Sunday, September 6, 2009

It seems there's a new pizzaria in town...

Whenever there's a need to order food delivery, it's either McD or the pizzas. And if it's the pizzas, it's either Dominos or Pizza Hut. And although I would prefer Dominos over PH any day, the family tends to order PH coz there's this online order offer that gives you 2 regulars for 32 bucks tax inclusive. If no coupon den will surely order PH.

Few days ago there's this brochure from Canadian Pizza. Never heard of them. I saw the promo 2 pizzas for the price of 1 and thought it might be some final efforts to revive their store of some sort. Never gave it another look.

Yesterday it's time for delivery again. And mom suggested to give Canadian Piza a try. Why not?

Canadian Pizza, certified halal by the International Halal Board. One step ahead of the local halal board. lol

Ordered one chicken and one beef.

Hawaiian Classic.
To be honest, I almost cried when I took the first bite. The tomato sauce HAS THE TASTE OF TOMATOES! Not some vinegar + sugar cocktail.

Meat Lover. Cow head purchased separately.

The cheese of both pizzas were unlike any pizzas out there. It actually tastes like cheese. Not the generic PH chewy bland cheese.

Of course, both pizzas did not look half the way it was advertised. I was promised slices of something (i couldn't tell from the brochure) on the pizzas. All I saw was melted cheese. But when was it that fast food restaurants served food that resembled the advertised version? I remember I wrote a post about how some pita dish from Kenny Rogers had some scale issues wit the brochure.

Anyway, the focus here is taste. It definitely has the tomato-y taste. It definitely has the cheesy taste. Beef taste? Checked. Chicken taste? Checked. Overall taste? I would rate it above PH, but i need to have another go at Dominos and Canadian Pizza before I make a verdict on that.

Definitely gonna order it a 2nd time. Just hope that the offer stays or some coupons come with it's next flyers.

Now where is that Dominos coupons mom collected?

UPDATE: It tasted better when reheated!

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