need more practice.

After 2 rounds of the route, went back to practice the Bahagian I test procedures. Parking and 3 point turn ok la. Parking sometimes got small mistakes here and there. The slope thingy... Today kena kao kao ah... The control clutch thing ok, but always stop before the line... Again and again and again... Sometimes first try den can reach yellow line liao, but sometimes too nervous scared over the line, so, stopped early... Mana tau tak sampai pula...

Got home around 10. Got ready for the reunion lunch with my primary classmates at Times Square. Bugger raining ar... Summore wait long time the bus also didn't reach... Finally it came and reached the central at 12. Went over to the monorail counter. Den I saw a familiar head wit a familiar hair style. I saw the mole behind his neck. Hrmmm... Looks familiar. But the girl beside him like never seen b4 one... He looks like Eugene, but if it's him his gf should have curly hair, not straight one... After the guy bought the tickets I looked at him. LOL it's really Eugene. And the girl is his gf la, went for rebonding gua. They just back from Genting and goin to Times Square too, so we hopped on the monorail together to Times Square la.

Reach there liao they also dunno where to go, asked me where I'm goin to meet my old friends. I also dunno called an old friend and gave directions. Mana tau Eugene wanted to eat at the restaurant I'm goin to. So they followed la. Met up wit old dudes and Eugene looked for a nearby table and ate there.

I think I'm the last one to arrive there. Everyone arrive liao I think. Shaked their hands la. The boys didn't change that much la. The prob is the girls. When I was to shake hands wit them, I was figuring, who are these girls? They look familiar though... LOL remind a bit den can recall la. Sat wit the dudes and ordered something to eat and stuff.

Yuen Yong Tuna Spaghetti

Was really disappointed wit the food. I got this spaghetti dish that has 2 piles of pasta. They are nothing more than the size of my fist, seriously. 1 pile is consumed within 4 scoops, and I did not overdo it. Yay, approx 10 scoops of spaghetti for Rm10. To be more accurate it's around Rm11 after tax. The portions are freakin small that I wished I went to McD b4 joining the gathering.

After makan went around to catch up wit old classmates. Found out that they were pretty much still the same persons, after all these times, just with more matured features. The dudes have the same face but looked more like a man. The girls however, look different. Mix puberty and trends and you get new faces, nice looking new faces. I even asked fellow dudes whether the girls are from our class. LOL. I'm the only outcast from the class that studied in Puchong after primary, so like got a lot of questions about where I studied and stuff like that la...

Took some pics den we left the restaurant. All also dunno where to go. In the end one gang went to Sg Wang, while the other stayed at Times Square. Didn't do much la except chattin wit them about the happenings. Around 5 waited for the gang to meet up and leave the place.

Christmas spirit at Times Square.

And it took me a freakin 2 hours to get back home. 6.00 waited for the bus. 7 only arrive and 8.30 only reach home. Traffic at KL sucks. LOL one of my old classmates drove to KL. Wonder if he's home already or not...

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Garden? More of a "pricey brands" Garden...

*Back dated to Monday*

Yea. Initially wanted to go to 1U to walk around one. Den came vincent. Kacau a bit den say wanna go to MV go The Garden. We left it to fate and fate brought us to MV la. Long story there.

Weird part was at first ok one. Den somehow he got pissy and walked off. Biasalah... So we walked around w/o him la. Sien sien dei finish walk liao went to The Garden, which was apparently the 'new wing' of MV. Dunno how true is this this statement but this 2 places are joint together like how Ikano Power Centre is to Ikea.

Dun simply cross the bridge. Some sound hollow and 'wooden'.

The place sien one. Something like KLCC, w/o the towers. Maybe still new la, No crowd yet. Most shops there are designer brands. A lot of foreign brands too.

The interior would make Eugene explode.

Walked around den came across this Nokia concept shop ppl were talking about. Well I found one here...

Sides are all toy phones. But there're functional phones too near the laptops.

You noe that competition has been quite strong among phone makers coz just next to the Nokia concept shop, is the Sony Ericsson concept shop.

the shake phone ain't really that shakable... Didn't change track one...

Wanted to play wit K850i but tadak... Aiks...

Overall nothing much to look at la... Dudes ma... All girl brand there. Adidas and Nike shop also not special one...

Look up while you go up. Sun dial in the making, says Jon.

Nothing to do so go back MV. Den lepak at McD a while 'yum coke'.

I'm collecting 'Keluar' signs from now one... LOL

Around 5 went back to Puchong. Go IOI buy some clothes for the "fake" prom we're goin this Sunday. It's a prom coz it's a party held at the end of an academic year. It's fake coz it's very unlikely that we gon dance and that most of us dun have a date, either due to low chicks resource in the skool or other undesirable reasons.

Damn I'm still trying to get thru to the aikido centres... When do they open la...
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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

5 hours done!

Not exactly 5 hours la. Agak agak got 5 la...

So like 3 PM went to the shop there and wait. After a while the guy came den hopped on and drove off. Asked where we're goinhe said Shah Alam the HQ there. But then after a while he stopped at the bus stop. "Come, you drive." Walau... 2nd lesson and I get to drive on the road, highway summore...

Swapped places den I drove la. Wa, first time go on the road w/ traffic one, highway summore. Den got to pay the toll too! But I hate tolls la. Have to 'control' the clutch and stuff... Mah fan... Den drove all the way to Shah Alam, of coz under his navigation. Follow lane only ma. Came to the company HQ there got the track one.

Stopped at one side and he taught parallel parking. He printed this instructions on a paper for me to follow, step by step. After a while I got the trick liao den ok la. But the Kancil no power steering... Turn here and there very tiring. Damn... Practised numerous times den he said can try some other things.

Den after that went to the track and went for the whole course. First was parallel parking. That one ok la coz juz now practice liao ma. Den 3 point turn. Ok ok la. Juz a matter of eye hand coordination. Den to the slope. Damn this one i still cannot get the trick. Up the slope liao dunno wut to do. Press oil or clutch i also dun understand, only noe how to follow instructions. Den the last time he let me do the whole course w/o him. Whoa until the slope there stop tak betul. Nearly kena... "You can see or not? Reach already or not? Ah next time you see carefully." Phew...

Managed to take a pic while waiting for my turn.

Damn la... My clutch control still not that good...

Monday, December 3, 2007

A change is always for a good reason...

... Coz if a change ever went wrong, it's called a mutation.

I wonder why is it so easy for ppl to change just like that *snaps finger*. Is it really that easy to get influenced?

I have this friend (or should I say I had?). We used to joke wit him and stuff and he usually juz shrugs it off and counter attack us back. Either that or he'll get serious about it, and den normal back. But today he's juz changed. Whenever we joked a bit about something to him, he took it so seriously it was like he got offended. This would be exactly the reaction ppl from outside of our clique would react if we made the same joke.

We thought maybe he mixed wit his other gang too much. Well yea when you sleep overnight wit them in Genting, right? I mean, if he got some good values from them den it's ok la, but this is def not a good change. I made the same joke with him i've been making since long time, and today the reaction was a total reverse of wut he would have reacted b4 skool ended. I noe la after this we ain't gonna see each other anymore, but... Haiz...

Most ppl have read 'si tenggang's homecoming'. It's about this guy's family not accepting his changes when he returned from overseas. He's been the same guy, juz loaded with knowledge and good values. He had a new view of life and the world. So this is a good change that should be appreciated.

My friend's one... It's a mutation. He's never the same anymore, and I guess he will never be...
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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Anyone can cook? Def not our canteen operator

Watched Ratatouille. Yea I noe the show's been quite old, but hey, I wanna catch up on the movies that I missed, remember?

Well I think this movie is about 'everyone can cook'. Well yea everyone can cook, but whether if their cooking skills make them a cook is still a mystery. Take out canteen operator for example. Horrible horrible food. The best food that they sell is not made by them.

There's a reason why RT gave this movie a 97% certified Fresh rating (used to be 100%, it went down laa...). The movie's fine, especially yer into cooking. Into cooking as in you enjoy watching cooking shows at least. Talked about how this magical rat had this talent and worked togetehr wit this guy and made good food. Graphics were extraordinary. Never seen sliced onion so real in an animation before.

Somehow the movie, like all movies, get boring past the hour mark (approx la...). Incidentally, it's the part where Linguini had a love spark wit the girl chef. Den you noe la, probs arise and berpaling muka wit the rat. Although the plot is a bit boring, the sequence surely wasn't. Who would've expected a whole bunch of rats cooking in a kitchen? I guess 'evil cartoon organisation' missed that one out to put in the ads.

I personally enjoyed the part where Remy cooks, esp the first time where he repairs the soup. I also like it when he ordered platoons of rats to cook. Funny.

Overall it's a great movie. Just cut the love scenes...
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