Wednesday, May 28, 2008


As a good citizen, I woke up in time to catch the final 2 proceedings of the Parliament for the session on RTM1. Neh I'm juz used to getting up early.

It was so coincidental that they were in the middle of explaining about the JPA thingy. Sien la hear the MPs whine about how this dude who scored this well in SPM didn't get the sponsorship and how the other one also did well and also didn't get. Sien. I didn't get it, I didn't complain. Wut for you complain? It's not like they'll bring the contract to your doorsteps, kneel down to you and apologise to you while asking you to accept their sponsorship, right? Good job you guys who got it, you deserve it. But you guys who didn't but are whining about it, STFU and study. You think you deserve that sponsorship more than those who got it? Prove it with STPM. Oh so now you're complaining that STPM is harder and you dun deserve to go thru the hassle? You think that you should be given an easier path to a degree juz coz you study your ass to get those A's? You crybaby.

It's like buying 4D la. You get, bonus for you. You dun get, no matter how much you invested but still didn't get, you still won't get even if you complain to the boss. But you dun get, means you can still try harder to get another one, right? Buy again loh...

I say emphasize should be lessen in the academics part. Make it something like qualifiers. You have the required grades, you're eligible to fight for the sponsorship. Tak cukup grade, bye bye. Any other grades that are not required will not be considered an added advantage, unless it's relevant (like if in computer science, you need physics and maths, but if you have computing it'll be an advantage, not by having an A in accounting that will give you the advantage). So that'll juz narrow down the grades during the interview to the few critical subjects. The deciding factor should be co-curiculum and interview performance. You get the required grades, now you guys fight for the thing during the interview. You lost, you shut up. I'm fed up of ppl whining about how they got rejected but they got (insert number here) A's.

Wow, this is turning into another political blog.

Studied la wut else. Somehow I think studying is exploring the unknown territories of a certain subject. You dun study wut you've learnt, right? You revise wut you've learnt. Did some physics and maths. I think I'm giving up on physics la. Either the reference book I got sucks big time, or STPM physics is really not the kind of physics that interests me anymore. To understand those stuff you'll have to have this extremely good spatial thingy so you can visualise how the forces move around and stuff. Damn...

And strangely enough, I'm enjoying maths. So either the reference book I got is kinda ok, or that STPM maths is ok (hrmm, this is juz paper 1....). I'm getting hold of dividing polynomials. Didn't get it at first coz I tot the 'easier' method would be easier, seems that the 'longer' method is easier and straight forward.

Study until sien then read some PA. Then saw a spider and I quickly got my cam phone and snapped.

First shot. I got the focal point juz right! (i think...)

The next few tries were bad shots coz the sunlight is shining into the room and the cam has to fight against it to take a pic of the spider. Then it got a the edge of the window where the lens can focus properly.

Tadaa!! Macro didn't work that well but at least got the pattern of the spider!

That bug(ger) is hairy...

Somehow I arrived upon wiki today and got to the Bahasa Melayu page. I'm pretty much bored with BM so wut else can give BM a spark la?

From the list of borrowed words, behold....

I never knew it was a proper in both BM and mandarin. Not to mention the greek word buto...

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