Sunday, June 8, 2008

Tag thingy...

Tagged by Joey. Sabar readers, this will be over in a minute.

8 things i am passionate about : *I can think of so many things to list but most are so explicit that they can't be mentioned here*
1. Preaching about how Climate Change is affecting everyone.
2. Real Madrid, Arsenal, Brazil, Japan, Lakers and Ivanovic (under the umbrella term "Sports Fan of")
3. Defending my stand over why MMORPG is ridiculous. (It's Massive, and it's Online, What couldn't go any wrong-er?)
4. Hot chicks
5. Sneakers
6. Taking pics (not till Edison stage yet)
7. *Can I end here already?*
8. *I guess I can*

8 things i say too often :
1. 可悲啊...
2. Diu...
3. Ma Hai... (and every species under it)
4. Faster la...
5. Er...
6. Aiyoooo....
7. Fck!
8. *Ok I think that's enough*

8 books i have read recently : (i guess recently means 'in the last 6 months'?)
1. Oliver Twist (until half only)
2. 三十六计
3. *it's quite pathetic to note that besides text books, i rarely read other books*
4. *unless you consider magazines as books, then it's a different story*
5. *which include Times, Nat Geo, PC World, you noe mags that you only read when in Popular...*

8 things i learned last year :
1. How does American Football works.
2. The rules on the road.
3. That no one should have any sort of connection with a jailbait.
4. Prawning (just a bit)
5. Racism is to be with us for a very long time.
6. *can't think of any unconventional stuff that I learned*
7. -

If you think the tag is interesting, post a reply on your blog and notify. I have no idea who to tag at the moment.

France's gonna PWN Europe.

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