Saturday, June 11, 2011

Nokia's Biggest Angry Birds Playground Guiness Book of World Records Attempt

Went to Lowyat Plaza to take part in the Biggest Angry Birds Playground thing.

Dude explaining the rules. Damn no time to explore Golden Eggs!!!

This shit is real. A real Guiness Book of World Records invigilator was present the whole time.

My contribution to the cause. Woohoo!!!

Pretty sure the attempt will be a success coz it's like the first time I hear anyone attempting this sort of thing. lol This badge is like a Pokemon badge after defeating the Gym Boss.

Took part in the Showdown to at least try to win a T-shirt.

Too bad my skills were crap today. DAMN. Won an RM10 Starbucks voucher though. :-D

There's a booth where there's this real angry birds slingshot game, of course using plush toys. Quite lame la coz the structure itself it like not destructible.

Kept stalking the staff members who were giving out the stickers.

Lunch time went to Jalan Alor to eat pork noodles. On the way saw a Nissan GTR R35 parked at the road side. iStim.

The journey back was hellish. Didn't know bunch of football fans would be mobilised around KL. They boarded from different stations to go to the National Stadium. Damn packed. Sardines wold have more space to breathe.


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