Sunday, June 7, 2009


BBQ is fun, isn't it?

LOL and I never knew everyone likes being in front of the camera so much. But only satay is willing to be taken a pic alone la.

My attempt on the typical 'hang time' shot. Was heavily underexposed when review on camera. Never knew that much detail could be recovered by juz adjusting brightness and contrast. Cool huh? (hahaha talkin to myself again)

I call this "The Flying Dutchman". (he jumped off the swing at it's highest point, i think)

After cleaning up, bunch of crazy dudes wanna go somewhere 'long kai' and 'tai fung keng'. I guess you know wut we did on the long wide straights of the Abandoned City.

I think the wound down windows killed the aerodynamics... Can feel air resistance wei... LOL. And inflating tires is the in-thing to do now wit yo friends.

Shot of one of the pillars on the 'not-so-nice' bridge.

*My current wallpaper XD*
Please please I beg you to click to enlarge this pic.
It's all in the shutter speed. Hehe... Look closer and you might see a star or two.

Wanted to go the 'Luminous Bridge' but somebody say it's closed. Mana tau next turning den reach already, summore overshot and cannot take pic of it. Damn la I wanted to take a shot of it. It's like the night time icon of the city.

Like the girls said, maybe next time.

Kinda fun giving some trivial info on photography to dudes when explaining stuff. "I kinda understand it a bit". LOL Everyone likes a nice night scenery pic, huh?

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