Wednesday, October 29, 2008

2 double posts in a row! It's like 2 double kills!

From the Malaysian Insider:

Fatwa on yoga out soon

PENANG, Oct 29 - The National Fatwa Council will come out with a ruling relating to yoga exercise soon.

The announcement would be made by the council's chairman, Prof Datuk Dr Abdul Shukor Husin, said Deputy Director-General (Operations) of the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim) Othman Mustapha.

He told reporters this after opening the two-day seminar on Islamic Jurisprudence and Eternal Islamic Thinking at Universiti Sains Malaysia jointly organised by the Islamic Studies Division of the university's Human Knowledge Study Centre and Jakim here today.Yesterday, lecturer Prof Zakaria Stapa of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia's Islamic Studies Centre advised Muslims who have taken up yoga to stop practising it for fear that it could deviate their belief. - Bernama


Ini ajaran sesat ni...

LOL. Our muslim friends' life juz got more restrictions added to their lives, in addition to their already full-of-restriction life.

Have fun!


"The Last Lecture"

Few months ago I wrote a post on the infamous talk by the late Randy Pausch titled 'Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams', commonly known as "The Last Lecture". Yup he died, but his legacies lived on.

The book version of it was out and got a copy of it. Basically it IS the lecture itself, but not in a presentation manner, more of a biography thing. It covers the contents of the lecture PLUS some extra stories and tales that pretty much completed the story of Prof Randy Pausch.

He made sure the lecture was recorded so that his children will have an idea of who their father was and what kind of a person he was. The book enhances the narration to his kids but also gives the rest of us of the little anecdotes of how to live your life. Of coz the lecture is titles "Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams" but it's full of 'head fakes', things you learn after you've learnt what you were to learn, or indirect learning.

I'm a bad reviewer, esp media. So like, yea the book's a nice read, 200+ pages long. Finished it in 2 days.

I can't believe I juz admitted that. The slow reading PLUS the exams coming. Gosh where did I find time to read a book? Nope, I juz used time that was supposed to be used to revise physics and chemistry to read the book.


P/S: Wow I'm now an average citizen of the country! I've read 2 books now!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Arctic Ice Thickness "plummets"

Quote from BBC NEWS Science

Arctic ice thickness 'plummets'

By Mark Kinver
Science and environment reporter, BBC News

Arctic sea ice
The data proves that overall volume of sea ice is decreasing, say researchers

The thickness of Arctic sea ice "plummeted" last winter, thinning by as much as 49 centimetres (1.6ft) in some regions, satellite data has revealed.

A study by UK researchers showed that the ice thickness had been fairly constant for the previous five winters.

The team from University College London added that the results provided the first definitive proof that the overall volume of Arctic ice was decreasing.

Sea ice in the Arctic shrank to its smallest size on record in September 2007, when it extended across an area of just 4.13 million sq km (1.59 million sq miles), beating the previous record low of 5.32 million sq km, measured in 2005.
"I think this is the first time that we can definitively say that the bulk overall volume of ice has decreased," observed Dr Laxon.

"So this means melting; it doesn't mean that the ice has just been pushed up against the coastline."

"The time when Arctic sea ice is going to disappear is open to a lot of debate," he said.

"About five years ago, the average projection for the sea ice disappearing was about 2080.

"But the ice minimums, and this evidence of melting, suggests that we should favour the models that suggest the sea ice will disappear by 2030-2040, but there is still a lot of uncertainty."


Full report here.

Need I say more?


Monday, October 27, 2008

Before I forget...

Snapped some pics categorized as "miscellaneous". Gotta post 'em before they disappear into the holy grave of deleted stuff.

This is the speed limit for the road inside PBP(1). Quite logic coz I thought that the road was appropriate to be converted into a go-kart circuit.

Look underneath your tables before you touch it. This lecture-chair (or whatever you call it, with a movable 'table' attached to it) was full of fckin chewing gums. Yes, a few of them obviously were there for quite a long time already.

Saw this spider in the toilet one day. I've seen bigger ones in the house but those run away damn fast. This one was sleeping I guess, got a lot of close shots of it.

Would a Thai capture it and fry it? Makes a good snack i guess.

A tribute to the memory cards slot at the side of the laptop. Was so much more convenient that hooking up the phone wit a cable and transferring stuff. Slow... This one connects the card like any other USB device and transfers at USB 2.0 speed!


Friday, October 24, 2008

Juz another day in the business

Today marked the end of part one of the year-end exams. Hell yea thank god for tuition (yes I'm being proud of it) or else i would've failed this maths paper. Celebration? Not yet... Part two to come after deepvali holidays... Are we the only sixth formers to still be in the exams?

Today's news (not exactly today, but, anyway...)

Semi Value receives a... Doctor of Letters? WTF is a Doctor of Letters?


Doctor of Letters (Latin: Litterarum doctor; D.Litt.; or Litt. D.) is a university academic degree.

In the United Kingdom, Australia, India and certain other countries, the degree is a higher doctorate, above the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), and is issued on the basis of a long record of research and publication. The degree D.Litt. is awarded to candidates whose record of published work and research shows conspicuous ability and originality and constitutes a distinguished and sustained achievement. University committee and board approval is required, and candidates must provide documented mastery of a particular area or field.

(As you can see it's copy and paste)

So... D.Litt? Higher than Ph.D? Long record of published work? Achievement? Even board approval required?

Whatever university that gave Semi Value this thing, muz be out of their mind... Unless SV does get it thru some research, which I think is highly impossible coz he's "busy protecting the rights of the Indians".


This is on page 3 of the national paper, which is juz one page flip after the headlines on the frontpage.




On to other stuff:

So now 'tomboyism' is haram under Islamic law. Err... Are we the only country to make this kind of announcement? Girls, thou shoult wear skimpy clothes as thou are meant to look sexy in public. Oh no. That's revealing aurat it seems.

I tell you. Women rights groups will protest this strongly as they are being supressed under this law that practices discriminative restrictions. Why can't they wear like dudes? What now they are controlling what girls can and cannot wear now, huh? This is SEXISM!!! WOMEN WANT EQUAL RIGHTS!!!!

That being said, I think it's good that girls remain as girls so girls don't get to take girls away from guys. You noe like lesbian kind of taking girls away from guys. And also it kind of replenishes the eye candies to the streets. Sheesh can't differentiate b/w guys or girls nowadays in KL. I can show you 10 individuals that you cannot identify the gender of in KL, anytime on the streets of KL. Girls, dress (in)decently, please.

EDIT: Aiks, I forgot, it only applies to our muslim friends. Looks like lala-ism is to stay for a looonnngggg time....


So like, we're still in 132nd in terms of press freedom? Let me tell you what strawberry cheek thinks: WOW!!!! UP BY 10 PLACES!!! THAT'S BETTER THAN THE FOOTBALL TEAM!!! THAT"S A FCKIN ACHIEVEMENT!!! WHOEVER SAYS THAT THERE"S NO PRESS FREEDOM SHOULD BE SHOT DEAD!!! WOOOHOO!!

Yes, that's how our politicians feel when there's the slightest improvement in any aspect of the country globally. See they say the same thing when UM improved its rankings in this year's THES-QS survey. THEY ARE FCKIN HAPPY. Too bad it still impossible to spot the university in the frontpage of the official report.

Erm... There's 160 countries in the survey and we're 132? Like HW said, we're in the FORTH QUADRANT? That's like forth-world country, not even third-world.

The next time ppl say we have third-world press freedom, correct them. We have forth-world press freedom.

EDIT: I dun get it, from 1 to 160, how is the ranking arranged? 1 the best or 160 the best? Is up 1, or up 160? So up by 10 is better ranking by 10? or rank number increased by 10, therefore a worse ranking? Anyway, the press freedom is still bad.

EDIT 2: OMG even war-laden Timor Leste is better than us, at 65!

Think about this: when we started off, India, China and even Korea is behind us in terms of development. Now China hosted a briliant Summer Olympics and even sent a man to walk in space, in a suit MADE IN CHINA! India juz sent an unmanned spacecraft to the MOON. Korea, they are lightyears in front of us in terms of technology. They have the fastest and cheapest broadband, unlike what our Comm Minister used to claim that we had the cheapest. So, where were we? Still struggling wit an incompetent gov, that is.

On to happier stuff:

AirAsia is offering to pay you RM200 if your flight gets delayed more than 2 hours. Yes, when your flight gets delayed, they pay you to wait. Cool huh?

Except that, if it's due to an Act of God, yer out of luck.Better luck next time, pious devotee!

Last but not least:

The stock market. That's the numbers at 3.48pm this evening. Yup, red all the way. Red like it's chinese new year. Except it's Ang Pau kind of red, ie money going out kind of red.

The 10 most active stocks were all negatives. My mom was ranting about the recent 'mini-bailout' of our own announced by the DPM. Says wut's the use of the money poured into the market coz it's still negative.

I say, the announcement is actually a catalyst to the downward spiral of the stock market. Previously the market is based on global trend, and was goin up and down. See, the DPM said previously that our market is good and strong and not in recession. Then he announces a 'bailout plan' to rescue undervalued stocks. WTF? Why would you need to bailout stocks when the market is strong? Are you bullshitting? Or shitting bull? YOU ANNOUNCE A BAILOUT, MEANS THAT THE STOCKS ARE IN TROUBLE!!! WHAT WOULD INVESTORS THINK WHEN YOU SAY THAT? THEY THROW STOCKS AND FLEE!!! IDIOT!!!

Strike one.

Then the Eurocopter thingy. Who on earth would buy the most expensive version of the same thing? And it's not an easy choice, the difference from the cheapest to the most expensive is in the range of Billions (ok to be fair, JUST a few billion, maybe 1 or 2, in RM), yes wit a capital B. He has yet to give a suitable explanation. Until then, he's accused of bribery, along wit the submarine shit. Report here. Evidence letter.

EDIT 4: Oops, I think sleeping beauty is more involved in the bribery involved in the eurocopter case than DPM. Maybe they planned it together!!!

Strike 2.

Then the 2009 budget. Dude our profits are based on an oil price of $135. Now it's barely $70. Don't you think that an urgent review is needed? No the budget is well planned you say. BUT HELL! PROFIT DIFFERENCE IS 2X!!! WTF YER TALKIN ABOUT THAT'S WELL PLANNED?

Strike 3, YER OUT!!!!

That is easier than pitching in the World Series.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tha Rabbit Attacks!

LYN got defaced. LOL. Catch it while you still can.

Anyway, go watch the deepavali ad by petronas. Its it sending a msg to the gov to do something? LOL


Monday, October 20, 2008

Lots of 'em put GPF 2008 as the title, But I'm not.

Sunday morning went for tuition. Damn it's early to be in KL. The weekend has been weird. Not that much cars. And we got to KL early. Bunch of us decided to walk around in Central Market. And let me tell you, it's as 'art-y' as it gets in there. Loved the T-shirt stall wit a truly Malaysian theme. You know the Lingam tees that made headlines? Yup it's there, along wit more quirky quotes and stuff. Who would've thought that there would be pics of Mao ZeDong in a cup wit the caption "Mao Tais". LOL. Gotta get me one of those the next time I visit that place.

Afternoon headed to Bukit Jalil for this Global Peace Festival.

Juz some government (or NGO) effort of promoting peace thru a concert of some sort. LOL was shouting some slogans wit Mengt Yong before we realised that the PDRM was invited at the festival as well.

Our initial seats were situated quite high above. Then after awhile the organisers suggested that we change to a lower-tier place. Anywhere else was better, but the place where the police sits. But yea, we were brought to sit there. And that marks the end of the slogans.

Got a closer view of the stage though, although we weren't really too enthusiastic about the events.

And so the speeches started. Started wit some VIP and in came...

Modal/Space flight Participant and now AMBASSADOR OF PEACE!

You know I really never liked the idea of him goin up to space on a Russian ticket. Talk about it in the future. LOL he says somethin like he went up to space and saw the Earth was this small little blue planet and we needed to have peace and stuff. Hello? Lookin down from the ISS, all you could see was the big blue ocean and land. You can't even see Earth as a whole. K no more bashing him on the space thingy. He talks about how he once dreamt about being an Astronaut and everyone could be liek him. Does he even know the fact that NOT everyone can be included in a space program? If I'm not mistaken all astronauts in the world were either from the Air Force or involved in the army. And now he's the ambassador of peace. Argh forget about it...

Notice the patch of dead pixels? I swear i didn't make it like how it appeared to be. "(the M-word) Global Peace Festival".

End of speeches celebrated wit a song and some confetti. Looks like everyone's glad that the speeches were finally over. OK fine I'm guilty of saying 'everyone'. 'Some of us' were glad, k?

And yea, some singer takin to the stage.


Phew feels good gettin that off my chest. NO seriously, it's stupid for playing songs that the international crowd couldn't comprehend, even if it's about peace and love (were they?). So what if this singers were some winner of some show? So what if this singer's some famous singer in the country? If the international crowd cannot understand the songs when they perform, it's a FAIL. Fail as in Band 1 kind of fail.

Back to the event. Erm... Yea we were BORED.

Somebody got so bored (or high) that he pancut-ed glowing cum.

Just as we left the venue the Thai correspondent of the event (I think) caught up to us and asked for a special video greeting for next year's event. GPF is goin to THAILAND in 2009. So yea bunch of us read wut she had in her note book.

After that, she came again and wanted more. So did pretty much the same thing, but wit someone as a solo in the beginning. Hope it's not coming out as an ad in Thailand.

Was takin this pic when the promo shoot was to start.

Peace? I was shouting that to a bunch of (M-word)s (who got themselves into a mini shoutoff wit someone else) and got a middle finger of peace as a return. Bunch of fuckups.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I muz be stupid to click on this.

Despite the warnings from Gmail, I am convinced that there are enough idiots stupid enough to believe they have a secret admirer or some long lost friend sending them an ecard requiring them to download a .exe file to view the card, from an URL that is magically different from the name of the sender.

Wow I've got an ecard! Let's see... Download? Yes of coz! I'm saving it in desktop for easy viewing! Hrmm lets wait 30 days for my ecard to magically be available for pickup in the real world! WTF WHY IS MY PC NOT RESPONDING ANYMORE? WTF WHY ISN"T IT REBOOTING? Ah well might be lighting strike.

You see, that red bar might not even appear if I've not marked the sender as a spammer.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Faham Tuduhan? Ngaku tuduhan?

Today went on a field trip to the parliament. Had this fckin bus-equivalent of sea-sickness. Never had a good time on bus and even when i stepped on ground. But was ok after a while la.

The ever so famous building, used to be carved on the back of all coins.
Contrary to common belief, this is NOT the House of Representatives. I dunno wut it is, but the House of Representatives is another building that had only 2 floors.

At the canteen met this MP from Kota Bharu. Didn't know he was an MP until some of the upper sixes chatted wit him. Then he started giving out name cards. I got one and asked him to autograph it. How kind for him to do it for us.

Who says PAS MPs are outdated? YB Kota Bharu uses an iPhone!

So since picture taking is strictly prohibited (cellphones, cameras and all electronics were taken away and only returned upon leaving), pictures from the parliament is very limited.

I got a picture of the traffic directly below us at the place where we got down, though.

I saw Anwar coming around 10 minutes after we came in. I saw Tony Pua coming few minutes after Anwar came in. I saw Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim (MB of Selangor) chatting wit Anwar and having himself nodding rather vigorously. I saw Mukhriz coming in around 30 minutes into the proceeding, with a rather humble looking backpack. He def look better in real life. Saw and heard Najib. He talked a bit then left the room. Same goes wit Syed Hamid. Saw Nazri laying his head on the cozy chair for a while. Saw Wee Ka Siong, he kept on coming in and out of the room.

Saw a few MPs playing wit their phones while someone else was talkin. A few was readin the day's newspaper. Most of them couldn't speak out loud, except for a few from the Opposition. Could never get wut the government was trying to present but apparently the House had an idea of wut they are talkin about. All the others could manage was a few loud coughs that we thought it was some kind of mocking act against the one who was speaking.

Yup, the one talkin the clearest was MP Batu Gajah Fong Po Kuan. Too bad she really need to improve on pronouncing BM words like they should be. Aiks never got to hear Anwar speak in the House.

Some technical error got us kicked out of the parliament. So we headed off to the National Monument. Picture takin...

Apparently there were 2 Varyam Singh's. Respect to both of them (or him).

Some lotus imspired fountain.

And we came to the actual monument itself.

Beside it is a name that almost never got noticed. The sculptor, of coz.

This is another shot of the rifle pointing at the camera. Yeng ah!

After lunch we headed off to the Kuala Lumpur Court Complex.

Decorating the pillars are banners of "Buat Kerja". Saw this in the newspapers before.

Nearby is this place that has a 'London Bridge' design. Teresa if yer readin this, sorry yea for the things I said earlier!

This frog deserved some attention. It was hiding from the scorching sun.

The reception area.

We got to follow a criminal court proceeding. It was kinda late in the day and most proceedings were over. Got to this one. Some drug addict got convicted la.

There's this scary moment where the charges were read to the accused. All his charges were clear and definitive. All the accused was able to do was to admit to the charges and wait for prosecution. Damn in front of justice there's really nothing that comes in between. But of course in some cases we know that interference is juz another part of the game.

The whole hearing was done in 3 minutes flat. Case done and apparently it was the last case of the day for the court. Damn... We waited for 30 minutes under the hot sun and only got to follow 3 minutes of proceeding.

Returned to skool and had some little project of our own:

It's amazing how my angle of shooting made everyone look like they jumped so high.


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Girls are perasan.

No doubt about it. Esp those who didn't really look THAT good but made the effort to improve their appearance by having these fancy haircuts. Yes, those girls, are especially perasan.

The intro:
Today went to this F6 interaction activity at PBP(I). Their skool was nice and has complete facilities. Interaction was normal la. Had this mini tourney b/w the 2 skools. Badminton, futsal and bball. (I'm in no mood to blog about the event coz it's not the highlight of the post, but anyway...) Was especially impressed wit the mini circuit around the skool and is perfect for go-kart.

Our participants (including 'supporters', actually the rest of us went to buat kecoh only la) out numbered their participants. So kinda weird coz we were treating it like our home. LOL. Bla bla bla went back home and went for tuition.

The incident:
So went to tuition la. Like normal. After physcis was exiting the room. Saw this girl coming into the room (change classes ma), looked familiar. Yup identified her as one of the girls involved at PBP. Decided to say hi before she does, you noe to look like we weren't juz playin around at their skool and that we really do have some kind of interaction wit them. Said 'hello'. She looked at me, and replied wit an uninterested 'oh, hello'. The kind of tone was as if I was to tackle her and wanted to know her and she wasn't interested. I was like WTF we juz met few hours ago (internal monologue la). Then I heard her say to her friend "eh why look so familiar one?" I said loudly, without lookin at her "met at skool one la..."

My friend was just beside me when that thing took place. *I juz confirmed this* And he agrees that she's being perasan!! DAMN. It's fckin normal for me to say hi to ppl juz so I dun look 'cool' or some shit. I never had the intention of even 'knowing' her. All i did was identified her. And within that fraction of a second she made the assumption that I wanted to tackle her w/o even considering that maybe we've met before or some shit. Damn she wasn't even close to being 'pretty' compared to another school mate of hers. Damn shouldn't that mentality of 'boys would only say hi to me coz they wanna tackle me, and I shall look uninterested when I dun wanna noe them' be gone when yer previously involved in an interaction program? WTFFFFF MAN!!!!

Now I feel like I'm juz another guy who practices random tackling on girls. URGHHH I FEEL SO TAINTED!!!

P/S: Hrmm... It's been a while since I last blogged about skool stuff huh?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Teluk Rubiah

Thursday went to Teluk Rubiah near Lumut. Dad and his gang had this promotion thingy wit some golf association so they get a discount. Needless to say the main aim was to play golf for them.

The main thing about the resort is that it has it's own beach. It's a teluk la and the teluk wasn't very big so it kind of owned the whole beach.

While walkin the beach there were some jellyfish washed up the shore. They were quite big.

The kids managed to kicked some sand onto it before I snapped the pics. (yes, dad's friend's kids)

They even flipped it.

There were few water activities that we can take part in la but... Dunno I think have to pay.

Next day, dad planned for us to go to Pangkor Island. By ferry!

Ferry started journey 30 minutes after it was scheduled to leave. Damn sien.

It stopped before reaching Pangkor Island at some fishing village.

And we're there! Got some rental car (it's a van actually) service to drive us around the island. First stop is 'Dutch Fort'. Remember the Pangkor Treaty? It somehow connected to it.

300 years old? I betcha.

Next stop is some chinese temple.

It's said to be the biggest temple in the whole of Pangkor Island. It has got a mini Great Wall of Pangkor!

It has this monkey caged.

Lunch at some chinese restaurant. Not bad la...

Went to another beach. This one has a cleavage as a scenary.

More rocks.

This def has a better beach than the one at the resort.

Evidence that this is indeed Pangkor.

Some quite meaningful poetry. Wut does it mean?

Back at the resort.

Walked all the way to the end of the teluk. This is quite a nice view huh?

Only great thing I managed to do along the whole trip is that I finished Pn.Lee's homework. Didn't take much time though...

Brought my laptop along and detected a wifi connection by the resort management! I doubt that it's for guest usage. Speed was OK la. Detected it in the afternoon. Scared kena tangkap so used it at night when the reception is closed. LOL.