Tuesday, May 26, 2009

2 more to go...

Yup. The next is trials in Sept and before I know it it'll be the real damned thing. Gosh sitting through the full 3 hours of one of the maths paper is agonizing enough. Now I've got to go thru that 2 more times. I dunno if I can hold on till then. This is taking a toll on me.

Anyway, some shot done b4 the exams.

Mom was cooking something up so thought I might snap some stove pics. You noe, stuff ppl take pics of. LOL.

Next up some pic of, yes, Soong Kee beef noodles. This time brought along the LX3. I didn't bring the LX3 to snap pics of the noodles though, it was decided then that we're goin to eat noodles. Argh whatever...

When the soup was served. Ummm... That unmistakable aroma of the soup. We managed to convert 2 previous sceptics into being a follower of Soong Kee's beef noodles. I mean we converted them some time ago la. Juz mentioning it now.

The noodles. A lil soggy that day. Chances are you won't notice any variation in quality unless you have a friend telling you how was today's noodles feeling on his tongue. LOL.

Rarely see ppl snap a pic of the noodles AFTER it's mixed together wit the minced beef and sauce huh? Looks yummy doesn't it? 油油亮亮的,看起来让人垂涎三尺哦!

Close up on meat balls. Not much of a close up as compared to an artistic attempt. Hehe...

I guess the 'wok' shots did the worst in this post. No?


Eugene Ho said...

Lol trying a little too hard in the wok shot..just a little

DJ Foo said...

yea like how?

Eugene Ho said...

Photography is subjective lolz

DJ Foo said...

no lor. It's objective up till a certain degree, then only it's subjective.