Monday, May 11, 2009

Finally some shots...

Camera been idle for a week or 2 already. Brought it back to hometown for some practice.

Played wit spot metering, where it takes a reading of brightness from one spot only. Couldn't imagine how to play with it on a DSLR. It's already very unpredictable playing wit it in the LCD viewfinder.

In the design of the previous generation houses, they have this light window thingy that shines sunlight into the middle part of the house. Obviously only works for single-storey houses but still, they can find a way to implement it in double-storey houses, right? Better than turning on the lights...

A little bowl of condiments beside the stove.

Grandma preparing some rice noodles. Her health's been degrading much these days. Hope she gets healthier.

A vintage plug. The electrical fan that this plug belongs to has been around for more than 40 years, and it's still working like a charm.


A vintage power socket. Rare to see these in recent days.

Brought camera to skool to get some shots. Lower 6 coming in ma. Teachers very mah fan one la, sekejap say wan, sekejap say dun wan. LOL forget about it.

LOL dun have to anticipate me posting ppl shots. Too private for blogging. Unless I take the time out to clear the blog of spicy posts... Which I might do, someday...


Bites of me~ =D said...

your photo shoots getting better liao :):):) got improvement :)teehee :P:P:P

Bites of me~ =D said...

haha~ NOOo!! daddy seldom cook! he's lazy! :P:P:P