Thursday, November 26, 2009

LOL Now I know why...

The blog's been receiving unusually high traffic these few days. And all of them point towards my P1 WiMax W1MAX Wimax blog post (yes that's 3 key words for google to direct to my blog. Hehehe...). Got TONS of comments about it too. Some are for P1, some against P1, some for Streamyx, some against Streamyx. I investigated a bit and found out it's the #2 result when you type in "P1 W1MAX review". I guess a share of the traffic comes from those who clicked the first link as well.

Then sometimes I see links from adsense. I never knew how it came to that, until today:

LOL. That's free advertisement. Now I gotta buck up the contents of the blog.

Not that I'm complaining :-D

Shit I juz realised I do not have an Ads program for the blog. Anybody kind enough to help out?


Wait, I do. Now if you're kind enough pleaseclickonthempleasethankyouverymuchitsmuchappreciated.

Oh shit this is very unexpected. The free ad appeared below The Star's report today about P1 getting a contract from MCMC. LOL report about P1, the ad below said 'gave up after day 3'. Summore the title reads 'P1 Review'.
LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Strategic ads placement?


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I dreamt about frogs...

Not getting sleep for 2 days straight is a bad thing. It wasn't that I was nervous or wut. Juz couldn't get any sleep. No joke. The more you realise you're unable to sleep, the more panicked you get.

Then it happened. I finally got my eyes to shut yesterday night. It was weird how alert you were during the course of entering your first REM. Any noise will bounce you right up.

And when the REM kicks in, oh boy it was so wonderful you thought you've overslept, just to know you've only slept for 2 hours.

I dreamt about some frogs I keep as pets. They were frogs that get angry damn fast, and when they do, they won't move but grow these bright yellow weird horns or thick long pricks from it's head. The frogs were of course, bright dark green. They won't move one bit even when you push them or attempt to scrape them off the surface of your aquarium thing. And there's one stage where they'll evolve into some higher stage frogs that do exactly the same thing as before. And there's some weird mysterious ancient codes that were associated with the frogs' existence. Some fat parrots have to do wit it, with a shooting star sign thing on it's right eye.

The frogs dun even have super powers.

WTF, right?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I have done the unthinkable

All these years of whining have done no damage to TM Net's CEO's balls. If it ever had to do wit his balls, it sure did made it glory-er than ever. Why?

Instead of potong-ing, I went the other way: I upgraded my screamyx package. Part of the reason is that my current landline + streamyx package is too expensive and the new combo package is def cheaper. So opted for it and it came with a wireless modem.

It looks like a freakin toy! It certainly feels like one. The finishing are so bad the rough edges can be used to grate cheese, or chop trees. The reason behind it? It's made by some TM subsidiary I think. The modem UI is TM branded. Go figure.

It makes a good christmas tree substitute huh? Look..At..Those..Colorful..Flashing..Lights!!!!! Almost looks like candies!

As far as routing goes, there's only one Ethernet port so no way of using this to do LAN party, unless it's WLAN party. LOL.

This is the speed indicator within the modem. Kind of to trick you into believing something is happening:

This is your actual speed:

I guess TM has yet to 'activate' my line yet. I thought everything's 'online' when the fella came and 'activate' it from my house?

I'll give it until after Maths 2 for them to give me my full speed. Or not I'll shout POTONG TM CEO'S BALLS again.

So for you guys who clicked to my site coz my review of P1 post appearing in google, here you go. The verdict is: I have no choice but to go wit screamyx. P1's too unstable and expensive lerrrr

So the system takes overnight to update my speed? LOL. I wished for more stability, that's all...