Sunday, May 31, 2009

Say 'YES' and good things come to you...

Watched 'Yes Man'. Was kinda affected to it. Been saying 'no' to too much things in life. I guess I'll start saying yes to things from now on.

But saying yes does disappoint you sometimes. Like this trip to the Lambo KL 'showroom'. It has only got 3 cars in the showroom, 2 of them identical ones! LOL.

No number plate, I guess for test-drive? Read from forums say it's the owner's.

Went to F5 class reunion outing. Finally got to say what I wanted to say since the last 2 years. Glad it did clear up some confusion.

That's Eugene's watch yer lookin at. HEY I JUZ REALISED THE 3 HANDS ARE ALIGNED TO EACH OTHER! WASN'T AIMING FOR IT! Cool huh? Wait the second hand wasn't perfect. Aiks...

Saying no to the movie but yes to the mamak session did bring some rewards. THANK YOU EUGENE FOR THE TIP OFF!!!



ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!! (Sry had to censor the number plate. Dun wan the owner to sue me...)

I absolutely adore this car. It has the performance of a high-end super car but the price of an average one.

Look at it's fierce headlights. My heart almost jumped right out when I heard Eugene tipping me off for this. It's such a beauty in a class of it's own. My GOD!!

The GTR's iconic rear lamps. Makes you wanna make love to it (no pun intended, unless yer an autophile).

The GTR badge. I promise myself to one day be able to own one of these babes.

My only regret was I only took one shot of the front. My word look at the LED foglights!

I had a feeling the owner was looking at us when we're drooling over this baby. LOL.

See, I said 'Yes' to the reunion outing and my only regret when visiting NZ World is fullfilled!!

Now I'm waiting for my 'yes'. LOL.

Nice pics? No need to wait for me to teach to click at the pics to enlarge lerrr... LOL.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

2 more to go...

Yup. The next is trials in Sept and before I know it it'll be the real damned thing. Gosh sitting through the full 3 hours of one of the maths paper is agonizing enough. Now I've got to go thru that 2 more times. I dunno if I can hold on till then. This is taking a toll on me.

Anyway, some shot done b4 the exams.

Mom was cooking something up so thought I might snap some stove pics. You noe, stuff ppl take pics of. LOL.

Next up some pic of, yes, Soong Kee beef noodles. This time brought along the LX3. I didn't bring the LX3 to snap pics of the noodles though, it was decided then that we're goin to eat noodles. Argh whatever...

When the soup was served. Ummm... That unmistakable aroma of the soup. We managed to convert 2 previous sceptics into being a follower of Soong Kee's beef noodles. I mean we converted them some time ago la. Juz mentioning it now.

The noodles. A lil soggy that day. Chances are you won't notice any variation in quality unless you have a friend telling you how was today's noodles feeling on his tongue. LOL.

Rarely see ppl snap a pic of the noodles AFTER it's mixed together wit the minced beef and sauce huh? Looks yummy doesn't it? 油油亮亮的,看起来让人垂涎三尺哦!

Close up on meat balls. Not much of a close up as compared to an artistic attempt. Hehe...

I guess the 'wok' shots did the worst in this post. No?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

More noob shots

Had quite a lot of chance to snap people coz having orientation. Turns out shooting people is the hardest thing to do. Fck they move around, they notice you and they dun look natural, they shy away from you etc. If only I have a superzoom... LOL long way to go...

Been seeing more and more baby roaches roaming in the toilet. Which means more chances to see these fellas on the blog. LOL. *ignore the fact that pest control needs to make another visit* These small ones are still ok. Am not really fond of the big huge adult ones...

This fella showed up one morning. Hopped into the living room. Was raining early in the morning. One helluva task of removing it.

One of my rare ppl shots that get featured? LOL friends agreed that I suck in shooting people. I think I should juz stick to macros and landscapes...

Been wanting to shoot the sky for a while now. Always see these beautiful paintings on the sky when I walk to school. This isn't the prettiest I've seen.

Later in the morning. Hrmmm... Something's wrong wit the pic... Dunno wut...

I think I suck in landscapes as well... LOL.

Urgh not being horizontal spoilt the pic. Would look cool if everything was level. Damn. Tried correcting for it but the feel was different liao.

Eggs, and eggs on ice. Unknown relevance of the ice.

Eggs waiting to be deployed. LOL.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cats, beware...

Juz realised I haven't posted about this yet.

Saw this in Daiso. Damn they have almost anything, for any purpose.

One moment cat's happy chasing for a ball, the next it'll die of asphyxiation. They should make a Facebook game out of this.

Cat Choker 3000. Chokes cats out of their misery!

EDIT: Holy fck LOL. Sorry for being ignorant. I shall be punished for this shit. Apparently a choker is 'a close-fitting necklace or ornamental neckband'. SMH at myself for putting verb+ing to a literal meaning.

But still, WhyTF would they wanna name that thing a 'choker'?

P/S: I only thought of lookin up the dict when I thought something wasn't right about the japanese getting their english wrong. Normally only the chinese do. LOL.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Finally some shots...

Camera been idle for a week or 2 already. Brought it back to hometown for some practice.

Played wit spot metering, where it takes a reading of brightness from one spot only. Couldn't imagine how to play with it on a DSLR. It's already very unpredictable playing wit it in the LCD viewfinder.

In the design of the previous generation houses, they have this light window thingy that shines sunlight into the middle part of the house. Obviously only works for single-storey houses but still, they can find a way to implement it in double-storey houses, right? Better than turning on the lights...

A little bowl of condiments beside the stove.

Grandma preparing some rice noodles. Her health's been degrading much these days. Hope she gets healthier.

A vintage plug. The electrical fan that this plug belongs to has been around for more than 40 years, and it's still working like a charm.


A vintage power socket. Rare to see these in recent days.

Brought camera to skool to get some shots. Lower 6 coming in ma. Teachers very mah fan one la, sekejap say wan, sekejap say dun wan. LOL forget about it.

LOL dun have to anticipate me posting ppl shots. Too private for blogging. Unless I take the time out to clear the blog of spicy posts... Which I might do, someday...

Friday, May 8, 2009


Next week the noobs will be coming in. By noobs i mean the lower sixes, the bunch that'll think they scored an A1 in physics and add maths and think they've conquered the world. LOL. I was never confident in my A, so I'm not pwning myself. meh nothing much to talk about it.

So yea, with the middle of the year closing in, cheers of dudes ending their Pre-U's are being heard. Fck I'll stop the artistic approach from the next sentence onwards. So like, I'm still stuck in F6. Not stuck la, juz that the battle has not ended. Theirs are ending, mine's still a stretch ahead, and the exciting part has juz arrived. A new yardstick will be planted with the midyear exams, it's juz a matter of whether it's on par or wut only. I'm not too optimistic about it.

So it got me wondering: Shhht man ppl are ending A levels already. It's hard to put into words but knowing that ppl are approaching the shores already make you wanna join in the fun of reaching the shore, juz that you're half a globe away and you've got your own waves to cover. A big DAMN to it. DAMN. DAMN DAMN DAMN.

And the exciting part? Damn the pursuit of all kinds is tiring. That includes everything. We have got all sorts of pursuits here, and all of them are tiring. Felt like going away and let the vigorous bubbles settle down to a slow simmer, and take my time with the seasonings. I didn't even realise it that we've covered the whole of inorganic chemistry until I got thru the D-block Elements notes. Fck. It's slow, but it's fast. Time passes slowly, but the ending hits you liek a bullet train. Make that 2.

Shit this has gotta be the messiest post I've posted. My mind is not organised. Maybe it's due to the shock from the blogs that posted about the last days of college. No joke look around and you'll find 'em. It hits you right in the face with the shore-half-a-globe-away

I wanna end this quick, but I'm not ready yet. <<<<----- shittiest feeling ever.

I need an anchor, an emotional anchor, to sort of anchor down my emotions. Being emotional over my emotions these few days. Weird, but as they say, shit happens.

Sorry no pics this time. Haven't been snapping over the past 2 weeks. I will when I do.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cute Obama

Oh boy I love this man.

In case yer wondering, he's doing it not-that-right. Funny nonetheless.

And it's not photoshopped, in case yer wondering.

Bo is one lucky dog though.