Monday, June 22, 2009

I LOL-ed.

Been doin too much portrait shots. I have a policy of not uploading people photos (except those that were obviously for fun) so lol no ppl pics to see here. If you happen to think I've taken some shots of you and you wanna see how they turned out, you know where to get them yea.

Doin portraits is rather satisfying, especially when reviewing on the computer. Get to see the blurred background with the face in focus. I've managed to take a few shots (i wouldn't call them portraits until I've understood wut they are) of friends and my god they turned out rather satisfying. At least I would say I did their face justice, IMHO la.

As for now, here's a shot of the back alley behind my aunt's hair saloon in my parent's hometown.


The title is totally unrelated to this post, but totally related to something else. For my own references only la. lol

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