Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I dreamt about frogs...

Not getting sleep for 2 days straight is a bad thing. It wasn't that I was nervous or wut. Juz couldn't get any sleep. No joke. The more you realise you're unable to sleep, the more panicked you get.

Then it happened. I finally got my eyes to shut yesterday night. It was weird how alert you were during the course of entering your first REM. Any noise will bounce you right up.

And when the REM kicks in, oh boy it was so wonderful you thought you've overslept, just to know you've only slept for 2 hours.

I dreamt about some frogs I keep as pets. They were frogs that get angry damn fast, and when they do, they won't move but grow these bright yellow weird horns or thick long pricks from it's head. The frogs were of course, bright dark green. They won't move one bit even when you push them or attempt to scrape them off the surface of your aquarium thing. And there's one stage where they'll evolve into some higher stage frogs that do exactly the same thing as before. And there's some weird mysterious ancient codes that were associated with the frogs' existence. Some fat parrots have to do wit it, with a shooting star sign thing on it's right eye.

The frogs dun even have super powers.

WTF, right?

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