Monday, February 25, 2008

This is the boring-est it can get...

As the title suggests, it's still pretty much a dull week. Weekdays in the mall is really lifeless. Even the evenings are quiet. No joke man. Friday is ok a bit coz students end skool early ma, so they kinda lepak around at IOI la. But crowd =/= sales. Damn... But it does make the day fly faster when there's ppl walking around rather than a quiet mall.

Weekends are better. Better as in easier to pass the day. At least there's ppl la, coming to ask prices and buy some phones. But it's not that much of an improvement from the weekdays. Election, perhaps?

I'm bored of posting about how boring the job is. On to other stuff.

Upon realising that I still have 2 more weeks until my 'contract' officially ends, I really wanted it to end at that very moment. Not that I hated the job or what, but I think that it's time to think about some other stuff other than phones. I'll summarise the whole working experience next week when I'm done wit it.

I was thinking of ways to pass time. I bought a book, Oliver Twist. Coz I always see the movie adaptation of the novel advertised for HBO, I thought why not read the book since I have so much time? So I bought the book reprinted by Penguin Classics for Rm8.50 and started reading. At first was OK, where Oliver was born and mother died, got sent to a workhouse, got sold, ran away, joined a pickpocket gang, got away from them but they managed to get him back. Until this part I was starting to get bored wit the way this novel is written. It's over-ly descriptive. From the appearance of a guy to the atmosphere of a morning London market, it got down to the details. I dunno maybe this is why I never liked reading novels, no patience or no appreciation for the beauty of the language. Damn I stopped at the chapter where Oliver got sent to a place near a bridge where he thought that the guy (forgot name liao) was going to kill him.

I think I'll watch the movie instead.

Monday, February 18, 2008

The Quiet Days

As expected, the crowd has reduced significantly right after CNY. It's so little ppl that it makes you depressed. Damn little ppl... Where's the bai ga chai's 败家仔 to use up all their ang pow money? Damn we need them!

Nothing much to talk about in the week after CNY. Colleague went on a one week holiday (actually more than that coz add CNY break leh?) to some trip. So I'm on my own. Not really on my own actually, a fellow employee from the branch behind mine was stationed wit me for the week. I must say that she's not that helpful, guess she's still learning afterall.

Few days ago there's this lion dance in IOI. It went to all the shops (those that wanted) and did the dance thingy. It's ok if they did it for the shops but there's once that the band (or whatever you call it) came to the row of kiosks (my area). The kiosk is so small it's unpractical to ask them do the lion dance there. LOL they did it for one of the kiosks there and my boss was laughing all the time. The lion made a few stances and den have to 摘财, but there got nothing to 摘. So it juz peel the mandarin oranges wit its head on the counter there. Hilarious.

Kedai Ubat one very yeng, but damn noisy...

Few days ago the town council came and raided the computer games stall near KFC. Boss kena tangkap I guess. Everything gone, except the few genuine games they have that are pretty much still not sold. The employee everyday juz play games and watch movie there coz got nothing to sell.

Initially I planned to quit after getting my SPM results, which is expected to be (my predictions) end of February or early March. A friend came and told me it might be 26th February. But (again) few days ago the new reported that parliament was dissolved and 24th Feb is nomination day while March 8th is polling day. Where got manpower to give the SPM results? Summore yesterday TheStar said that results might be out by mid-March. Damn. Mid-march? Wut am I going to do in the few weeks after I quit my job in early March? Hrmm...

I wonder wut everyone else is doing...

Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy Year of The Rodent/Rat/Mouse/Tikus!

First things first, Happy Chinese New Year! It may be few days late but heck, it still counts as a wishing, right?

Week started off wit my pay check! My very first pay leh! Rm666 in total! Hrmm dunno purposely or coincidental, coz the last time I heard of the number 666 is when The Da Vinci Code was still a hot topic in town. hrmm...

Take 200 out for last month's makan and 250 more for this months' makan, Rm 30 for transport and the rest is the 'actual' pay I got.

Den new year lor...

Somehow this hidden mickey is hard to miss...

This CNY is both boring and fckin exciting/shocking. Boring coz every year also same one. Visiting, get ang pow, stay at home listen to adults chatting. This year brings us a shock. As you know gambling is like a family tradition. Day 1 to Day 4 also got 开台. For many years we were never agitated by the fear of getting caught. Damn it this time really was a close shave. Day 1 itself we had a police car doing a U-Turn juz 3 houses away, twice! Bugger ah I was scared liao ma, mana tau the police only makew U-Turn. Dudes made fun of me la... Den Day 3 was really really 险过剃头. A police van (seriously, a van) drove passed the house while we were playing cards at the porch, at night. One whole row of houses we're the only one brightly lit. This time everyone agreed to play inside the house. LOL.

On way home some indian community decided to join in the fun of CNY and held a wedding ceremony. Pic was cropped to focus on the bride's car (?) 新娘车.

A little over decorated, perhaps?

After a month of working, I realised that I was on a journey of discovering a new me. My thoughts start to change. My view on life start to change. Even the way I speak start to change.

One evidence is that I start to accept listening to chinese songs, be it mandarin or cantonese. I actually got a friend to share some chinese songs wit me. I found out that although 90% of them are about love, they sound quite good to the ears. I was always against the way chinese songs are made: short verse wit long and repeating chorus. But now I'm ok wit it, and am starting to reject the way some english songs are made: long verses wit limited chorus. I am no music producer or expert but chinese songs are starting to sound good to my ears. Listening to long verses bores me out. I guess this is how you feel when you listen to 7-10 everyday while waiting for your boss/colleague to arrive.

Aiks, again ideas dunno go where liao. So until next week, adios!

A new week, a new friend.

Damn 2 weeks didn't online liao. I'll make 2 posts la, each dedicating to a week of working. I'll try to write something useful here...

This week started off wit the arrival of a new 'friend'. Yea GiGi sent some decoration to boss ma. So have to put it up loh. The set has a few stuff la but this one caught my (or everyone's, to be exact) attention. It's a 不倒翁 (dunno wut is this in english la) of the GiGi yellowman. Damn cute leh! Yea it's not moving in the pic ma, but when you come visit me, do give it a poke or two coz it's fckin hilarious when it sways around holding that '很旺' banner. Can visualise the '好紧要旺' ad everytime it moves around. We even gave it a name, '阿旺'. Seriously, it is that entertaining...


Why 'GiGi'? This has something to do wit the way foreign workers pronunce the telco. Instead of 'Dee Jee', they say it 'Dii Gee' like in 'gigi' in BM. LOL.

Have I mentioned that 'aunties' are your worst nightmare? Seriously no matter how they look like, an aunty is an aunty. I have 2 cases, one of my colleague and one of my own. My colleague's one goes something like this: dad buys phone for son, unlucky got a shitty phone that has bad build, sent for repair after few days of use, waited for a month. Mum gets fed up (dunno why) and demands quicker action. One day dad, mum and son came to shop few minutes before close shop. Dad asks whether ok or not, colleague says no. Mum got super fed up and starts shouting stuff and went on until 10.30. In the end promised to return phone in one week.

Mine's similar: Man comes to buy phone. Determined to get a certain model, says is for 8 year old daughter. Within few minutes done deal. Procedure done and off he goes. Next day whole family came, lady asks to change handsfree coz color not right. Found one and gave to her. Moments later returned. Asks why cannot work. Found out tak ngam model. Told her no more handsfree of the color she wants. She says that we're bluffing her and not doing honest business. Boss comes and continues persuasion. Lady says check on internet and the color should be matching. In the end she says going to check wit manufacturer, if got color she wants a refund.


K I'm starting to forget the stuff that happened 2 weeks ago, so here's the last pic of the post:

It has 1.3 million cameras built in? The last one I saw has 4 max. LOL

Part of our business is affected by the import of chinese mobile phones. The are almost everywhere. Everyday I walk past some shops to get to the mixed rice shop for lunch I see this banner about chinese mobiles. Damn they have one that looks like N77, wit touchscreen, TV and WiFi! And they dun cost Rm800. Seriously. The other day I read some book about phones (you gotta read some to kill time), there's this part introducing chinese mobiles. Damn one has 7 speakers (of coz only one is working), one has 4 camera lense (left, right, front, back, all 1.3 megapix!!), one catered to buddhists (features everything buddhist), one wit 8.0 megapix cam and a 'HiPhone', a clone of the iPhone. You see geng or not?