Friday, May 8, 2009


Next week the noobs will be coming in. By noobs i mean the lower sixes, the bunch that'll think they scored an A1 in physics and add maths and think they've conquered the world. LOL. I was never confident in my A, so I'm not pwning myself. meh nothing much to talk about it.

So yea, with the middle of the year closing in, cheers of dudes ending their Pre-U's are being heard. Fck I'll stop the artistic approach from the next sentence onwards. So like, I'm still stuck in F6. Not stuck la, juz that the battle has not ended. Theirs are ending, mine's still a stretch ahead, and the exciting part has juz arrived. A new yardstick will be planted with the midyear exams, it's juz a matter of whether it's on par or wut only. I'm not too optimistic about it.

So it got me wondering: Shhht man ppl are ending A levels already. It's hard to put into words but knowing that ppl are approaching the shores already make you wanna join in the fun of reaching the shore, juz that you're half a globe away and you've got your own waves to cover. A big DAMN to it. DAMN. DAMN DAMN DAMN.

And the exciting part? Damn the pursuit of all kinds is tiring. That includes everything. We have got all sorts of pursuits here, and all of them are tiring. Felt like going away and let the vigorous bubbles settle down to a slow simmer, and take my time with the seasonings. I didn't even realise it that we've covered the whole of inorganic chemistry until I got thru the D-block Elements notes. Fck. It's slow, but it's fast. Time passes slowly, but the ending hits you liek a bullet train. Make that 2.

Shit this has gotta be the messiest post I've posted. My mind is not organised. Maybe it's due to the shock from the blogs that posted about the last days of college. No joke look around and you'll find 'em. It hits you right in the face with the shore-half-a-globe-away

I wanna end this quick, but I'm not ready yet. <<<<----- shittiest feeling ever.

I need an anchor, an emotional anchor, to sort of anchor down my emotions. Being emotional over my emotions these few days. Weird, but as they say, shit happens.

Sorry no pics this time. Haven't been snapping over the past 2 weeks. I will when I do.

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