Thursday, June 26, 2008


I notice another pattern in the CSI Las Vegas series.

Have they been ending the last 3 seasons with a case related to team members?

CSI 6 ended with Nick Stokes being lured and subsequently trapped and buried in a Plexiglass box and tortured. This is by far the best CSI ending I've watched. It, for one thing, is directed by Quentin Tarantino. Superb ending lasting 2 episodes.

Then Season 7. Ended with Sara being abducted by the Miniature Killer. The Miniature Killer case was spreaded out to a few episodes, ending at the season Finale with the last victim being Sara. Had goosebumps watching that one. Damn that case's scary.

And then recently ended Season 8 (aired yesterday). Season Finale involved Warrick in a case with the mafia, or something like that. That case had a part 1, which aired somewhere in the last few episodes of CSI. The finale was that Warrick was suspected for Gedda's death. Not as exciting as the last few finales. Normal stuff, but when I was saying this to myself while watching the show, the finale was given a sudden twist. Warrick was killed in his car by one of his superiors (not Grissom la). Damn I wonder wut's the motive for this one. Subahat ka?

And AXN's doin a good job makin sure the series reach our shores ASAP. From wut I see AXN's only late to bring us by 1 month after the US premier. It used to be half a year or so.

Now you noe wut I've been doin instead of studyin... Form 6 liao ar still watch TV... LOL

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Espresso, Latte, Mocha, Yukon, Sumatra, Macchiato...

This is one of the few occasions that I actually took some time out to read a book. In fact this is the first time I've actually read a book that tells a story. The last time was The Da Vinci Code, and it wasn't even a real book, it was an ebook I DL-ed.

Since this is one of those rare occasions, yup, I'm blogging about it. Chui ah?

Initially read about this book in The Star the other day. It got reviewed and the review was quite interesting. And so I looked for this book la. Finally found it in Popular Sunway.

'How Starbucks Saved My Life' is another underdog-being-on-top story. Something like Kung Fu Panda, just less epic. It's a memoir about how this man who got fired from a big ad company and lost everything, found a new life in being a Starbucks Partner. Yea, Partners, that's wut they call employees over in Starbucks, with the capital P. Mike started off with the cleaning job, and slowly got involved into the more Starbucks stuff.

I'm bad in re-tellin stories, so here's wut I like about the book. It's sort of a storybook, but it ain't fiction. It's being told in a first person point of view, and he keeps having these flashbacks in the course of the story. Sort of tell his story within a story la. There's also a lot of reference to coffee, so it's like gettin to know a bit about coffee along the way. The story itself was also interesting, with a number of incidents happening, like at one point Mike nearly got fired...

Hrmm... Took me 4 days to finish reading this 270-page book. Yup, I'm a slow reader. I wonder how those Harry Potter fanatics manage to finish one whole book of it under a day or two.

I'm not promoting, juz blogging. I think Tom Hanks is working on the movie version of the book. Is he really into turning books into films? I still remembered Tom Hanks starring in The Da Vinci Code movie. Hope it doesn't turn out bad...


Tuesday, June 24, 2008


The current condition of my keyboard now. After like um 3 months...

I guess the keyboard spoke the truth: 's' is more widely used than 'a' in our daily life, at least for the internet...

I never knew the keyboard was that dirty... The cam's doin a good job magnifyin the dusts...


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Turning legal

I've been thinkin about turning legal this year since last year when the thing about minors-grown ups came about. Turning legal actually meant that I'm no longer them kids and mean business. It's such a wonderful thing that you can finally discriminate against them kids (of coz 17 y/o not included, coz conflicts will arise). You can call them minors, tau gei, jailbait, kids, whatever. It's like you reached the shore already while others are still swiming in the deep ocean (this metaphor is best used to describe corporate achievement, but well wut tha heck).

Yet reaching the shore doesn't seem to look like a good a thing. Initially yes, you dun have to swim anymore, but when you explore further into the real world, being in the sea feels better. You see, when you're still swiming, all you need to worry is continue swimming. The sea will support your weight, fishes will come to you. No worries, right? Upon reaching the shore, gravity takes over you. Now you'll have to support your own weight. Furthermore you have to hunt for food, you have to look for food. You have to overcome various obstacles to get wut you want, compared to while yer in the sea, you dun have to worry much coz there's nothing else to worry about besides swimming.

Turning legal is definitely something that we all should cheer about. Hey I'm LEGAL! I get to legally enter clubs, drink beer, watch restricted content, smoke, chicks (DAMN I JUZ WIKI-ed FOR CONSENSUAL SEX AND IT'S 16 IN MALAYSIA!!! WRONG INFO BY DUNNOWHO!!!) and even marriage (although parents' consent is needed (who needs marriage this early?)).
Am waiting for gambling and voting when 21 arrives...

So wut's so bad about turning legal, you might ask. First of all I'm punishable by law to jail for any criminal acts/jailable offence. Remember the stupid blog of mine that got shut down in Form 3? I think they didn't take action on me coz I'm stil un-sueable coz I'm said to be acting out of still being a minor and my actions shall reflect my immaturity and my brains weren't fully developed. Now that I'm considered 'waras', I'm sueable for any offence I make. Damn...

Ceh, dun simply fck girls la, you say. Well besides being punishable by law, I'm held responsible for everything that I do. I'm legal, means I can now sign contracts. Anything wrong I kena la...

Besides that, I'm stripped off all privillages that I can enjoy as my parents' child. Like wut? Medical benefits, club membership and something else I forgot. Means now if I get sick, I've gotta pay for it (of coz my parents will still pay for me, juz that it's not claimable), and no more cheap green fees for me. I've gotta pay the guest fees if I were to play in my dad's club.

The medical benefits thingy made me wanna get a bike even more. I'm sitting most of the time. I NEED TO GET OUT AND MOVE THESE LIMBS! Aiks I'm missing the times where I can feel the breeze blowing into my face, or slow down to look at something/someone when cycling. Yes, I used to cycle, but it was wit my cousin, in my hometown, last time, and it was HIS bike. I never had a bike all by myself b4... Sad huh?


So now you minors better enjoy your time as an underaged (haha you can't use that on me now). By the time you become legal, welcome to the real world. The real world is cruel. It leaves you alone to pick up the pieces, and from time to time a gust of wind blows away the pieces making them even more scattered around.

Hey! I get a free update on my IC! Freebies!

P/S: Damn Holland out also... I'll try this support thing one last time. I'm goin wit Spain in the next match. SPAIN GON PWN EUROPE (3rd time liao la...)!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sleepy Saturday

Today got koko lor... Sien la have to get up at 6.30 again on a weekend...

Got PTE lor. They doin some dance thingy. Let's not go there... Erm after that went for unit uniform. Gotta say that the kawad spirit is yet to be instilled in everybody else. Got there and somehow, tryin to escape from being 'one of them', i asked the guy givin commands if he need any help. I ended up giving him guidance and teaching the mini platoon he was given. Wut la? PKBM has similarities to Bomba k? :-P

Got home, den got out again for lunch at Sunway. Guess it's for my big day (i'm not mentioning anything.... O:-) ). After makan walked around la. Saw this Super GT promo thingy:

RQs tryin hard to impress the crowd.

Aprently those 2 RQs were in the Super GT for quite some time already, and this will be their last appearance in Malaysia (where they'll heading, I dunno). So they like 'How is everybody?' in Japanese, and of coz there's a translator. Then nobody responded. They started waving hands to the crowd, but there were only the bunch of male-dominated crowd snapping pictures of them 2 and totally ignored wut the RQs were sayin. See? How you look is more important than wut you have to say. Anyway they weren't as pretty as featured in the posters around the stage. Could it be somebody else ar?

And of coz the male-dominated crowd were snapping pictures of this car. Real thing or not, dunno. I prefer F1-style race cars better, or production sports car... GT, neh...

Went on to Popular. Finally found the stuff that I was looking for (the item itself wil be another story some day later). On my way to the meeting place wit my family, I saw these few cars exhibited just outside the complex.

Was rushing ma, so didn't take a lot of pics. There were a few more of these rides around.

Looks like the organisers were tryin hard to impress the crowd. This time wit dancers in traditional japanese costumes.

Got back home. Mom complained about a nest a bird had been building at the TNB meter.

Must've taken it quite some time to get this far. Mom had been destroying it for years already. Everytime it got to a destroy-able stage, it will be destroyed. Bird flu ma... Dunno if this is to stay or wut...

Oh yea, I got this news that Transformers 2 will be out in 2009 (most likely summer), titled 'Transformers II: Revenge of the Fallen'.

Wall-E's cute though...

EDIT: DAMN... I always thought that celeb bloggers having fun is normal coz they were generally fun people who happens to blog. But kennysia is taking this too far. Damn how often you have ppl that famous read your blog and offer you something?

P/S: Apprently, linking to external pages is wut traditional blogs were concentrated on. Times had changed a lot huh?

Friday, June 20, 2008

You learn something new everyday...

Well, even if you didn't, you must've SEEN something new everyday. DUN you dare deny that...

We learn subconsciously. We never realise that we've learnt something until we were to apply it.

Similarly, we never recognise something until we were to identify it. Den we'll all go "awh damn I've seen it b4... Wut's it called..."

Everyday is full of unexplored territories. Juz a few weeks ago Pluto was 'relegated' to a bunch of space rocks named 'Plutoids', and there were at least 3 plutoids in the our Solar System (have we named our Solar System yet?). We now have 8 planets instead! Yer referin to Ceres as the 9th planet? Nope it's not big enough as well...

The damn good thing about living near your skool is that you get to see new things around your house almost everyday. When yer walking to skool, maybe nothing much coz yer still half sleeping but when yer walking back FROM skool, it's a whole new story.

Observing is one fun thing to do. Observe has it's similarities to'kap', 'kap' as in 'kap lui'. Juz today I saw another prime breed waiting for bus at the bus stop. Cool huh? LOL. There's this stall/restaurant at this junction that we always see, but never thought of visiting. Observing it gives the few of us the thought of visiting it one day. At lunch time there were tables full of dishes mixed rice style. Oh boy I wonder if it's better than those generic 'nasi campur' kind of stuff.

Today I saw/learned/discovered something new. It might sound noobish but I'm really excited about it.

Was bored after finishing up the maths h/w. It was raining kittens and puppies. As usual I would open the window and let the cool air in, and would eventually stare outside thru the gap b/w the row of houses behind my home and my home's row of houses. Then the thought of looking further out with a pair of binoculars popped up. Got my binos and looked around la (not voyeurism laaaa). I started near and went further out to the community hall around 150m away. Then I wondered if I could enhance the view till I can read the words on the signboard. Not surprisingly I could. It was not as easy as expected though coz hands were trembling coz have to hold the bino steady. Then I tried to look a bit further and read the board on the wall of the hall. It is this recycling thingy and I could read the words on it! It's quite small ma...

The bino my dad gave me few years ago. It was said to cost at least RM200.

Then the thought lightbulb lighted up. Is it possible to take a picture thru the bino lens? Like how the eye sees thru it, juz that now the cam is looking into it? Got my phone and after getting both lens alighed, hey Presto! A clear image of a distant object was seen! And it's not juz a blab of colors, it's an IMAGE!!!

Focused on the gold board. Enlarge to read the words.

That pic was taken after several tries and playing with the focusing thingy. It's hard to judge from the phone display whether the image is correctly focused or not. I guess this is how manual focus works?

The half dead tree along the road beside my home. This one still not that clear coz tak mantap lagi...

Then I worked closer. That tree is at least 20-25 meters from where I snap the pic (my room la where else). Not very clear but better than w/o the bino.

Then I focused on something that is man made. The electrical post?

Damn the detail that I got. I doubt the same amount of detail can be captured if I position the camera at where this image would look like in real life on the camera display (being suspended in mid air across the roofs of 2 houses?). This is amazing! Even the number of rings on that white thing on one of the wires can be clearly seen!

The roof behind my house. I was sitting on a chair a good 2-3 meters from the window, at the big table where I do most of my studyin.

The details are stunning! At least to me, hey I'm playing wit a 2.0 megapixel camera, mind you. When you enlarge you can see the details of the tiles inside the frame and everything else outside the frame is blurry. Makes a good effect!

The convection thingy I guess?

Then I looked for stuff inside the room. I'm still sitting on that chair with the binoculars takin pictures. I wonder if it could record the texture of the towel/makeshift curtain, and guess wut?

I swear to god I was a good 2-3 meters away from it.

Then I looked for more detail. Wut about the words on shoe boxes? Printings are the best representations of detail.

Can almost reproduce the barcode. Again still sitting 2-3 meters away.

The downside to this whole bino-camera phone thingy is that your hands have to be damn steady. Steady as a mountain. A little tremble and the focus goes away. Summore the phone and the bino's alignment is CONSTANTLY changing. It's like for every shot you have to realign them coz the alignment moves away. A slight misalignment and no image appears on the screen.

I had fun with my camera phone today. Wut is it that you had fun wit today?

I juz realised that this is nothing other than substituting the digital zoom for the binoculars' physical zoom or 'optical zoom'. Damn I thought I was increasing the clarity of the cam a while ago...

*EDIT 2*
Can I consider this a hack? I think this is wut they call 'household hacks'? There's a site dedicated to it though...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


2 Tidak's for the day:


Lakers LOST to the Celtics!!! 4-2... NO!!! Lost big time summore...


France got eliminated!!! Wut the hell is wrong wit them la...

Guess I'm gonna put my money on the Netherlands... Van Persie, Sneider, Robben, Van Nistelrooy, Van Der Sar... (3 of which were from Real Madrid :-) They gon PWN Europe! (Did I said that in support of France few posts back? Damn...)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Holy Shit!

Short update. Was watching Chuck (is there anyone that does NOT watch Chuck to look at Yvonne Strahovski? Not much plot to it but lotsa action though ... ) after House (CAN SOMEONE MAKE CAMERON WORK WITH HOUSE AGAIN? GOSH I'M MISSING HER! *no, dun tell me when they're coming back, I know they will be, juz dun tell me when.* ).

So, like i said, was watching Chuck after House, mid way thru the show I heard something moving at the porch rummaging thru the stuff there. Spider sense tingled and looked out to the stuff there la. Holy Mudda of All Lord! There's this huge lizard, something that resembles a comodo, but i noe comodo dragons only live in Comodo Island, so... Yea some big 四脚蛇 goin thru the stuff.

Ooi!! Apa buat?

It went thru the basket used to collect my dad's used socks. Holy lord, the shadow of something big moving around the porch while everyone's upstairs is juz scary. I seriously thought of calling bomba, but then my instincts told me that I had to get that pic! So I got out while thinking that I might get attacked anytime, and started to look for that thing. I heard sounds of something scratching against something, so I guess it might be clawing aginst the wall in desperation of escaping. Mana tau it was so huge it was able to climb up to the pipe thingy and climbed to my neighbour's side. (I highly suspect that the lizard came from my neighbour's house. Anyone who've seen my neighbour's house would agree)

Makes you wonder how much would that thing cost in the dark market... Or even what does it tastes like? Hrmm... *pls pls pls CLICK TO ENLARGE. THIS IS 200% NOT FABRICATED*

Another view. This one shows the full torso of the lizard.

So by the time the phone starts saving that picture, the lizard squeezed thru the gaps and ate all the fishes in the pond. Neh, it juz went away. Dunno where it went. Probably neighbour ate it liao...

The crime scene.

LOL I'm juz taking this chance to put something up this blog whenever I can. Lizards, go to zoo also can see la...

I hope it comes back though, lay some eggs in the socks basket, nest it for a while, go off to look for food, and realise all that's left was egg shells when it comes back. That'll be another story to tell!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sien stuff...

I think AXN should stop the reruns of 'Anger Management'. C'mon how many times are they goin to repeat it? The movie's been on for god knows how long but I'm damn sure it's a long time ago. It's boring to see the same ad every*insert profanity here*day. 'I feel Pretty...' is ok though...

I read some interesting stuff in the newspaper yesterday. I wanted to share it but today's newspaper has article about internet content. Seems that contents from newspaper were also copyrighted and should not be reproduced without permission. Hrmm wut the heck...

How many cheated aunties and uncles does it take to make people realise PEOPLE JUZ DUN SEND YOU AN SMS TELLIN YOU THAT YOU HAVE A LUMP SUM OF MONEY TO BE COLLECTED IN CHINA!!!!!!!! The word 'China' is so convincing that I'm gonna give this guy a call and redeem my CASH! Hrmm wut I've gotta put down a deposit first? No prob! Wut's Rm5000 compared to Rm500,000, right? AWH DAMN I got cheated, time to report to MCA!

No wonder the party is not progressing, and is becoming irrelevant. Gosh they need to stop giving these idiots attention, and also those who took a loan from loan sharks and didn't pay back. You should've expected it when you took a loan from Ah Long. Dun wan ppl coming to your house, burning it down and leaving you wit your underwear? GO GET A LOAN FROM THE FCKIN BANKS!!! ANY BANK WILL DO! JUS FILL UP THIS FORM AND THAT FORM, GET SOMEONE TO BE YOUR SCAPEGOAT AND YOU GET YOUR MONEY!!! HOW HARD IS THAT COMPARED TO RED PAINT AND A LOST ARM??

Wow, look who's talking. The governing party members were the one who weren't doin their job and instead provoking the Pakatan Rakyat ever since the leadership changed hands in 4 states. How sure is he that the ppl are fed up at PR and NOT Dacing? I dun care wut PR means, as long as they dun give my money that is supposed to be used to provide better public transport to their cronies. (FYI I do pay taxes when i buy stuff. Does 5% gov tax ring any bell?)

The Dacing (scale in BM) is the one who's provoking the PR to realize their promises. WTF man they were only elected for 3 months. Dacing has been govening for 50 years and... well it's known. So what if the PR governments are investigating the previous governments? THEY ARE DOIN THAT WHILE DOIN SOMETHING ELSE AT THE SAME FCKIN TIME! Few days after PR took over Perak, they gave away free land titles. Wow those titles were pending for years and it only took PR few days to settle? Who's efficient now? And now with free water coming for Selangor, how to compare la?

And the dude in the news report above was from Sarawak. Wut's he doin talkin about issues in Perak and Selangor? I have yet to hear the PR leaders provoking Dacing leaders to fulfill their promises. Why? Coz the people shouldn't be expecting any of those to be fulfilled. I remember somone saying there will be no increase in fuel price this year... I wonder wut happened months later....

Last thing I wanted to talk about. Personally I'm not a fan of AirAsia, but I really hate it that Dacing is giving the industrial advantage to MAS loh. Anyway this ad is juz brilliantly done. Wut's a better motivation than a little bit of sarcasm?

C'mon, fair play la. You wanted to help certain fractions coz of fair play, but now, it seems that the fair play policy is not so fair anymore, huh?

Sorry for the current issue thingy. I'm juz bored.


Thursday, June 12, 2008

A little food for thought

Ever notice how great TV shows are making their new episodes? Those like CSI?

I've noticed that CSI is having a shift in style. The previous few episodes were made serious and very... police-y. The new season however started off with a new style. They tend to put small details that makes it more of a happier show. For instance there's this episode this season where the CSIs were involved in a 'detective game' or some sort. That episode was funny and was a few hundred miles away from what they used to make.

Then yesterday's episode (to be honest i watched the replay this evening, yesterday wanna sleep la...) was full of quirky stuff. For one they had the Mythbusters on! The episode was based around an incident that looked so bizarre that linked to another bizarre happening. In the end what so bizarre wasn't so bizarre after all!


I guess the writers decided to tone down the seriousness after Sara's tragedy. I enjoyed Nick being buried and tortured in the Plexiglass box with ants though.

"Dont Taze me Bro!"

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I guess this is the first themed photo post that I've made.

Last weekend early morning balik kampung to do another tribute to my late grandma. It's wut they called 圆坟or something like that. Means 'rounding up the grave' or putting the finishing touches to the grave.

After lunch went to my grandma-in-law's shop. She and my grandpa-in-law (the long english name is annoying me) sells assorted tidbits. There's 3 cats that run around freely in the shop. One's *insert name here*, the 2nd *insert name here* and *insert name here* (obviously i dunno ler... I doubt there is also...). The funny thing grandma IL said about the 3 cats is that they (?) were 3 generations living together. One the grandmother, one the daughter and one the granddaughter (i have no idea wut gender the cats were, that's wut my grandma IL told me).

And guess wut? Got bored and took pictures!

The more adventurous one. Heck they have nine lives why waste it, right?

Posing for the camera.

Shutter juz happened to snap when it's licking it's nose. Cool huh?

Like wan to attack the cam only...

But decided not to... Still keeping an eye though...

V2.0 of the boy waiting for the rain. I dunno wut this kitten is waiting for though...

Cari ape?

This'll make someone stim...

Camera-shy? Or Sun too bright?

Nice pose huh?

All these picture-taking is making my grandpa IL jealous...

Dunno wut to caption this.

He enjoys doin it by himself.


"Ppl drink until so song...

You kacau ppl for wut..."

This one likes to stay on top.


I have no special affection towards cats. So dun come and ask me about cats. I juz take pics of them.

That marks the end of the my first themed photo post. Comment la brudder...

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Tag thingy...

Tagged by Joey. Sabar readers, this will be over in a minute.

8 things i am passionate about : *I can think of so many things to list but most are so explicit that they can't be mentioned here*
1. Preaching about how Climate Change is affecting everyone.
2. Real Madrid, Arsenal, Brazil, Japan, Lakers and Ivanovic (under the umbrella term "Sports Fan of")
3. Defending my stand over why MMORPG is ridiculous. (It's Massive, and it's Online, What couldn't go any wrong-er?)
4. Hot chicks
5. Sneakers
6. Taking pics (not till Edison stage yet)
7. *Can I end here already?*
8. *I guess I can*

8 things i say too often :
1. 可悲啊...
2. Diu...
3. Ma Hai... (and every species under it)
4. Faster la...
5. Er...
6. Aiyoooo....
7. Fck!
8. *Ok I think that's enough*

8 books i have read recently : (i guess recently means 'in the last 6 months'?)
1. Oliver Twist (until half only)
2. 三十六计
3. *it's quite pathetic to note that besides text books, i rarely read other books*
4. *unless you consider magazines as books, then it's a different story*
5. *which include Times, Nat Geo, PC World, you noe mags that you only read when in Popular...*

8 things i learned last year :
1. How does American Football works.
2. The rules on the road.
3. That no one should have any sort of connection with a jailbait.
4. Prawning (just a bit)
5. Racism is to be with us for a very long time.
6. *can't think of any unconventional stuff that I learned*
7. -

If you think the tag is interesting, post a reply on your blog and notify. I have no idea who to tag at the moment.

France's gonna PWN Europe.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Oh fck....

Damn sien la... I finally realised why I didn't study everyday. Coz it's boring! Esp when there's something you dun understand and no matter how you crack your head you also dun understand. And it's fcked coz I dun feel like goin to the next chapter coz I still dun understand the previous part. Damn...

I guess it's entering the rainy season. CNN say one... I hate it when it rains. Once in a while ok la, but when it's in season (like how durians are in season) it never stops. Summore the ELCB thingy in my house sucks. It trips whenever there's a thunderstorm. Sucks to be using the computer when suddenly the thunder strikes. BAM!!! Risk files being corrupted, esp wit this Vista, I kena once and it took forever for it to repair itself when i turn it back on.

Remembered that my dad was complaining how I only know how to drive and dunno how to take care of the car. C'mon, everyone started as a noob. Then I got this pro idea and thought of driving around in the rain, hey washing the car ma! So I got the keys and started reversing. While I thought everything was fine when reversing, I suddenly got into a mysterious bump. Hrmm since when there's a bump at the entrance? Fearing that it might be something else, I re-maneuvered the car and got out smoothly.

The drive-in-rain thingy was both dangerous and fun in the same time. Good thing it wasn't close to rush hour that time. Almost no car! Drove around the housing area la. Then I got another pro idea of turning off the wiper. And it was raining elephants and rhinos, so as soon as the wiper went off it's impossible to judge wut's in front of you. The feeling is indescribable. And when you turn the wiper back on whole chunks of water gets pushed away. It's like kids in a sandbox, juz more dangerous. Dun worry la I was pro enough to make sure there's no incoming traffic and while I'm going super slow.

I even took a picture! I'm so screwed if anyone caught me doin it...

It looked like it's recognizable, but it;s not when yer driving. All you can see is slabs of color mixed around like primary skool painting...

I've used the word 'pro' a few times, but as soon as I reached home, all the 'pro-ness' went away like it never existed. When I got back into the house, I asked my mom whether there's a bump at the entrance of our house (you noe, sort of like a speed breaker, we made it before but it cracked to smithereens). She said no and maybe I bumped into something in my way out. I looked at the auto-gate arm where it's possible that I knocked. Yep, the car went on top of it and the whole arm bended. Not in a critical state la. I checked to see if the weldings were still strong and YES THEY WERE!!! Then tested a few times to see if it's still working (of coz it's working, or not how would it operate when i leave and return back to the house?). The bend didn't quite cause any hindrance to the auto-gate mechanism, so I guess it still works...

I'm on death-roll awaiting to face the music from my dad... Aiks...