Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bak Bak Bak Bak Bak Kkkkkkuuuuttttttttt TEH!

Keeping up wit the food blogging spirit, here's some pork.

I can't come up wit a witty name substitute for this dish, so behold:

Bak Kut Teh/ Yuk Kuat Cha/ Rou Gu Cha/ Lei Leih Goh Maeng Zou Mat? Hou Sek Mei Dak Loh!

The thing comes bubbling hot, literally. I dunno if my skills are up to it or not but you should be able to see the bubbling bubbles of the boiling soup.

Just add 'dry' to the names aforementioned above and you have the name for it.

I used to think the restaurant is in Putri but then this time it's deeper into Puchong. Aiyah you all know where it is one lah.

I doubt if the tea helps to 'break down' the lipids but it sure is refreshing.

Was SMH-ing all the time when ppl come near our table to help themselves refilling the teapots. The refilling station was just beside us. Yes you heard it right the ppl in the shop were so busy serving food they left refilling teapots to the customers themselves. Yeah was SMH-ing all the time coz them ppl dunno how to use the electronically-operated kettle. Then my helpful parents tried giving instructions from their seats. And the customers still couldn't operate it.

The dry Bah Kut Teh is just like normal claypot-cooked pork. Maybe a bit drier and more flavourful. The soup one was nice, as always. I dunno but when it comes to chinese food I couldn't tell the difference between the good and the very good. It's just nice. Unless if it sucks like have a cockroach or something then I can tell la.

50+ for these smackers. Not in the photos were a plate of yau mak and some tofu. And tea. And rice.

And now for the classical must-photograph phenomenon in Malaysia:

Travel agencies should make appointments with these motorcyclists to show the tourists how the people is going green with their daily motorcycling routine.

Darwin Award nominee?


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