Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lu umm si Family, Lu si Enemy

Went to this BiBi Wok place at Putri for a gathering of some sort. Funny coz dudes were at the ala carte division of the restaurant instead of the previously planned all-you-can-order section. LOL

Basically it's pan-searing-cum-steamboat thai food. I think it's thai coz there're thai buddha ornaments and the meat are marinated hot and spicy.

Basically it comes with one of these platters at first and you can order individual ingredients subsequently. It's basically all-you-can-order from the menu. Basically they are typical steamboat ingredients with marinated chicken, mutton and beef and ham for searing purposes.

As you can see one thing unique is that you sear your food on a piece of banana leaf. It's pre-smeared with some butter so it's non-stick. Has this nice fragrance of banana leaf on your food. Nice. The dipping sauce that comes with it is one sweet sauce and one spicy sauce. The spicy sauce is fiery so beware of it.

There're also pre-cooked side dishes for order to eat if you feel like eating some pre-cooked food. Got fried shui gao and thai salads. It's included in the bill so no worries of extra charges. The beverages are charged separately, though.

It's about 30 per pax if you order plain water. They'll refill you with plain water anyway even if you order other drinks. Dunno if they do the same thing if you order milk shakes coz dudes ordered green tea.

Had fun taking pictures.

Jason wants a new facebook picture.

More crazy pics over at Chloe's blog (when she's updated it, of coz)

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