Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Was testing out Ubuntu 10.04. Everything went fine until I came across some flash sites. It redirected me to Adobe's site but there's 3 options. So went to youtube for answers and:

LOL. I need flash to watch a flash video on how to install flash to watch flash videos.

Overall found Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) to be great to use, if you're into those kind of things. Why I won't be switching to Ubuntu:

1) My photography workflow is severely affected. Ubuntu can't load LR or even DPP with WINE without crashing/bugs. The other Linux-friendly software just not suited for me. GIMP is too bloated, RawTherapee is ok but the crop tool is bugging me.

2) Installing stuff is a pain in the ass. Flash alone has 3 options with different extensions (diff versions of Linux). I forgot which one I downloaded but it was a guess.

3) WiFi keeps getting dropped every few minutes. Wierd enough when I first tested the live CD WiFi was perfect. Problem only came up after I installed it in a HDD.

Why i'm considering switching:

1) blazing fast boot up speed.

2) doesn't feel as bloated as windows.

3) works out of the box w/o me installing any driver (of coz for GPU optimisation you need to install the GPU driver, or not you'll get choppy youtube)

4) using USB with Linux is so easy. With windows you need to try 3 thousand times before you give up and pull it off the port. With Linux, the first try ALWAYS unmounts the USB device successfully.

5) No virus threats. Yes, it's weird at first but no AV is needed for Linux.

6) Learning the linux programming language makes you look cool.

Go download the ISO, create a live-CD USB using the tutorial there and try for yourself.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Went to LCCT yesterday to say goodbye to aunt. Leaving for a new country to start a new life.

At the boarding station, there's a cupboard of prohibited items. Saw this:

DRINK-FIGHT-FUCK. That says "50 Cent Was Here" more than anything.

How do you even use that thing?


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Poh Xiang BKT

First attempt at food blogging. Hehe.

Mom said go Klang eat BKT. I tot is some roadside style, so tagged along.

Mana tau came to Centro Mall in Klang. It's some convention hall/shopping mall/condominium hybrid that's weird to begin with.

Place is called Poh Xiang Bah Kut Teh.
Like usual Klang BKT joints, this place is crowded all the time.

First thing to realise is:

Taking orders wit a PDA. LOL nothing special la.

So the menu. Wanted to order the 'Ka Geng' leg nerve 脚筋 but sold out :(

Then came the food.

Dunno call wut, but damn fatty. I think is called 'big bone' 大骨.

I think this is Pai Guat 排骨. Or the ribs? This one nice the cartilage can makan sekali.

Sea cucumber. Totally not worth the price. The sea cucumber and the broth is too mineral-y. Not the iron-y taste, but some other metallic/mineral taste.

The 'yao mak' behind was fantastic. It's either me, or all BKT veggies are fantastic.

This one came last. Lazy wait for the waiter prop on the candle thing. Fckin hungry liao.

So you might wonder, where's the soup? LOL no soup. Got some broth wit the meat but that's all. But fckin flavourful la. You'll be reaching for the cup of tea before slurping the broth.

While preparing for this post, googled about this restaurant only know there's one branch in Kenari itself. *smacks forehead*

Soli la fail food blog. Dunno how to describe la. BKT, all also like that one loh. Can tell you it's not bland la. Be prepared wit the price though. Not too exorbitant if you pass on the sea cucumber.