Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I guess this is the first themed photo post that I've made.

Last weekend early morning balik kampung to do another tribute to my late grandma. It's wut they called 圆坟or something like that. Means 'rounding up the grave' or putting the finishing touches to the grave.

After lunch went to my grandma-in-law's shop. She and my grandpa-in-law (the long english name is annoying me) sells assorted tidbits. There's 3 cats that run around freely in the shop. One's *insert name here*, the 2nd *insert name here* and *insert name here* (obviously i dunno ler... I doubt there is also...). The funny thing grandma IL said about the 3 cats is that they (?) were 3 generations living together. One the grandmother, one the daughter and one the granddaughter (i have no idea wut gender the cats were, that's wut my grandma IL told me).

And guess wut? Got bored and took pictures!

The more adventurous one. Heck they have nine lives why waste it, right?

Posing for the camera.

Shutter juz happened to snap when it's licking it's nose. Cool huh?

Like wan to attack the cam only...

But decided not to... Still keeping an eye though...

V2.0 of the boy waiting for the rain. I dunno wut this kitten is waiting for though...

Cari ape?

This'll make someone stim...

Camera-shy? Or Sun too bright?

Nice pose huh?

All these picture-taking is making my grandpa IL jealous...

Dunno wut to caption this.

He enjoys doin it by himself.


"Ppl drink until so song...

You kacau ppl for wut..."

This one likes to stay on top.


I have no special affection towards cats. So dun come and ask me about cats. I juz take pics of them.

That marks the end of the my first themed photo post. Comment la brudder...

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