Friday, November 30, 2007

First day of driving lesson

Today my first driving lesson. Woke up at 7 to go to the shop there at 8 and wait for the instructor. I tot chinese teach me one, mana tau muncul one indian come... NVM la...

Hrmmm... The moment we went into the car, he light up a cigarette and started puffing like a chimney. No joke. He even lowered down the windows and turned on the AC to get the smoke away. I can verify that this method is a myth...

That guy smoked all the way to the factories at Puncak Kinrara (noe the huge furniture shop beside the highway to Bukit Jalil?). I see the stick get shorten damn fast you noe... He suck in like it's his momma's candy. Within 5 minutes the whole stick gone. Stopped beside the furniture shop den he started lecturing la. Talked about the pre-drive check, the basic operations of the car and stuff. A while later he gave me 10 minutes to get used to the driver's seat. After that he came back in and started the real driving lesson.

LOL. I started the engine for my parents numerous times, but never got to drive it (once la, and that case I freaked myself out). This time i started the engine and got to drive it la. Check everything liao den twist the key. Before the car started to move, like all noobs, yes, engine went dead. Ou, clutch released too early liao. So 2nd try slowly release. The car was really crawling. Den move smooth liao hit on the pedal more. Drive into the junction and turned la of coz. Wa got cars ar (DUH). Slow slow den got used to the traffic.

We went in circles around the blocks of factories. Junction after junction after junction. After got used to the manual transmission operation liao, went to bigger circles. This time in the long straight stretch he taught change gear la. This sounds noobish but my highest gear was till 3rd gear! (EDIT: Eh Jason, I went systematic la, where got ppl 1st gear straight go 3rd gear one...) Top speed? 25 - 30 km/h. LOL.

The last thing he taught was the U-Turn. Basic la, juz turn the steering wheel until you 'entered the curve'. All in all not bad la. The steering part not much diff if you used to play racing arcade games. Hahaha whenever I wanna make a turn the guy would always guide one. Den I found out that I could make the turn easier if I was to turn it myself. Only need to get used to the whole manual thingy. The mati api part wasn't that frequent for me. Only time it happened was when I was to make the car start moving and when I was to stop the car. But first time only la. Forgot to put the gear to 'free' ma... After that the gear changing part no prob. Whole lesson 2 hours. 8 more hours to go till I go for test!

Hrmm... Ylup get prepared for the smoking part of the lesson la... Hahaha...

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pls take away the love scenes

Initially today start driving lesson one. Mom yesterday night ask whether can postpone or delay or not, want to go Shogun makan. I was happy and pissed at the same time. Happy coz goin to eat some good food! Pissed coz, dude, this lesson was scheduled since last week, and I've announced long time ago. Fees also paid already, wut happen if cannot postpone? One lesson mia fees burnt la...

So this morning, called the school see can do anything or not. Bugger 10.30 call tadak orang. 11.10 called tadak orang. Was trying to figure out the standard time ppl go to work coz, dude this is almost lunch time and still no one at work?

Since cannot cancel the lesson, went out to eat something simpler loh. Went to Taman Kinrara eat curry fish head. Ok ok only la... Den middle of makan the clerk called. Say today's lesson postponed coz the instructor emergency cannot go. WTF... If she had called earlier I would have been in a world of Japanese heaven! And all the guilt I had coz I made everyone miss the chance to have some nice Japanese buffet... Bugger ah...

Den balik rumah. Dad go play golf. So we at home nothing to do. Watched one of the 2 DVDs I bought yesterday. Titled 'Fighting to Survive'. Recommended by ylup. Hrmm quite funny also coz the main actor is famous for doin comedy. But after the hour mark kinda sien liao...

It's quite boring and cliche la the part after the hour mark. You noe there's this tradition where HK movies would try their ass off to squeeze in at least one love story into the movie? I think it's a rule, or a guideline that everyone movie MUST follow in order for the movie to be released. Dun you see the pattern? Every movie there'll be sparks of love from the main actor and actress. The sparks might not end in a relationship, but sparks are a must. Dun believe? Shaolin Soccer got, Kung Fu Hustle got, all the god of gamble from all years got, not sure Infernal Affairs got or not but most probably got la... Can't think of anymore coz new movies keep coming out. It's boring... Can they make a movie based on a theme or something?

Maybe the love scenes are to highlight the actress. You noe how pretty HK actresses are right? (except some of them old ones la...) I think there's where the actresses get their value from...
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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Beef noodles~

Today went to KL wit some punks. One have to buy PS2 and repair MP4 player, one have to buy headphone. Me lepak lepak. Whoa bugger on the way to Bintang to meet up wit Jon got police block. The police came up the bus and check IC. I think they are sweeping the illegal immigrants la. Most of the ones that look like Indons kena check, and most of them tadak identification. Kena tarik go down... Weird stuff chinese tak kena... Ylup didn't bring IC ar... Hahaha...

So since we were to roam around KL, I suggested we buy the Rm7 Sepadu ticket. Damn convenient ar... Go LRT no need line up buy ticket, summore unlimited usage ar...

First stop was Masjid Jamek for the beef noodle. Last time we went tak jadi makan coz Sunday. This time weekday dapat! Ordered some noodles and beef spare parts. Hrmm the beef balls nice ar. Some might not like the taste but it's the real beef taste IMO. I mean, it has similar beef taste to mcdonald's beef burgers. So i guess it's beef la...

The balls... I mean beef balls...

The noodles normal only la. Got minced beef only. Was expecting some beef belly 牛腩.

And of coz finish clean la... Tak sempat take pics of spare part soup.

After that we went to Lowyat to fix the MP4 player. Hahaha that shop KO liao. Had to find another shop to fix it. In the end found one that agreed to see wut's wrong and see if it's fixable.

Den go back to Puchong. Hahaha along the way got confused of the trains to take. Hopped in and out of a few trains. Wasted time there la. Managed to get to KL Sentral and take bus go back Puchong. Whoa juz 5 minutes after departing from the central, the bus got into an accident. Not an accident la, juz a bump wit another taxi. Not very serious la. Lights cover hancur and the bumper patah at the side, still dangling. But both of the drivers dun have time to negotiate la. Have to send passengers.

Reach IOI around 5.30 close to 6. Bugger go and buy PS2 la. Den after buy liao damn chuen you noe, fck us all away. Den me and ylup walk off la, let him have his fun. Went yumcha a while den go buy some DVD. Holidays no need scared bored liao.

Dudes, if ya goin to be transiting around KL or be usin the LRT alot in that day, buy the Sepadu Rm7 ticket. Damn convenient. When goin thru LRT guard, juz show him and can pass liao.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

SPM has ENDED!!!

Yea yea i noe a little too late for the cheers. Last 2 days got more 'urgent' stuff to blog about ma...

Today quite usual. Wake up, watch TV. Whoa the American Football game was screwed. Weather delay for heavy rain, den the pitch rosak liao. Soggy pitch. 0-0 for most of the game leh... Commentator say the last 0-0 game at 2 minutes from time was like 30 years ago. Damn la thought gonna see a draw game one. Mana tau dolphins last minute defence lembab. No touchdown la but steelers got 4th down like 5 yards from end zone. Field goal attempt den 3 points. 0-3 la... I didn't watch la the whole game. Switched to other channels...

Update on stuff that happened during the weekend.

Weekend went back to hometown (i feel so weird everytime when i refer this place as my hometown, coz technically, it's not...). Nothing much happen la. Sunday studied at the kitchen/dining room (there's this marble table la). Den grandma-in-law was preparing this traditional medicine thing...

No the med is not cognac...

Some leftover from the last batch.

The wood chippings you see in the bottle is some kind of root from some kind of plant/tree. 树根? LOLz... Den i asked whether it's tongkat ali. She gave me some kind of name. Wut wut 'giok took lien' '脚毒莲'? (read in hakka pronunciation). But she thinks that it's tongkat ali too...

She den showed me another chinese food supplement.

Click to enlarge.

I've seen this before when one of the relatives first bought it for her. Looks weird? Hahaha chinese medicine ma... It's called the deer's nerves/vein. 鹿筋.

Nails still attached!

Close up shot. Lutsinar mia... Can see the fibres...

Furs still attached!! Look closely!

This is some exotic stuff i tell you...

More fur/hair.

This deer nerve thing is said to be able to improve the joints and cure arthritis. As the chinese saying goes 'use a form to cure a form', or rather 'use the same body part to cure the same body part'. "以形补形" Got use wrong word or not ah?

Hrmm... I told my mom about learning aikido at Bandar Puteri. She said cannot coz fetching me there and from would be a hassle as the traffic at that area is terrible... Awww... Damn... I have to take bus go there meh... Wear the uniform and take bus ar... Same goes wit learning Japanese at Erican...

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Old one dun go, new one never come

Yup. That applies to pretty much everything. But today's topic is a continuation of yesterday's misery... Yes, I've got a new monitor. Of coz i'm not the one paying...

The old one...

As soon as I came back after walking for one hour back home (Ylup nothing to do ask to walk back from skool...), mom said monitor blackout, ask me to fix. Hahaha if i can fix i won't be grunting about it la... So after some persuasion, she decided that it's time for it to go too...

Damn... Long time didn't carry monitor liao... *choi! wanna spoil again meh...* Carry all the way up to TechShop. Hrmm main board rosak liao. I ask trade in berapa, the guy say lima puluh pun tadak... So no choice have to buy new one la. Looked around... LCD paling mulah 600+. So went for CRT la. *aiks have to carry again...* Samsung again, same dimension, but different model. Let's hope this one is to stay w/o probs.

Introducing... 793MG *haha noe nothing about monitors*

This model around 300+. Wah carry again loh... Manage to get a new mouse as the old one scroll cacat mia...

Let's hope this is to stay too...

Response ok la... Tak tau apa nak cakap la... Not h/w expert...

Not bad huh for day after SPM.
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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Bizzzzz.... Bizzzzz.... Bizzz....

Gosh dun blame me for this short post if it's short and the typo.

I'm typing this post looking at a cacat-ed monitor. I came on9 15 minutes den BOOM! The monitor started hissing and the screen's cacated. Let me see if i can describe the screen. Iagine you divide the screen into 2 parts, the left region and the right region. Now put the left region at the right side and the right region at the left side. Add a thick black bar in the middle and add in some flickers, a lot of it. God damned it it's flickering the whole time I'm having a hard time reading the stuff on the monitor...

And there's this hissing sound. More of a spoilt monitor kind of hissing sound. Damn and the black vertical bar in the middle is getting thicker and thicker as time passes. Damn now i have to figure out how to tell mom... It's ain't my fault of coz, but it happened during my turn of using the PC...

It's a miracle that i can still update the blog... ARGH MY EYES ARE BURNING!!!

P/s: Bio is... Haiz...

P/s 2: Pics update tml, if possible...

EDIT: Miraculously, after a while the hissing stopped together wit the flickering. But the regions still remained opposite and the god damned bar is still there. The situation juz now was something like this:

The delay from the camera made it look so much better... It's more flickers and a hissing sound...

New monitor, perhaps?

Man I still can't believe how i remained on9 and updated with a flickering monitor. Adaptation this is wut i call!


Damn now all of a sudden the monitor's OK... There goes my LCD... There goes my 21"... So now back to normal updates!

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Habis steam...

Aiks... Remember how we all talked about goin full steam (as in put in all our efforts, not the conventional 'naik' kind of stim) for SPM? I think I pancet liao... Damn bio la... Last paper most stuff to memorise one...

Woke up as usual. Tried to read some bio. Aiks go watch TV warm up first la. Was expecting some American Football, tapi tadak. Good thing got NBA la. Aiya why Rockets let Heats have their first home win one... They are one of the most hyped teams la... Rockets playing catch-up for most of the game. Aiks... Den Celtics won Lakers... Aduh wut happen la Lakers...

Sien sien dei after lunch go read bio la... Aduh day dreaming only... Read a bit den dream the rest... Yea quite unusual. Den i tried to make simple notes la... Ok ok la... Bugger the female anatomy is bizarre... Ovulating also so many hormones. And it's not even the arousal part yet that we wanted to learn the most. Guys? All that's working is our jewels, nothing much involved.

Hrmm remember me talkin about leaning aikido? Damn la a search on google shows that there're lots of aikido branches, all based on different teachings of the original sensei... Even our country one also didn't stick to one teaching. Afterward learnt the 'sesat' one... Aduh...

Anyway, if yer starting to rant on how aikido sucks (which is wut most ppl do after a search on youtube), a kind reminder that aikido is a non-competitive self-defence martial art. The demos might be choreographed, but the real thing can break bones, all by just reacting to your moves. I not yet start learning so i might just shut up on this matter for the moment.

So, how's your bio goin? Nitrogen cycle study already?

P/s: Oh my oh my oh my I can't wait to start my driving lessons. I can legally go for the test already one, coz one month after amali liao ma. Now juz a matter of completing the 10 hours...
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Friday, November 23, 2007

Final paper!!!

K, so today finished moral paper. Ok ok la... Tembak tembak la...

After moral went yumcha wit ylup. Hahaha talked about primary skool stuff... Den only realised that I was so screwed up last time... Ahh the times i used to be an idiot...

Den plan wut to do after SPM la. Hrmm I planned to start driving lessons right after bio de, but Thursday only can start. So, hehe thursday starting driving lessons. In 2 to 3 weeks time can get P license. Hehe...

Hrmm... Feel like learning akido. Anyone know where got akido dojo's around Puchong? Preferably around Bandar Puchong. Putri also ok.

Ylup cham a bit... Wanna work also cannot, one month who wanna employ him? Den end of december start NS.

Aduh sien la. Leave you all here la. Adios!

P/s: Damn... Bio la... So much to read and memorise...
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Thursday, November 22, 2007

80% done...

Science week almost done. Actually most science subjects done liao, but the week is not over yet, so count or not ah? Tml moral... Kata kunci!

Add maths was ok la. At first ok one... The more they discuss, the more mistakes pop up... Press wrong button la (sin-1 i press cos-1, habis 3 markah...), see wrong region la (bugger region 'R' so small, mana nampak la... Integrate wrong area...), use formula wrongly la (argh median got negative come out) and much more...

Physics was at least my strongest subject la. Not to say i'm better than the usual big guns la, but I'm quite confident as i dun have much problem understanding and applying the laws. Cuma hafal law salah... Apa boleh buat...

Today chemistry. Ok ok la... Bang here and there la. Paper one ok la. Paper 2 bugger industrial chemical processes. I wanted to memorise one but forgot to... But tembak correct liao... Now hope the guy didn't see me write ammonium sulphate as (NH3)2SO4 la... And den got one part ingat clever sangat. Sendiri gubal carboxylic acid formula. Aiya... Cn H2n+1 COOH den follow la... Why think so much...

Tml moral la... Memorise kata kunci den no prob liao gua...
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Monday, November 19, 2007

NBTD Post...

Dying to update but having no substance, I've come out wit the first NBTD post. Go figure it out urself wut does it mean...

Today's NBTD Topic: Who PWNS Who...

- American Footy PWNS Association Football (Assoc, later to soccer, go wiki)

- Starcraft PWNS all other RTS (or those that claim to be)

- SE PWNS Nokia. (Nokia starts to copycat liao, they having a nokia version of iphone, and copying SE's stick keypads)

- Google PWNS Yahoo!.

- Windows PWN Mac.

- Linux PWN Windows.

- WLM PWNS Y!M, AIM, and others.


- Windows Media Player PWNS all other except VLC.

- Genuine Windows PWN fckin pirated Windows. (not even a single BSOD for almost a year!)

- Real ones PWN cartoon ones, if you noe wut i mean.

- The Simpsons PWN all other cartoon.

- Uncyclopedia PWNS Wikipedia (in terms of entertainment).

- Wiki PWNS all other resource sites.

- Wii PWNS PS3.

- I have to say Wii and XBOX 360 is a tie...

- local chinese PWNS chinese from other place, esp our neighbors.

- Whose Line? PWNS all other improv comedy show.

- Chris Rock PWNS Russel Peters.


- local badminton PWNS local footy.

- A1 PWNS F1.

- Bluetooth PWNS Infra-red.

-Telco M PWNS Telco D and Telco C.

- any other skool PWNS my skool. (in terms of leng lui)

- My skool PWNS the neighbouring skools. (in terms of mental maturity)

- Add Maths PWN us all, except YX, the unbeatable. Current record: 100%

(Tml's add maths!!!)

I guess yer bored with all this BS. Adios!

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Friday, November 16, 2007

50% done, 50% more to go...

Today's EST paper raps up the first week of SPM 2007.

I must say that sitting next to a babyface ain't the best thing to do. Not coz he's gettin the limelight, but the inter-dude competition adds to the unnecessary pressure for that paper. EST 1 was the writing paper. Was happily writing at my own pace and style at first. Den I saw Jon staring like one kind only, looked glanced at his paper. Bugger wrote paragraphs in big chunks. I looked at mine, hrmm... 'Are my chunks bigger than his? Damn it next para have to make it bigger!!!'. Den started the indirect competition. It so happened that me and him were the only few ones that asked for extra papers. But after gettin the paper he started writing first. Damn pressure ar. Den i saw him wrote so much liao, I also start to stretch my previous paragraph until the extra paper. Den have to crack head summore to write another paragraph. In the end he revealed that he was feelin the same way too... Damn...

EST 2 was ok la...

Coming up, SCIENCE WEEK!!!

Little photo update:

Went to IOI juz now. Saw this car. It gave me the feeling of...

Pika... Pika... Pika CHU!!!!! *ZAPS*

The stack of notes/past questions that I'm gonna recycle one day...

That's all folks!

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Day 3

Today quite easy goin. Went back at 12.30. Not bad huh?

Maths 1 : Not too hard.

Maths 2 : was drawing the plan like i never did before... Whoa protractor in everyone corner man...

Tml's a break, but maybe goin back to skool to have some group studyin...

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Everything but Renaissance

3 subjects down, 7 more to go.

BI 1 - ok ok la. Struggle a bit but eventually the inspiration came. Dunno if can inspire the marker or not...

BI2 - Whoa character! Teacher even revised wit us in the morning. Geng!

Sej 2 - Renaissance have been spotted to come out this year coz past few years also didn't come out, and it did the same thing this year. Islam also the cold questions come out. Cara penyebaran islam ke AT... Den out of all chapters, revolusi pertanian and perindustrian... More of a goreng-ing skills paper...

The memorizing subject papers (except moral of coz) are done, now left the more technical papers. Adios!

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Monday, November 12, 2007

One and a half down, eight and a half to go.

BM 1 - Unexpectedly, or rather, expectedly, popular questions all didn't come out. Cold questions... Bugger Sanjay got lucky that one of the practice essays that he did came out...

Sej 1 - As usual la askin about the detail stuff...

BM 2 - Tatabahasa kinda easy, not as hard as predicted. Haha screw jenis ayat.


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Sunday, November 11, 2007


I had this self-printed poster in my room for quite some time liao. It's an Adidas Impossible is Nothing poster. Well, something I wanna share:

"Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in a world they've been given than to explore the power they have to change it.

Impossible is not a fact. It's an opinion.

Impossible is not a declaration. It's a dare.

Impossible is potential.

Impossible is temporary.


Not bad huh? Quite an old campaign but I still find it inspiring sometimes...

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Friday, November 9, 2007

This is IT!

I juz realised that there's no point thinkin about other stuff then SPM. So here goes:

Dudes lookin for BM stuff, check our BM teacher's blog. Not bad. Google's also a good place to start. Be sure to put in 'SPM BM' as the key word.

I dun think there'll be tips around la. Even if there is, the jabatan can simply change papers. Got 3 set of papers. So study everything juz in case.

Prep is the key. Adios guys! Check out for the secret message after the countdown timer ticks to 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 seconds.

All the best for you guys out there! Wish me luck too!

P/S: I have to do the wishes thing, juz wanna follow the tradition.

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Thursday, November 8, 2007

This is pointless...

I noe I'm goin to laugh at myself some time later for talking about this, so here goes...

One of the most common questions that ppl always ask when they start to know somebody is 'do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend already?'

Let say that you have one already. Wut would you do? Do you tell them the truth? Or for the sake of leaving yourself a backdoor strategy in case anything goes wrong, tell that yer perfectly single. Hard choice eh?

Damn it putus idea! I had lots of stuff to rant about one... Aiks... Next time la...

Here's some normal and boring update:


As I'm speaking, SPM is 3 and a half days away. First paper BM. Whoa really been pushing myself to the limits in terms of study hours. Wake up early juz to read the notes a bit. After lunch read more. Since cannot go online so watch TV a bit den go back study. Damn it Now really dunno wut else to study... Science subjects not time to study yet. Sej study over and over again still like tak masuk.

Been goin thru the playlist on my phone for god knows how many times. Turned on my computer today to stock up on some tracks.

Hrmm... Dunno la. Today got mood to blog one. Tiba tiba ideas dunno go where... Maybe tml...

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Little photo update...

I'll unload my latest works first b4 i start ranting...
Mist formation around the hills. Cool eh?

You've heard of 'Brokeback Mountain', but have you heard of 'brokeback handphone cover' before?

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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Last of our schooling days...

Last Friday was the official last schooling day of my 11-year schooling days. Any future visits to the school will either be for exams (8 more days!!!) or events. There goes the teachings, there goes the PE classes, there goes the kap-lui-ings, there goes the swearing-at-friend-s. There goes the uniforms, there goes the school rules, there goes the fierce-teacher-phobias.

Majilis restu started wit the diamond penceramah givin some last minute spirit boosts. Ding ding dong dong recess den we took lots of pics. Den the blessing session where teachers give their blessings for the upcoming exams. Thing got emotional la, at least for the girls. Nothing much to say also coz most of you guys have an idea of wut happened...

I think YLup's being strangled at the background...

Eugene came up wit the plan to point to the skies. This was the result...
In the background is the van that commuted us to and from skool.

Actually also nothing much liao la... My main purpose of updating was to upload the following 2 vids:

Being crazy after Majilis Restu...

Profanity Alert!! Note how Eugene was gettin scared after knowing that this is goin on the net...

The next one has a topic to it: 'Gentle' or rather, 'Gentleman', '斯文'

If you happen to know the ppl in the vid quite well, you probably are laughing right now...

Might be making more of these vids in the future... Juz for the fun of it.

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I'm back!

K so I'm back from a 5 day absence from the internet (from the PC to be exact). I do feel that life's more meaningful when the internet is not a significant part of your life. Oh yea. This might the answer for my internet-addiction. Yea i have prob staying away from it...

Yea to start it off I'll be posting some photos i've taken in the past few days.

Does this look anything like 'Argentum' 'Silver' Surfer (happy, jon?) in the recent fantastic empat movie?

Picture belongs to it's respective owner(s)

No? I can't find the picture where he's being seen sideways la...

Does it look like there's a palace in the skies? Or you can juz look at the contrast b/w the clouds and the blue sky...

A random shot of a leaf. Oxidized huh? (chemistry is getting too much attention from me...)

P/S: Names of specific subjects are modified to protect the owner's rights.

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