Friday, June 12, 2009

Laptop emo pic

I've always wanted to make shots of action figures (figma!!) and stuff but never got the chance to get one.

I dunno but the more I look at this pic, the more I feel there's something in this pic. Maybe I SS la.

I actually composed this pic first b4 I shot it. Saw the laptop at the corner of my eye and saw the blur caused by the chair I was sitting on. Hard a hard time composing back the exact same image on the LCD viewfinder though, esp when zoomed all the way out. There isn't a point where you know wut you see on the LCD is as wut your eyes see, not like a DSLR where you know 50mm is around wut your eyes see. Camera shake was magnified 10 000 times too.

I dunno wut this pic stands for in terms of composition. LOL juz felt liek posting.


Maybe this one got more 'feel'. My first B&W PP.

P/S: LOL i could've cropped, huh? no need to go thru the hassle of 'composing on LCD'...


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