Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Help me flag fiery posts. I'm performing a reform on the blog.

Alright. I'm done keeping those people shots to myself. I've pretty much cleared off all fiery posts about the nation's failing politics stuff. Do help me flag any remaining fiery posts by commenting on it. Soon you'll see some of my best portrait shots. (I've gotta SS a bit ma LOL).

Read thru my previous posts yea? Please...


Monday, June 22, 2009

I LOL-ed.

Been doin too much portrait shots. I have a policy of not uploading people photos (except those that were obviously for fun) so lol no ppl pics to see here. If you happen to think I've taken some shots of you and you wanna see how they turned out, you know where to get them yea.

Doin portraits is rather satisfying, especially when reviewing on the computer. Get to see the blurred background with the face in focus. I've managed to take a few shots (i wouldn't call them portraits until I've understood wut they are) of friends and my god they turned out rather satisfying. At least I would say I did their face justice, IMHO la.

As for now, here's a shot of the back alley behind my aunt's hair saloon in my parent's hometown.


The title is totally unrelated to this post, but totally related to something else. For my own references only la. lol

Friday, June 12, 2009

Laptop emo pic

I've always wanted to make shots of action figures (figma!!) and stuff but never got the chance to get one.

I dunno but the more I look at this pic, the more I feel there's something in this pic. Maybe I SS la.

I actually composed this pic first b4 I shot it. Saw the laptop at the corner of my eye and saw the blur caused by the chair I was sitting on. Hard a hard time composing back the exact same image on the LCD viewfinder though, esp when zoomed all the way out. There isn't a point where you know wut you see on the LCD is as wut your eyes see, not like a DSLR where you know 50mm is around wut your eyes see. Camera shake was magnified 10 000 times too.

I dunno wut this pic stands for in terms of composition. LOL juz felt liek posting.


Maybe this one got more 'feel'. My first B&W PP.

P/S: LOL i could've cropped, huh? no need to go thru the hassle of 'composing on LCD'...


Sunday, June 7, 2009


BBQ is fun, isn't it?

LOL and I never knew everyone likes being in front of the camera so much. But only satay is willing to be taken a pic alone la.

My attempt on the typical 'hang time' shot. Was heavily underexposed when review on camera. Never knew that much detail could be recovered by juz adjusting brightness and contrast. Cool huh? (hahaha talkin to myself again)

I call this "The Flying Dutchman". (he jumped off the swing at it's highest point, i think)

After cleaning up, bunch of crazy dudes wanna go somewhere 'long kai' and 'tai fung keng'. I guess you know wut we did on the long wide straights of the Abandoned City.

I think the wound down windows killed the aerodynamics... Can feel air resistance wei... LOL. And inflating tires is the in-thing to do now wit yo friends.

Shot of one of the pillars on the 'not-so-nice' bridge.

*My current wallpaper XD*
Please please I beg you to click to enlarge this pic.
It's all in the shutter speed. Hehe... Look closer and you might see a star or two.

Wanted to go the 'Luminous Bridge' but somebody say it's closed. Mana tau next turning den reach already, summore overshot and cannot take pic of it. Damn la I wanted to take a shot of it. It's like the night time icon of the city.

Like the girls said, maybe next time.

Kinda fun giving some trivial info on photography to dudes when explaining stuff. "I kinda understand it a bit". LOL Everyone likes a nice night scenery pic, huh?