Monday, September 21, 2009

Bombs away!

Raya to everyone else in the country is just another day off endorsed by the government. To me it's a freakin warning that trials is on a handbrake turn drifting at 120km/h around a hairpin turn coming my way. It's gonna come fast, hit hard and leave me in trail of smoke.

Went back hometown (it still feels weird using this word 'hometown' coz it technically is not my hometown, but juz coz parents have been calling it that, that i've called it that. These technicality issues bother me a lot, a whole damn lot) on Sunday to avoid the insane traffic smoothness malfunction. I was being good and all, brought the books and notes of the 2 subs that i've basically never studied, hoping that I'll read them out of boredom in hometown. Surprise surprise I left the foolscap papers at home. WTF LA... How to do questions?

Typical blogging aside, here's the onslaught of pics.

This bar would empty itself on our return journey back home.

There's this salty fishy smell around the house that no one can source from. Thought the neighbors are cooking salty fish or some sort. Found this at the bedside of my uncle's room. In case you're wondering, it's a dead bird. Species unknown. Looks like a pigeon to me.

Smoking kills. What if smoking actually make people more intelligent and the government is trying to stop these ppl with nicotine-induced-intelligence from taking over the country? Isn't that another conspiracy theory? LOL

Future mobile gamer. I'm still better than them in these things. XD

Model of the day.

Went out for a walk around the area wit lil cousin.

This door is actually some basement exit for some big house. Looks like some dungeon exit. (of coz i've seen this thousands of times already)

Only regret was a little OOF in the middle. Fckin windy wei...

From another angle. Which one looks nicer?

This aunty walked by when takin pics of that flower. Actually thought of taking a pic of her after she've walked so far away. Mad cropped.

The unopened bud of the flower.

God knows where he learnt that hand sign from. Wait was it supposed to imitate ears? LOL

Looking them play made me envy of them. Now this is not some emo-cry-baby-cry shit, but they just do not have the frustrations of grown ups. I personally really do envy them of this coz they could just go to school, come back home finish homework and done deal can go play. I dunno how to say this but their schooling life is so relaxed. Makes me reminisce on Pre-F6 schooling days. Ah well...

Life goes on.

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