Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Holy Shit!

Short update. Was watching Chuck (is there anyone that does NOT watch Chuck to look at Yvonne Strahovski? Not much plot to it but lotsa action though ... ) after House (CAN SOMEONE MAKE CAMERON WORK WITH HOUSE AGAIN? GOSH I'M MISSING HER! *no, dun tell me when they're coming back, I know they will be, juz dun tell me when.* ).

So, like i said, was watching Chuck after House, mid way thru the show I heard something moving at the porch rummaging thru the stuff there. Spider sense tingled and looked out to the stuff there la. Holy Mudda of All Lord! There's this huge lizard, something that resembles a comodo, but i noe comodo dragons only live in Comodo Island, so... Yea some big 四脚蛇 goin thru the stuff.

Ooi!! Apa buat?

It went thru the basket used to collect my dad's used socks. Holy lord, the shadow of something big moving around the porch while everyone's upstairs is juz scary. I seriously thought of calling bomba, but then my instincts told me that I had to get that pic! So I got out while thinking that I might get attacked anytime, and started to look for that thing. I heard sounds of something scratching against something, so I guess it might be clawing aginst the wall in desperation of escaping. Mana tau it was so huge it was able to climb up to the pipe thingy and climbed to my neighbour's side. (I highly suspect that the lizard came from my neighbour's house. Anyone who've seen my neighbour's house would agree)

Makes you wonder how much would that thing cost in the dark market... Or even what does it tastes like? Hrmm... *pls pls pls CLICK TO ENLARGE. THIS IS 200% NOT FABRICATED*

Another view. This one shows the full torso of the lizard.

So by the time the phone starts saving that picture, the lizard squeezed thru the gaps and ate all the fishes in the pond. Neh, it juz went away. Dunno where it went. Probably neighbour ate it liao...

The crime scene.

LOL I'm juz taking this chance to put something up this blog whenever I can. Lizards, go to zoo also can see la...

I hope it comes back though, lay some eggs in the socks basket, nest it for a while, go off to look for food, and realise all that's left was egg shells when it comes back. That'll be another story to tell!

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