Saturday, May 16, 2009

More noob shots

Had quite a lot of chance to snap people coz having orientation. Turns out shooting people is the hardest thing to do. Fck they move around, they notice you and they dun look natural, they shy away from you etc. If only I have a superzoom... LOL long way to go...

Been seeing more and more baby roaches roaming in the toilet. Which means more chances to see these fellas on the blog. LOL. *ignore the fact that pest control needs to make another visit* These small ones are still ok. Am not really fond of the big huge adult ones...

This fella showed up one morning. Hopped into the living room. Was raining early in the morning. One helluva task of removing it.

One of my rare ppl shots that get featured? LOL friends agreed that I suck in shooting people. I think I should juz stick to macros and landscapes...

Been wanting to shoot the sky for a while now. Always see these beautiful paintings on the sky when I walk to school. This isn't the prettiest I've seen.

Later in the morning. Hrmmm... Something's wrong wit the pic... Dunno wut...

I think I suck in landscapes as well... LOL.

Urgh not being horizontal spoilt the pic. Would look cool if everything was level. Damn. Tried correcting for it but the feel was different liao.

Eggs, and eggs on ice. Unknown relevance of the ice.

Eggs waiting to be deployed. LOL.



Bites of me~ =D said...

eh!!! the frog look soo..... poisonous =.= for me run liao lah~ where got take picture!!! T-T

DJ Foo said...

LOL. I didn't notice the bumps on it when I took the shot. Was drowsy, juz woke up when I saw it. Was equally as terrified when I upload the pic and saw the frog up close. Yikes!