Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sien stuff...

I think AXN should stop the reruns of 'Anger Management'. C'mon how many times are they goin to repeat it? The movie's been on for god knows how long but I'm damn sure it's a long time ago. It's boring to see the same ad every*insert profanity here*day. 'I feel Pretty...' is ok though...

I read some interesting stuff in the newspaper yesterday. I wanted to share it but today's newspaper has article about internet content. Seems that contents from newspaper were also copyrighted and should not be reproduced without permission. Hrmm wut the heck...

How many cheated aunties and uncles does it take to make people realise PEOPLE JUZ DUN SEND YOU AN SMS TELLIN YOU THAT YOU HAVE A LUMP SUM OF MONEY TO BE COLLECTED IN CHINA!!!!!!!! The word 'China' is so convincing that I'm gonna give this guy a call and redeem my CASH! Hrmm wut I've gotta put down a deposit first? No prob! Wut's Rm5000 compared to Rm500,000, right? AWH DAMN I got cheated, time to report to MCA!

No wonder the party is not progressing, and is becoming irrelevant. Gosh they need to stop giving these idiots attention, and also those who took a loan from loan sharks and didn't pay back. You should've expected it when you took a loan from Ah Long. Dun wan ppl coming to your house, burning it down and leaving you wit your underwear? GO GET A LOAN FROM THE FCKIN BANKS!!! ANY BANK WILL DO! JUS FILL UP THIS FORM AND THAT FORM, GET SOMEONE TO BE YOUR SCAPEGOAT AND YOU GET YOUR MONEY!!! HOW HARD IS THAT COMPARED TO RED PAINT AND A LOST ARM??

Wow, look who's talking. The governing party members were the one who weren't doin their job and instead provoking the Pakatan Rakyat ever since the leadership changed hands in 4 states. How sure is he that the ppl are fed up at PR and NOT Dacing? I dun care wut PR means, as long as they dun give my money that is supposed to be used to provide better public transport to their cronies. (FYI I do pay taxes when i buy stuff. Does 5% gov tax ring any bell?)

The Dacing (scale in BM) is the one who's provoking the PR to realize their promises. WTF man they were only elected for 3 months. Dacing has been govening for 50 years and... well it's known. So what if the PR governments are investigating the previous governments? THEY ARE DOIN THAT WHILE DOIN SOMETHING ELSE AT THE SAME FCKIN TIME! Few days after PR took over Perak, they gave away free land titles. Wow those titles were pending for years and it only took PR few days to settle? Who's efficient now? And now with free water coming for Selangor, how to compare la?

And the dude in the news report above was from Sarawak. Wut's he doin talkin about issues in Perak and Selangor? I have yet to hear the PR leaders provoking Dacing leaders to fulfill their promises. Why? Coz the people shouldn't be expecting any of those to be fulfilled. I remember somone saying there will be no increase in fuel price this year... I wonder wut happened months later....

Last thing I wanted to talk about. Personally I'm not a fan of AirAsia, but I really hate it that Dacing is giving the industrial advantage to MAS loh. Anyway this ad is juz brilliantly done. Wut's a better motivation than a little bit of sarcasm?

C'mon, fair play la. You wanted to help certain fractions coz of fair play, but now, it seems that the fair play policy is not so fair anymore, huh?

Sorry for the current issue thingy. I'm juz bored.


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