Thursday, June 12, 2008

A little food for thought

Ever notice how great TV shows are making their new episodes? Those like CSI?

I've noticed that CSI is having a shift in style. The previous few episodes were made serious and very... police-y. The new season however started off with a new style. They tend to put small details that makes it more of a happier show. For instance there's this episode this season where the CSIs were involved in a 'detective game' or some sort. That episode was funny and was a few hundred miles away from what they used to make.

Then yesterday's episode (to be honest i watched the replay this evening, yesterday wanna sleep la...) was full of quirky stuff. For one they had the Mythbusters on! The episode was based around an incident that looked so bizarre that linked to another bizarre happening. In the end what so bizarre wasn't so bizarre after all!


I guess the writers decided to tone down the seriousness after Sara's tragedy. I enjoyed Nick being buried and tortured in the Plexiglass box with ants though.

"Dont Taze me Bro!"

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