Wednesday, May 28, 2008


As a good citizen, I woke up in time to catch the final 2 proceedings of the Parliament for the session on RTM1. Neh I'm juz used to getting up early.

It was so coincidental that they were in the middle of explaining about the JPA thingy. Sien la hear the MPs whine about how this dude who scored this well in SPM didn't get the sponsorship and how the other one also did well and also didn't get. Sien. I didn't get it, I didn't complain. Wut for you complain? It's not like they'll bring the contract to your doorsteps, kneel down to you and apologise to you while asking you to accept their sponsorship, right? Good job you guys who got it, you deserve it. But you guys who didn't but are whining about it, STFU and study. You think you deserve that sponsorship more than those who got it? Prove it with STPM. Oh so now you're complaining that STPM is harder and you dun deserve to go thru the hassle? You think that you should be given an easier path to a degree juz coz you study your ass to get those A's? You crybaby.

It's like buying 4D la. You get, bonus for you. You dun get, no matter how much you invested but still didn't get, you still won't get even if you complain to the boss. But you dun get, means you can still try harder to get another one, right? Buy again loh...

I say emphasize should be lessen in the academics part. Make it something like qualifiers. You have the required grades, you're eligible to fight for the sponsorship. Tak cukup grade, bye bye. Any other grades that are not required will not be considered an added advantage, unless it's relevant (like if in computer science, you need physics and maths, but if you have computing it'll be an advantage, not by having an A in accounting that will give you the advantage). So that'll juz narrow down the grades during the interview to the few critical subjects. The deciding factor should be co-curiculum and interview performance. You get the required grades, now you guys fight for the thing during the interview. You lost, you shut up. I'm fed up of ppl whining about how they got rejected but they got (insert number here) A's.

Wow, this is turning into another political blog.

Studied la wut else. Somehow I think studying is exploring the unknown territories of a certain subject. You dun study wut you've learnt, right? You revise wut you've learnt. Did some physics and maths. I think I'm giving up on physics la. Either the reference book I got sucks big time, or STPM physics is really not the kind of physics that interests me anymore. To understand those stuff you'll have to have this extremely good spatial thingy so you can visualise how the forces move around and stuff. Damn...

And strangely enough, I'm enjoying maths. So either the reference book I got is kinda ok, or that STPM maths is ok (hrmm, this is juz paper 1....). I'm getting hold of dividing polynomials. Didn't get it at first coz I tot the 'easier' method would be easier, seems that the 'longer' method is easier and straight forward.

Study until sien then read some PA. Then saw a spider and I quickly got my cam phone and snapped.

First shot. I got the focal point juz right! (i think...)

The next few tries were bad shots coz the sunlight is shining into the room and the cam has to fight against it to take a pic of the spider. Then it got a the edge of the window where the lens can focus properly.

Tadaa!! Macro didn't work that well but at least got the pattern of the spider!

That bug(ger) is hairy...

Somehow I arrived upon wiki today and got to the Bahasa Melayu page. I'm pretty much bored with BM so wut else can give BM a spark la?

From the list of borrowed words, behold....

I never knew it was a proper in both BM and mandarin. Not to mention the greek word buto...

Monday, May 26, 2008

Semester break

In my semester break now, which is 2 weeks after F6 started. Not bad huh. I wonder how hectic (or how relaxed) F6 is goin to be like when it's in full swing... Hrmm...

Went to play footy this morning. LOL at myself for the way I'm handling this condition. I think I'm prone to hyperventilation. Maybe it's coz didn't warm up or wut. Not the first time liao. Damn scary when it happens. Breathing increased dramatically den start to feel dizzy, limbs start to numb. The simple solution? Breath wit one nostril, and one only. Hahaha I went around covering mouth and one nostril and they thought I had my nose bleeding or wut. Damn...

After lunch and some TV, got my ass up to finish up the chemistry 'checkpoints'. I think I'll finish it up in 2 days la... Then spent 1 hours reading up some PA stuff. Quite interesting stuff. I read till this Constitution part. Hrmm if everyone read about the Constitution we all would noe wut the politicians were up to. It was well written that the people is the decider in the country. Aiks wut has happened in this country la...

Then I found this broken hard drive in my bookshelf. Planned to dismantle it someday but never had the time to do it. Got some screw drivers and started taking pictured to document.

Old, corrupted, 6 year-old 20GB harddrive. When the 'surgeon' 'extracted' this 'organ' and gave it to me, he said that it'll be cool if I could open this shit up coz there's a strong magnet in it.

The other side of the HDD. I wonder if that mysterious magnet is in the center...

My hopes of playing wit a magnet were crushed when I realised that the normal screwdrivers couldn't fit into the 6-pointed-star shape of the screw. They juz wouldn't turn!!!

Then, miraculously, I came online. Cool huh? Sheesh...

Took this pic the other day. Waited for the housefly to land around there for this shot.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Dia Kekasih Lama Saya!!!

LOL Today had teachers' day celebrations in skool. I was expecting something similar to previous occasions. Can I say that this is one of the most enjoyable Teachers' Day I've ever been to? This Skool officially pwns S3 hands down.

It started off with the usual speech la. Out of boredom I bet wit ylup that the Principal's speech will not exceed 2 minutes. He said yes and I started timing la. As there were interruptions, he said he'll let me add one minute to the bet and he says it's goin to take her 5. When it was almost 3 minutes I start to mock an ending speech in anticipation that it'll end and guess wut, it really ended! Really laughed hard at the coincidence (or should I say, 神通广大? LOL).

Then came the performances. I'll juz highlight a few la coz they're either damn special, or damn typical. One was lion dance. Nobody could confirm for us whether it was a club in the school or wat, but it sure entertained the bunch of us a lot. Came up wit a lot of jokes from it. The performance itself was full of 'suspense' as well. There's this part where the lion has to 'pick the green'. They dangle it on a long twig and it fell a couple of times even before the lions tried to 'pick' it. Hahaha...

Then there's this dance thingy by a few guys. It was a combo of 3 guys doin shuffle and 1 doin robot (i noe there's a right name for it, flame me). Everyone was excited to see the 3 guys start stepping the floor. I didn't find anything nice about it (the style of dance, damn is it even called a dance ar?). Wut's so nice about stomping/stepping on the floor? Stepping hard on the floor along with beats and making it look like a workout, that's how I see the 'dance'. SMH. Then the robot guy came in. Well that's spectacular. It really was enjoyable (was only referring to the robot part) and had us cheering. Happen to know that he's actually the same guy who yells at us every morning so that we line up at the tapak. LOL.

Main event was def the drama by the teachers. Seems that they did an Episode 1 last year. This year's one was the ending. The drama wasn't meant to focus on the storyline, juz for the teachers to not be teacher for one day. They had fun, obviously. And the drama was hilarious. Never knew teacher would be so fun to watch doin drama. The story's about a dude liking a girl but got separated coz the mother prefers another guy, who is rich la. Episode 2 changed that guy to that guy's brother, who happens to be the mother's old lover. LOL

After the celebrations, everyone had class parties. We kind of joined the Upper 6 for the party. Heard that there were something goin on coz of this but forget about it. Had a great time there, esp the pizza part. They freakin ordered 14 pizzas from Dominoes for around 40 ppl. I guess we had to come up wit something even mroe spectacular next year...

Erm, anybody noe where to go for tuition for Form 6?


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Here, drink this,

As expected, water was involved a lot in today's orientation. From soaking wet, to down right unpleasant.

First up was a game thingy that involves ppl taking turns to do something. Let juz say the main thing was to get wet in the end. You can quite see the difference in openness b/w malay girls and other girls. Pity them they are scared to get wet. It's not like we get soaked or something, juz wet hair and stuff. Aiks we did it twice to at least escape from the losers' corner, but failed miserably...

The highlight of the day was def the explorace thingy. We were given this coded clue wit the decoder, which is actually a list of subs for the symbols for alphabets. 2 of the 'stunts' involved drinking, one a cocktail of secret ingredients with a (huge) touch of celery and another a raw egg wit splashes of chocolate and vanilla. I did the egg one. Since then, I'm glad that the ancient caveman discovered fire.

There's also this one boring 'game' that requires us to memorize the vision and mission of the school and some other info. LOL 5 years in S3 and I dun even noe theirs. 2 weeks into F6 and i'm equipped with 'visi dan misi' of the new school... SMH...

And I realised that there were actually a few nice looking girls in Upper Six. No joke I'm disappointed at Lower Six. Damn... Why is it that the class that I'm in is always so... bland. Ever since 'then', the world is like deprived of hot chicks... Aiks...

Oh yea, watch out MU, Real Madrid is gonna topple your European crown next season.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


1st of 2 days of orientation and 3 days w/o lesson.

Basically everything was at least nothing as expected. No chant making, no group naming, no flag drawing. No lame stuff that ice breaking usually has. Phew! Way to go man! And got to feel that the Sixth Formers (they call themselves Form 6-ers, aiks...) were basically just like us, juz older.

The activities basically allow everyone to blend together. The upper sixes were cool la (cool as in not bossy and stuff) so it kind of made the whole atmosphere nice.

Hrmm... You noe everytime you had to play games wit strangers you always felt shy and uneasy? LOL i dunno how to say but that def didn't happen during the orientation. Maybe instincts telling to start mixing around gua...

I predict water being involved tml...

Friday, May 16, 2008

"It's my fault!!!"

Erm... As the world noes today's teachers' day. Not sure about colleges but every skool i noe did their celebrations today. Today's only the letter reading thingy coz everyone else is having exams. Guess it's next Friday.

Sort of predicted this, we did some speaking in English class today. Actually juz me and a few others. Was to ask for fundings from NGO based on your cause la. Damn kena as parent of an AIDS-infected child. The weird thing about this is that the parent muz first be infected, before the child gets it. So yea scraped thru the thing la. Sheesh...

Maths getting deeper. Most of it is logic la, but logic is only logic when you understand that shiat. You go tak logik, you become gila. Maybe coz the subject's still new, I find myself willingly spending an hour to do the homeworks (h/w, assignments, wutever...) given. I guess I realise this is no play play anymore?

Physics is still fcked up. Somehow I think his 'level' is wayyy beyond ours already. He seems so uninterested in taking time to teach us. He actually expects us to understand everything beforehand. I mean, c'mon... It's like you teaching somebody younger about addition and subtraction. You might feel that it's so simple that everyone should have known it or understand the concept coz, it's fckin logic to you, right? But the student might not get it coz they haven't got hold of the concept yet! Still, you treat wutever yer goin to teach them like kacang putih coz it's really kacang putih to you!

I really understand the feeling, you noe, teaching something that's so simple to you that you would've thought that it should be self-understood. However I would appreciate if we get someone who's passionate in teaching something that he/she feels simple to us loh...

Yes, I'm whining. Coz I'm so not used to the sleeping hours yet.

Oh yah, there might be more cina girls here, but trust me they are at most juz nice looking. I have yet to find someone that I can use the words 'HOT!!' or 'SEXY!!' or 'FCKABLE!!!'. Anticipating that moment...

Hey, I'm almost legal ma...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Killer Maths!

1st day of actual classes. LOL most of the teachers didn't plan to start teaching (actually juz 2) until next week or after the school break (which is after next week).

Teachers who came into the class for the first time gave us information on the course and the exam format. First period was English. Coz like mentioned previously she didn't plan to teach anything today so we took turns to intro ourselves. Got to know that the class was full of talented ones, not full la, but quite a number.

Chemistry was ok. Lesson started right away. Topics were those included in SPM, just much deeper. Much as in now we get take into account different isotopes to determine the atomic mass. Damn... And realised that much of the last chapter of Form 5 Physics were actually related to Chemistry in F6. Damn we need to get back to Fleming's right/left hand rule again?

Maths T was the killer. First chapter also having headache already, how to continue la? Laws of Real Numbers might sound simple, but the application of it is another world. Aiks...

Got to conclude that PA is actually BM+Sejarah+Economics. Got to deal wit stats, the constitution, graphs, issues... Damn...

Ppl starting to mingle around. Of coz they still prefer to hang out wit their F5 schoolmates la. Until the home team decides to open up, ppl will still want to stay in their gang. Studyin in other ppl's school def feels different.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Oh gosh...

If I continue to stay in this school, this might just be another school-bashing blog like the one I did before.

The whole day of today was subject briefing. First the compulsory subjects, then the science subjects. The bore was expected so nothing much to whine about.

The most annoying thing happened when it was to brief on Physics. Went to their (well, soon-to-be-mine if I dun get the approval ASAP) Physics lab for the briefing by the teacher. The first thing he said about taking up this subject was that it's tough. Enough about the toughness coz it's damn subjective, but here comes the fcked up part. He actually says that unless you get 1A in physics, you should drop the subject. There might be some reasoning behind wut he said, like that it might be difficult for them who didn't to cope with the syllabus and stuff. That I can understand. But to repeatedly mention it along the whole 1 hour briefing? I call that too much. My friend who got a 5C was sitting beside me and I couldn't imagine how she felt everytime (yes, he said it a few times) he mentioned about it.

Although I got a 1A in physics, his 'persuasion' made me feel like I might not be material for STPM physics. Yes, it's that bad. Wut he said was something like this: "5, 6, 7, 8 (referring to grade) think carefully. I dun think that you can cope with Form 6 physics. Dun waste your 2 years. A2 also I'm not sure whether you can cope or not. A1 might get an A, or a C in STPM," and something similar.

Maybe he's just being honest and straightforward. Maybe he really didn't want students to waste their time on something that they can't do well. Maybe it's his experience that tells him that ppl wit certain grades in SPM will have difficulty in physics.

A new friend of mine told me that his expertise is somewhat at the level of a professor already. Well, I do respect him as he's an experienced teacher. But I thought teachers should be encouraging their students to work harder to excel instead of "splashing cold water" or "dropping rocks down a well". I never liked teachers who prematurely determine a student's capabilities. This should never happen. Everybody starts from zero when they enter Form 6. Don't they at least deserve a chance to prove themselves once again?

I should be getting another pseudonym by now...

Monday, May 12, 2008

Form 6 STARTS!!!

Not exactly 'starts' la. 1st week will be orientation, then 1 week holidays, den the real battle starts.

Got to the school at 9am. Old classmates there already, so joined them for the day. When registration only realised that I didn't make photocopies of the docs. Have to submit them by tomorrow...

Went on to get the transfer form to get to somewhere else. Hopes all goes well. Then the teachers start to introduce the school's system to us lor... But sien la that one of the teacher kept on emphasizing on the rules and stuff. My old school had rules, and it's almost universal, so there's no need to threaten me to follow your rules. If yer really so obsessed wit rules and discipline then might as well make it a military skool la... Aiks maybe it's a long time since I'm binded to school rules that were overly strict and 'lebih'.

Juz felt lazy to re-establish myself in ko-ku. Wat unit la, wat club la... Sien... I juz wan to finish my Pre-U, is that possible? Damn... I heard somewhere you can use your F5 marks to submit as your 10% for IPTA. Hrmm...

Tml will try to get the transfer procedures done ASAP.

Monday, May 5, 2008


Went to watch the 11th hour screening at KLPac on Saturday wit ylup (sry guys coz i was at his ouse when i knew about the tickets...). Movie was great la but no mood to blog about it now coz...


Watched the Osasuna match this morning and the match couldn't have went any way wrong-er. Penalty conceded to Osasuna. Cannavaro sent off for 2nd yellow card. Half of the team getting booked. Shots never come close to the goal.

Until the 87th minute, Real Madrid looked destined to go into El Classico for a fight for the title. Then, came the magical header from Robben. Then on the next possession, Sergio Ramos' pass found Higuain and the rest is history.

Now Barca would do the honours of clapping Real Madrid to the field on El Classico! Woohoo!!!