Monday, May 12, 2008

Form 6 STARTS!!!

Not exactly 'starts' la. 1st week will be orientation, then 1 week holidays, den the real battle starts.

Got to the school at 9am. Old classmates there already, so joined them for the day. When registration only realised that I didn't make photocopies of the docs. Have to submit them by tomorrow...

Went on to get the transfer form to get to somewhere else. Hopes all goes well. Then the teachers start to introduce the school's system to us lor... But sien la that one of the teacher kept on emphasizing on the rules and stuff. My old school had rules, and it's almost universal, so there's no need to threaten me to follow your rules. If yer really so obsessed wit rules and discipline then might as well make it a military skool la... Aiks maybe it's a long time since I'm binded to school rules that were overly strict and 'lebih'.

Juz felt lazy to re-establish myself in ko-ku. Wat unit la, wat club la... Sien... I juz wan to finish my Pre-U, is that possible? Damn... I heard somewhere you can use your F5 marks to submit as your 10% for IPTA. Hrmm...

Tml will try to get the transfer procedures done ASAP.

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