Thursday, June 26, 2008


I notice another pattern in the CSI Las Vegas series.

Have they been ending the last 3 seasons with a case related to team members?

CSI 6 ended with Nick Stokes being lured and subsequently trapped and buried in a Plexiglass box and tortured. This is by far the best CSI ending I've watched. It, for one thing, is directed by Quentin Tarantino. Superb ending lasting 2 episodes.

Then Season 7. Ended with Sara being abducted by the Miniature Killer. The Miniature Killer case was spreaded out to a few episodes, ending at the season Finale with the last victim being Sara. Had goosebumps watching that one. Damn that case's scary.

And then recently ended Season 8 (aired yesterday). Season Finale involved Warrick in a case with the mafia, or something like that. That case had a part 1, which aired somewhere in the last few episodes of CSI. The finale was that Warrick was suspected for Gedda's death. Not as exciting as the last few finales. Normal stuff, but when I was saying this to myself while watching the show, the finale was given a sudden twist. Warrick was killed in his car by one of his superiors (not Grissom la). Damn I wonder wut's the motive for this one. Subahat ka?

And AXN's doin a good job makin sure the series reach our shores ASAP. From wut I see AXN's only late to bring us by 1 month after the US premier. It used to be half a year or so.

Now you noe wut I've been doin instead of studyin... Form 6 liao ar still watch TV... LOL

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