Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sleepy Saturday

Today got koko lor... Sien la have to get up at 6.30 again on a weekend...

Got PTE lor. They doin some dance thingy. Let's not go there... Erm after that went for unit uniform. Gotta say that the kawad spirit is yet to be instilled in everybody else. Got there and somehow, tryin to escape from being 'one of them', i asked the guy givin commands if he need any help. I ended up giving him guidance and teaching the mini platoon he was given. Wut la? PKBM has similarities to Bomba k? :-P

Got home, den got out again for lunch at Sunway. Guess it's for my big day (i'm not mentioning anything.... O:-) ). After makan walked around la. Saw this Super GT promo thingy:

RQs tryin hard to impress the crowd.

Aprently those 2 RQs were in the Super GT for quite some time already, and this will be their last appearance in Malaysia (where they'll heading, I dunno). So they like 'How is everybody?' in Japanese, and of coz there's a translator. Then nobody responded. They started waving hands to the crowd, but there were only the bunch of male-dominated crowd snapping pictures of them 2 and totally ignored wut the RQs were sayin. See? How you look is more important than wut you have to say. Anyway they weren't as pretty as featured in the posters around the stage. Could it be somebody else ar?

And of coz the male-dominated crowd were snapping pictures of this car. Real thing or not, dunno. I prefer F1-style race cars better, or production sports car... GT, neh...

Went on to Popular. Finally found the stuff that I was looking for (the item itself wil be another story some day later). On my way to the meeting place wit my family, I saw these few cars exhibited just outside the complex.

Was rushing ma, so didn't take a lot of pics. There were a few more of these rides around.

Looks like the organisers were tryin hard to impress the crowd. This time wit dancers in traditional japanese costumes.

Got back home. Mom complained about a nest a bird had been building at the TNB meter.

Must've taken it quite some time to get this far. Mom had been destroying it for years already. Everytime it got to a destroy-able stage, it will be destroyed. Bird flu ma... Dunno if this is to stay or wut...

Oh yea, I got this news that Transformers 2 will be out in 2009 (most likely summer), titled 'Transformers II: Revenge of the Fallen'.

Wall-E's cute though...

EDIT: DAMN... I always thought that celeb bloggers having fun is normal coz they were generally fun people who happens to blog. But kennysia is taking this too far. Damn how often you have ppl that famous read your blog and offer you something?

P/S: Apprently, linking to external pages is wut traditional blogs were concentrated on. Times had changed a lot huh?

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