Sunday, June 22, 2008

Turning legal

I've been thinkin about turning legal this year since last year when the thing about minors-grown ups came about. Turning legal actually meant that I'm no longer them kids and mean business. It's such a wonderful thing that you can finally discriminate against them kids (of coz 17 y/o not included, coz conflicts will arise). You can call them minors, tau gei, jailbait, kids, whatever. It's like you reached the shore already while others are still swiming in the deep ocean (this metaphor is best used to describe corporate achievement, but well wut tha heck).

Yet reaching the shore doesn't seem to look like a good a thing. Initially yes, you dun have to swim anymore, but when you explore further into the real world, being in the sea feels better. You see, when you're still swiming, all you need to worry is continue swimming. The sea will support your weight, fishes will come to you. No worries, right? Upon reaching the shore, gravity takes over you. Now you'll have to support your own weight. Furthermore you have to hunt for food, you have to look for food. You have to overcome various obstacles to get wut you want, compared to while yer in the sea, you dun have to worry much coz there's nothing else to worry about besides swimming.

Turning legal is definitely something that we all should cheer about. Hey I'm LEGAL! I get to legally enter clubs, drink beer, watch restricted content, smoke, chicks (DAMN I JUZ WIKI-ed FOR CONSENSUAL SEX AND IT'S 16 IN MALAYSIA!!! WRONG INFO BY DUNNOWHO!!!) and even marriage (although parents' consent is needed (who needs marriage this early?)).
Am waiting for gambling and voting when 21 arrives...

So wut's so bad about turning legal, you might ask. First of all I'm punishable by law to jail for any criminal acts/jailable offence. Remember the stupid blog of mine that got shut down in Form 3? I think they didn't take action on me coz I'm stil un-sueable coz I'm said to be acting out of still being a minor and my actions shall reflect my immaturity and my brains weren't fully developed. Now that I'm considered 'waras', I'm sueable for any offence I make. Damn...

Ceh, dun simply fck girls la, you say. Well besides being punishable by law, I'm held responsible for everything that I do. I'm legal, means I can now sign contracts. Anything wrong I kena la...

Besides that, I'm stripped off all privillages that I can enjoy as my parents' child. Like wut? Medical benefits, club membership and something else I forgot. Means now if I get sick, I've gotta pay for it (of coz my parents will still pay for me, juz that it's not claimable), and no more cheap green fees for me. I've gotta pay the guest fees if I were to play in my dad's club.

The medical benefits thingy made me wanna get a bike even more. I'm sitting most of the time. I NEED TO GET OUT AND MOVE THESE LIMBS! Aiks I'm missing the times where I can feel the breeze blowing into my face, or slow down to look at something/someone when cycling. Yes, I used to cycle, but it was wit my cousin, in my hometown, last time, and it was HIS bike. I never had a bike all by myself b4... Sad huh?


So now you minors better enjoy your time as an underaged (haha you can't use that on me now). By the time you become legal, welcome to the real world. The real world is cruel. It leaves you alone to pick up the pieces, and from time to time a gust of wind blows away the pieces making them even more scattered around.

Hey! I get a free update on my IC! Freebies!

P/S: Damn Holland out also... I'll try this support thing one last time. I'm goin wit Spain in the next match. SPAIN GON PWN EUROPE (3rd time liao la...)!!!

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