Thursday, May 15, 2008

Killer Maths!

1st day of actual classes. LOL most of the teachers didn't plan to start teaching (actually juz 2) until next week or after the school break (which is after next week).

Teachers who came into the class for the first time gave us information on the course and the exam format. First period was English. Coz like mentioned previously she didn't plan to teach anything today so we took turns to intro ourselves. Got to know that the class was full of talented ones, not full la, but quite a number.

Chemistry was ok. Lesson started right away. Topics were those included in SPM, just much deeper. Much as in now we get take into account different isotopes to determine the atomic mass. Damn... And realised that much of the last chapter of Form 5 Physics were actually related to Chemistry in F6. Damn we need to get back to Fleming's right/left hand rule again?

Maths T was the killer. First chapter also having headache already, how to continue la? Laws of Real Numbers might sound simple, but the application of it is another world. Aiks...

Got to conclude that PA is actually BM+Sejarah+Economics. Got to deal wit stats, the constitution, graphs, issues... Damn...

Ppl starting to mingle around. Of coz they still prefer to hang out wit their F5 schoolmates la. Until the home team decides to open up, ppl will still want to stay in their gang. Studyin in other ppl's school def feels different.


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