Friday, September 4, 2009

Ikan Bakar~

Went wit dudes to this Ramadhan bazaar in Kelana Jaya. Apparently KJ has this super long bazaar, so we decided to go, on a weekend. Damn the after-work traffic is terrible. But despair not, as the rewards await us at the bazaar.

Damn la everything also like normal only. Other than the incredible length, nothing much. Much of the stalls are repeating wut the others are selling. Grilled fish, kebabs, murtabaks, roti john, nasi dagang, assorted drinks, chicken wings, satay. Repeat that sequence 5 times and you'll get the picture.

Speaking of pictures, I'll let the pictures do the talking.

First, the food.

Didn't buy this one. Too common already. Keropok ikan.

Ayam percik. Ayam perciks everywhere smell great, and they taste the same, like normal grilled chicken. I've yet to come across one that's special. Maybe it's meant to be like that.

Grilled fish. Probably the most delicious food among all others. 10 bucks for one of these suckers. But damn do they taste great. I'm refering to the ikan pari only la of coz. Fantastic stuff you guys must try this.

Another commoner. Didn't bother to buy. Expensive la 1.50 for one wing.

Nasi Ayam? Dunno wut they call it.

Then the drinks. Somehow out of all the conventional drinks, our friend choose to buy something special and ended up like not so nice.

No intro needed.

The range of colors of drinks is just amazing.

"Mom! They made a Nemo into a drink! How to find him next time la?'

Tried taking people pics.

Did you see the murtabak this guy cooks up? It's so big we thought it was air inside. Guess wut? There's 2 murtabaks inside the big one. LOL.

I dunno wut this guy sells but I thought he was interesting as he's out helping with the stall despite his age.

This guy sells this:

It's some leaf-wrapped item that's made from coconut shreddings. That guy in blue you see in this pic gets a lil too excited when doing promotion for his stall. Forgot wut he sold though.

Satay man. Was very smoky when the shot was taken. A bit boring huh the position I place the subjects?

Roti John seller.

Kebab stall.

And the penultimate 'people' pic.

After buying the stuff, we had a problem. Where to eat? Eat beside the car meh? Then drove around to look for a park and found one. Nobody summore. But damn weird la as soon as we start to eat it gets dark. Dunno wat we ate also. LOL.

There's the moon though.


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