Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Stopping By...

I'm just bored can you tell?

In the midst of all these, what are we finding for (look is a better word here, just trying to link up to the pic)?

Choppy week ahead.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Bombs away!

Raya to everyone else in the country is just another day off endorsed by the government. To me it's a freakin warning that trials is on a handbrake turn drifting at 120km/h around a hairpin turn coming my way. It's gonna come fast, hit hard and leave me in trail of smoke.

Went back hometown (it still feels weird using this word 'hometown' coz it technically is not my hometown, but juz coz parents have been calling it that, that i've called it that. These technicality issues bother me a lot, a whole damn lot) on Sunday to avoid the insane traffic smoothness malfunction. I was being good and all, brought the books and notes of the 2 subs that i've basically never studied, hoping that I'll read them out of boredom in hometown. Surprise surprise I left the foolscap papers at home. WTF LA... How to do questions?

Typical blogging aside, here's the onslaught of pics.

This bar would empty itself on our return journey back home.

There's this salty fishy smell around the house that no one can source from. Thought the neighbors are cooking salty fish or some sort. Found this at the bedside of my uncle's room. In case you're wondering, it's a dead bird. Species unknown. Looks like a pigeon to me.

Smoking kills. What if smoking actually make people more intelligent and the government is trying to stop these ppl with nicotine-induced-intelligence from taking over the country? Isn't that another conspiracy theory? LOL

Future mobile gamer. I'm still better than them in these things. XD

Model of the day.

Went out for a walk around the area wit lil cousin.

This door is actually some basement exit for some big house. Looks like some dungeon exit. (of coz i've seen this thousands of times already)

Only regret was a little OOF in the middle. Fckin windy wei...

From another angle. Which one looks nicer?

This aunty walked by when takin pics of that flower. Actually thought of taking a pic of her after she've walked so far away. Mad cropped.

The unopened bud of the flower.

God knows where he learnt that hand sign from. Wait was it supposed to imitate ears? LOL

Looking them play made me envy of them. Now this is not some emo-cry-baby-cry shit, but they just do not have the frustrations of grown ups. I personally really do envy them of this coz they could just go to school, come back home finish homework and done deal can go play. I dunno how to say this but their schooling life is so relaxed. Makes me reminisce on Pre-F6 schooling days. Ah well...

Life goes on.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lu umm si Family, Lu si Enemy

Went to this BiBi Wok place at Putri for a gathering of some sort. Funny coz dudes were at the ala carte division of the restaurant instead of the previously planned all-you-can-order section. LOL

Basically it's pan-searing-cum-steamboat thai food. I think it's thai coz there're thai buddha ornaments and the meat are marinated hot and spicy.

Basically it comes with one of these platters at first and you can order individual ingredients subsequently. It's basically all-you-can-order from the menu. Basically they are typical steamboat ingredients with marinated chicken, mutton and beef and ham for searing purposes.

As you can see one thing unique is that you sear your food on a piece of banana leaf. It's pre-smeared with some butter so it's non-stick. Has this nice fragrance of banana leaf on your food. Nice. The dipping sauce that comes with it is one sweet sauce and one spicy sauce. The spicy sauce is fiery so beware of it.

There're also pre-cooked side dishes for order to eat if you feel like eating some pre-cooked food. Got fried shui gao and thai salads. It's included in the bill so no worries of extra charges. The beverages are charged separately, though.

It's about 30 per pax if you order plain water. They'll refill you with plain water anyway even if you order other drinks. Dunno if they do the same thing if you order milk shakes coz dudes ordered green tea.

Had fun taking pictures.

Jason wants a new facebook picture.

More crazy pics over at Chloe's blog (when she's updated it, of coz)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bak Bak Bak Bak Bak Kkkkkkuuuuttttttttt TEH!

Keeping up wit the food blogging spirit, here's some pork.

I can't come up wit a witty name substitute for this dish, so behold:

Bak Kut Teh/ Yuk Kuat Cha/ Rou Gu Cha/ Lei Leih Goh Maeng Zou Mat? Hou Sek Mei Dak Loh!

The thing comes bubbling hot, literally. I dunno if my skills are up to it or not but you should be able to see the bubbling bubbles of the boiling soup.

Just add 'dry' to the names aforementioned above and you have the name for it.

I used to think the restaurant is in Putri but then this time it's deeper into Puchong. Aiyah you all know where it is one lah.

I doubt if the tea helps to 'break down' the lipids but it sure is refreshing.

Was SMH-ing all the time when ppl come near our table to help themselves refilling the teapots. The refilling station was just beside us. Yes you heard it right the ppl in the shop were so busy serving food they left refilling teapots to the customers themselves. Yeah was SMH-ing all the time coz them ppl dunno how to use the electronically-operated kettle. Then my helpful parents tried giving instructions from their seats. And the customers still couldn't operate it.

The dry Bah Kut Teh is just like normal claypot-cooked pork. Maybe a bit drier and more flavourful. The soup one was nice, as always. I dunno but when it comes to chinese food I couldn't tell the difference between the good and the very good. It's just nice. Unless if it sucks like have a cockroach or something then I can tell la.

50+ for these smackers. Not in the photos were a plate of yau mak and some tofu. And tea. And rice.

And now for the classical must-photograph phenomenon in Malaysia:

Travel agencies should make appointments with these motorcyclists to show the tourists how the people is going green with their daily motorcycling routine.

Darwin Award nominee?


Sunday, September 6, 2009

It seems there's a new pizzaria in town...

Whenever there's a need to order food delivery, it's either McD or the pizzas. And if it's the pizzas, it's either Dominos or Pizza Hut. And although I would prefer Dominos over PH any day, the family tends to order PH coz there's this online order offer that gives you 2 regulars for 32 bucks tax inclusive. If no coupon den will surely order PH.

Few days ago there's this brochure from Canadian Pizza. Never heard of them. I saw the promo 2 pizzas for the price of 1 and thought it might be some final efforts to revive their store of some sort. Never gave it another look.

Yesterday it's time for delivery again. And mom suggested to give Canadian Piza a try. Why not?

Canadian Pizza, certified halal by the International Halal Board. One step ahead of the local halal board. lol

Ordered one chicken and one beef.

Hawaiian Classic.
To be honest, I almost cried when I took the first bite. The tomato sauce HAS THE TASTE OF TOMATOES! Not some vinegar + sugar cocktail.

Meat Lover. Cow head purchased separately.

The cheese of both pizzas were unlike any pizzas out there. It actually tastes like cheese. Not the generic PH chewy bland cheese.

Of course, both pizzas did not look half the way it was advertised. I was promised slices of something (i couldn't tell from the brochure) on the pizzas. All I saw was melted cheese. But when was it that fast food restaurants served food that resembled the advertised version? I remember I wrote a post about how some pita dish from Kenny Rogers had some scale issues wit the brochure.

Anyway, the focus here is taste. It definitely has the tomato-y taste. It definitely has the cheesy taste. Beef taste? Checked. Chicken taste? Checked. Overall taste? I would rate it above PH, but i need to have another go at Dominos and Canadian Pizza before I make a verdict on that.

Definitely gonna order it a 2nd time. Just hope that the offer stays or some coupons come with it's next flyers.

Now where is that Dominos coupons mom collected?

UPDATE: It tasted better when reheated!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Ikan Bakar~

Went wit dudes to this Ramadhan bazaar in Kelana Jaya. Apparently KJ has this super long bazaar, so we decided to go, on a weekend. Damn the after-work traffic is terrible. But despair not, as the rewards await us at the bazaar.

Damn la everything also like normal only. Other than the incredible length, nothing much. Much of the stalls are repeating wut the others are selling. Grilled fish, kebabs, murtabaks, roti john, nasi dagang, assorted drinks, chicken wings, satay. Repeat that sequence 5 times and you'll get the picture.

Speaking of pictures, I'll let the pictures do the talking.

First, the food.

Didn't buy this one. Too common already. Keropok ikan.

Ayam percik. Ayam perciks everywhere smell great, and they taste the same, like normal grilled chicken. I've yet to come across one that's special. Maybe it's meant to be like that.

Grilled fish. Probably the most delicious food among all others. 10 bucks for one of these suckers. But damn do they taste great. I'm refering to the ikan pari only la of coz. Fantastic stuff you guys must try this.

Another commoner. Didn't bother to buy. Expensive la 1.50 for one wing.

Nasi Ayam? Dunno wut they call it.

Then the drinks. Somehow out of all the conventional drinks, our friend choose to buy something special and ended up like not so nice.

No intro needed.

The range of colors of drinks is just amazing.

"Mom! They made a Nemo into a drink! How to find him next time la?'

Tried taking people pics.

Did you see the murtabak this guy cooks up? It's so big we thought it was air inside. Guess wut? There's 2 murtabaks inside the big one. LOL.

I dunno wut this guy sells but I thought he was interesting as he's out helping with the stall despite his age.

This guy sells this:

It's some leaf-wrapped item that's made from coconut shreddings. That guy in blue you see in this pic gets a lil too excited when doing promotion for his stall. Forgot wut he sold though.

Satay man. Was very smoky when the shot was taken. A bit boring huh the position I place the subjects?

Roti John seller.

Kebab stall.

And the penultimate 'people' pic.

After buying the stuff, we had a problem. Where to eat? Eat beside the car meh? Then drove around to look for a park and found one. Nobody summore. But damn weird la as soon as we start to eat it gets dark. Dunno wat we ate also. LOL.

There's the moon though.