Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Oh gosh...

If I continue to stay in this school, this might just be another school-bashing blog like the one I did before.

The whole day of today was subject briefing. First the compulsory subjects, then the science subjects. The bore was expected so nothing much to whine about.

The most annoying thing happened when it was to brief on Physics. Went to their (well, soon-to-be-mine if I dun get the approval ASAP) Physics lab for the briefing by the teacher. The first thing he said about taking up this subject was that it's tough. Enough about the toughness coz it's damn subjective, but here comes the fcked up part. He actually says that unless you get 1A in physics, you should drop the subject. There might be some reasoning behind wut he said, like that it might be difficult for them who didn't to cope with the syllabus and stuff. That I can understand. But to repeatedly mention it along the whole 1 hour briefing? I call that too much. My friend who got a 5C was sitting beside me and I couldn't imagine how she felt everytime (yes, he said it a few times) he mentioned about it.

Although I got a 1A in physics, his 'persuasion' made me feel like I might not be material for STPM physics. Yes, it's that bad. Wut he said was something like this: "5, 6, 7, 8 (referring to grade) think carefully. I dun think that you can cope with Form 6 physics. Dun waste your 2 years. A2 also I'm not sure whether you can cope or not. A1 might get an A, or a C in STPM," and something similar.

Maybe he's just being honest and straightforward. Maybe he really didn't want students to waste their time on something that they can't do well. Maybe it's his experience that tells him that ppl wit certain grades in SPM will have difficulty in physics.

A new friend of mine told me that his expertise is somewhat at the level of a professor already. Well, I do respect him as he's an experienced teacher. But I thought teachers should be encouraging their students to work harder to excel instead of "splashing cold water" or "dropping rocks down a well". I never liked teachers who prematurely determine a student's capabilities. This should never happen. Everybody starts from zero when they enter Form 6. Don't they at least deserve a chance to prove themselves once again?

I should be getting another pseudonym by now...

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