Friday, May 23, 2008

Dia Kekasih Lama Saya!!!

LOL Today had teachers' day celebrations in skool. I was expecting something similar to previous occasions. Can I say that this is one of the most enjoyable Teachers' Day I've ever been to? This Skool officially pwns S3 hands down.

It started off with the usual speech la. Out of boredom I bet wit ylup that the Principal's speech will not exceed 2 minutes. He said yes and I started timing la. As there were interruptions, he said he'll let me add one minute to the bet and he says it's goin to take her 5. When it was almost 3 minutes I start to mock an ending speech in anticipation that it'll end and guess wut, it really ended! Really laughed hard at the coincidence (or should I say, 神通广大? LOL).

Then came the performances. I'll juz highlight a few la coz they're either damn special, or damn typical. One was lion dance. Nobody could confirm for us whether it was a club in the school or wat, but it sure entertained the bunch of us a lot. Came up wit a lot of jokes from it. The performance itself was full of 'suspense' as well. There's this part where the lion has to 'pick the green'. They dangle it on a long twig and it fell a couple of times even before the lions tried to 'pick' it. Hahaha...

Then there's this dance thingy by a few guys. It was a combo of 3 guys doin shuffle and 1 doin robot (i noe there's a right name for it, flame me). Everyone was excited to see the 3 guys start stepping the floor. I didn't find anything nice about it (the style of dance, damn is it even called a dance ar?). Wut's so nice about stomping/stepping on the floor? Stepping hard on the floor along with beats and making it look like a workout, that's how I see the 'dance'. SMH. Then the robot guy came in. Well that's spectacular. It really was enjoyable (was only referring to the robot part) and had us cheering. Happen to know that he's actually the same guy who yells at us every morning so that we line up at the tapak. LOL.

Main event was def the drama by the teachers. Seems that they did an Episode 1 last year. This year's one was the ending. The drama wasn't meant to focus on the storyline, juz for the teachers to not be teacher for one day. They had fun, obviously. And the drama was hilarious. Never knew teacher would be so fun to watch doin drama. The story's about a dude liking a girl but got separated coz the mother prefers another guy, who is rich la. Episode 2 changed that guy to that guy's brother, who happens to be the mother's old lover. LOL

After the celebrations, everyone had class parties. We kind of joined the Upper 6 for the party. Heard that there were something goin on coz of this but forget about it. Had a great time there, esp the pizza part. They freakin ordered 14 pizzas from Dominoes for around 40 ppl. I guess we had to come up wit something even mroe spectacular next year...

Erm, anybody noe where to go for tuition for Form 6?


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