Monday, March 17, 2008

"You Break That Thing, You DJ Wit Me Your Whole Life Also Cannot Repay"

Early morning went jogging wit ylup. Bugger got addicted to doin something in the morning. I tried my best to keep my pace up. Too bad I can't find that stamina that I used to have anymore...

Went back home den recalled that I have lotsa bird shit on me car. Damn mom says these shit will corrode the paint of the car. So today gave it a little wash. A part of me is saying "no" to spraying the car mindlessly wit the hose (I admit I'm environmentally conscious, them glasiers are melting like butter!!!), while the other part of me is saying "yes" coz it feels damn good to see those shit getting hosed off. Den I cleaned the internal of the car la, juz lightly, cleaning the stuff my dad left in the car. Pretty happy wit it, though it still needs some vacuuming.

Around 2 went to Mid Valley wit ylup (again, I'm starting to suspect that either we're gay or I'm that pathetically lacking of hang-out pals) for some surveying. Actually I've already locked down on the laptop, juz wanna check it out b4 I really ask them to send it over. So yea came to Dell store to "test-drive" the lappie, as wut they call it. First first got this non-chinese (I'm targetting chinese today) sales assistant. He's ok la, not to say very helpful but at least he's there to answer my questions. Not bad. Then after a while there's this chinese sales person came to see wut we're doin. Asked us wut we're looking for. I said we're trying out the lappies. He said why not look at the specs first. I said I know wut they are made of, juz comparing the screen size. Den I forgot wut happened there, only remember he was answering the questions like not 'soung' wit us haing out there too long only. So I went off. It's not like they're sellin it there or something, you still gonna buy thru the webbie even at the store there. Aiks.

Den I remembered there's this McLaren F1 car to be shown to the public at The Gardens. Tot it was in some kind of secluded corner of the ever-so-crowd-less new wing of MV. Took no effort to spot the blue tent of Celcom wit the F1 car in it while walking across the link bw MV and The Gardens. Some kind of collaboration b/w Celcom and Vodafone (sponsor of the McLaren F1 team) la... It wasn't one of the best-looking cars around but hey, how often do you see one of these around here (every year la of coz...)?

Front view.

Back View. I have to resist the urge of tearing the tail off. It looked so fragile you wanna break it apart.

Side view.

Da mysterious cockpit. The Celcom buggers put the restraining rope thingy so far from the car I had to stretch to get a glimpse at the cockpit.

Den the DJ said "You are not allowed to touch the car although you can take photographs of it. The car is very expensive. If you break one small piece of it, you can't repay it even if you work as a DJ wit me for you whole life. Your whole life!" Yea like they dun make few of these for spare part... And if it is that fragile, I dun think Hamilton wants to drive in that car.

I actually got into the cockpit of one F1 car b4. I think it's also a McLaren-Mercedes Benz car. It was long time ago when my dad brought me to a launching party by one of the car dealers. One of these things were actually on display and I'm very sure it's the real thing, well simply coz I'm allowed to sit in one of these things. It fits snugly to the ass of the driver coz they mold the seat off the driver's body shape. It's very tight in there and you can barely move your legs. Of coz I know it's a legitimate car coz the cockpit look used and there's a certain smell to it. Now, that's the real deal!


Everything went well until we saw this:

I tot this was supposed to be 'the real thing'? Wut do you mean by 'display only'? You mean Lewis Hamilton's not goin to drive in one of these things?

Gettin bored wit the car, we left for home.

Full-scale model, I think?

I guess ppl juz dun simply put millions worth of car parts together and display it to the public that easily?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Post-Result Days

Was planning to make a conclusion about the past 2 months. Neh, too long and draggy. Look forward man...

SPM results came out last week. Was ok la, but not as good as expected, although I do know wut I'm bad at. A freakin 3B for Bio spoilt the party. Surprise was Add Maths though, 1A!!! Must be the graphs as again, I never go pass the average 40-point mark in school exams. Overall 1B3 and 1A2. The rest no need to say la... :-)

BBQ was yesterday. Was having a hard time trying to confirm them attendees. Den yesterday went to Jon's house to prepare. Mana tau started to rain. Continued the prep work la wut to do? Around 7.30 the rain stopped and me and ylup fast fast go to the park and set up the stuff la.

Good thing I had a car already. I mean, it's not mine la. It's mine to use, but not under my name, so I will decline to say that it's "mine". It's one of the things to stay motivated to get my 'own' car.

Anyway, yea stuff were in my car already ma, so juz drove to the park and offload the stuff. Took quite some time for us newbs to set up the flame. After a while everything's ok and party started. Had quite some fun la. First time played bball in one year. It's been a long time...

Well had a friend who hurt himself while having fun wit a bike. Them dudes brought him for treatment. Hope he's ok. I mean, he's ok la, called once while on the way back and once this morning. LOL dude still wants to go to edufair.

Still undecided wut's my next step in my academic life would be. Most likely to be F6 la coz I'm not sure wut to do yet. I noe that A levels is a good option too but I dunno wut's making me into thinking STPM is nicer... Hrmm...

I'm applying for some scholarships that I can find online. However filling in the form is driving me nuts. First is the JPA one. You noe my chances are getting slimmer and slimmer when they keep asking about your religion and citizen status (you noe wut). They even specifically deny you from taking the Japan diploma course coz they reserve it for the Princes of the Land. Buggers ar...

And there're others that also make you feel disadvantaged. I mean, why muz you noe about my parent's income? I noe scholarships are meant for less privileged kids, but can't you sponsor a kid whose parents have moderate income too?

Driving skills still to be sharpened...


Saturday, March 8, 2008

RIP Grandma

I dunno whether this is a coincidence or what, but 2 days after my last day of working, along wit the start of my sis's monthly exam and also the elections, my grandma has left to join my grandpa.

By the time I got to know about this, it was 1 hour before I knew we were leaving for hometown. She passed away moments after the date changed to Wednesday. So my sis's skipping skool and dad's taking leave. Within a flash we're back to pay our last respects. Since we're "late", we had to kneel down and walk wit our knees through the entrance. Went in, and pay our last respects (not really our 'last respects' coz there's a lot more of praying to be done). Den choose our clothes to be worn throughout the 3 days of mourning.

The direct sons and daughters get to wear all black. The direct grandchildren wears dark blue while the grandchildren-in-law wears light blue. Funerals are very much modernized these days. It's done by professionals that are dedicated to the job. They prepare everything for you and all you have to do is to attend and go through the ceremonies.

Don't really need to explain all the events of the funeral gua... But all I can say is that the events are very symbolic. There're some that symbolises the release from pain and misery, and also the journey of the soul to the underworld. The first few events are to mourn the death of a loved one, and the last few events are aimed to prepare the rest of us to move on wit our lives.

Somehow I wonder if it's ok not to drop tears. I mean, I'm known to some of my friends that I kind of spoil the mood with my inability to soak up the sad atmosphere and instead say something that leaves ppl wit a stone face. But this time I'm really sad, sad as in, I understand that someone I respect and love has left. However I'm not really the kind of ppl that will have my tears rolling down my face. I dunno, I just can't get tears out of my eyes, except when I'm yawning. I've seen my relatives and cousin having wet eyes, even my mom cried a bit when she saw my grandma for the last time. I do feel 'useless' that I can't shed any tears for my grandma. I'm scared that they might take me as someone who doesn't appreciate my grandma, coz I dun feel that sadness.

So, is it normal NOT to have tears while mourning a loved one's death?

The elections also did its part in the funeral. On day one there's this ppl from the Opposition paying a visit. You noe they are here for publicity, but well, who's stopping someone from paying their last respects to my late grandma? Moments later another bunch of ppl, this time from the Governing Party, attended the funeral. It's quite a funny scene as you can see ppl from both parties sitting juz tables away from each other. Of coz after some time the opposition party gang left the scene, afterall, it's my grandma's funeral ma...

The GE also fuel discussions among ppl here. I had a great time talking about it wit my family and also my extended family. My cousin brother has his own thinking. In an attempt to wash my brain, he said :'see, if you voted for the governing party, this means that you agree that what they have done so far is right, that they neglected our citizen's right is correct, and that you accept being treated as a 2nd class citizen'. Well, you noe chinese ppl, they are always so critical. I do agree with some of their points, yet still wondering if local development can still go on without government funding (coz somehow a DUN representative from the opposition will not be invited for the city council meetings. Hrmm...).

On the third and last day of the funeral, representatives from various organisations turned out to pay their last respects, as well as accompany my grandma to her final resting place. Was quite cool to see so many representatives there, 表示我婆婆在那里是有头有面的。Then was this 'parade' (is parade the right word?) around the little town. We got on the road, walked to the coffee shop that my late grandpa opened to do a ceremony, and continued on to the nearby graveyard. Good thing ppl understood that this is the customs of the chinese ppl to parade the late loved ones. We thanked the attendees by the entrance to the graveyard and continued on to the burial site. Some ceremonies later and we're done.

Back to the house and did some more ceremonies to signify that the mourning is over or some sort.

See, I know that I can't make you cry wit wut I write/say. Well, sort of a personal account, this is.

RIP Grandma. Your ABC soup will stay in my memory forever.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Wow, that was fast!

Yea, that was the fastest 2 months in my life.

Wake up everyday at 8.30, put the alarm on snooze and wake up 10 minutes later. Take a piss, brush me teeth and head downstairs watch some TV.
9.30 drag me ass back upstairs and take a shower.
10 go out and breakfast.
10.30 wait for bus.
10.45 reaches workplace, starts waiting for colleague while listening to some tracks.
11.25 colleague arrives and start business.
1.30 go for lunch.
7.30 go for dinner.
10.00 balik rumah.
10.30 reach home and shower.
11.00 eat anything that's left from dinner.
11.30 watch TV.
12.00 sleep.

That routine was repeated everyday (except Mondays) for 2 months (well, take one week from that 2 months I juz mentioned, to be exact) and sure enough by the time I ended work for the last time on my 'last day', it felt fast. So fast I thought it was juz the beginning. Damn 2 months ago I was rotting at home, and I didn't noe how to use up the time. Now, 2 months later, I felt that time is so unforgiving, next week is SPM results already.

The past week started off as badly as you can imagine. I got flu (that sounds weird for a moment) + slight fever + mild sore throat/coughing. Yea, whole day juz kept sneezing out the mucus that I felt not nice to use the company tissue I went to Jusco and got me pocketful of tissues. Got back home cannot tahan and ate some leftover medicines (the one and only one I ate so far). Condition got better over the next few days but not gone yet (if I ain't in science stream I would have already seen a doctor). Aiks still having mucus (i think it's inflammation, it's this yellow gooey thingy) that needs some sneezing to get rid off.

Last few days of the week went passed quite quickly. I can barely remember wut happened in those few days. My 'last day' was quite relaxed. Did wut I did since day one. Not that bad afterall.

Looking back at my initial plans after I took that job, I was glad that I stayed on for the whole duration of the planned stint as a sales assistant. I thought of quitting by the 2nd week but held on. I also wanted to end my stint earlier but didn't. I was glad not coz I was 'released from prison' or some sort, but that I actually learnt quite a lot in that 2 months. I didn't realise it but when I reflect back, University of Society does teach me a lot, although I wasn't really exposed to the society, juz a part of it, more of an 'IOI Mall Campus'. I dunno if I can compare the stuff that I learnt to those that I would've learnt if I entered college, but it'll be more than if not equal to the stuff in the same duration in college.

I'll write more about it later. For now, I might wanna do more than juz blogging. Adios!