Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cats, beware...

Juz realised I haven't posted about this yet.

Saw this in Daiso. Damn they have almost anything, for any purpose.

One moment cat's happy chasing for a ball, the next it'll die of asphyxiation. They should make a Facebook game out of this.

Cat Choker 3000. Chokes cats out of their misery!

EDIT: Holy fck LOL. Sorry for being ignorant. I shall be punished for this shit. Apparently a choker is 'a close-fitting necklace or ornamental neckband'. SMH at myself for putting verb+ing to a literal meaning.

But still, WhyTF would they wanna name that thing a 'choker'?

P/S: I only thought of lookin up the dict when I thought something wasn't right about the japanese getting their english wrong. Normally only the chinese do. LOL.

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