Thursday, November 26, 2009

LOL Now I know why...

The blog's been receiving unusually high traffic these few days. And all of them point towards my P1 WiMax W1MAX Wimax blog post (yes that's 3 key words for google to direct to my blog. Hehehe...). Got TONS of comments about it too. Some are for P1, some against P1, some for Streamyx, some against Streamyx. I investigated a bit and found out it's the #2 result when you type in "P1 W1MAX review". I guess a share of the traffic comes from those who clicked the first link as well.

Then sometimes I see links from adsense. I never knew how it came to that, until today:

LOL. That's free advertisement. Now I gotta buck up the contents of the blog.

Not that I'm complaining :-D

Shit I juz realised I do not have an Ads program for the blog. Anybody kind enough to help out?


Wait, I do. Now if you're kind enough pleaseclickonthempleasethankyouverymuchitsmuchappreciated.

Oh shit this is very unexpected. The free ad appeared below The Star's report today about P1 getting a contract from MCMC. LOL report about P1, the ad below said 'gave up after day 3'. Summore the title reads 'P1 Review'.
LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Strategic ads placement?



Anonymous said...

If P1 dun rectify and improve its broadband service now, guess who will suffer in the long term?

There are more players coming soon.

Is the CEO blind????? STOP taking the RAKYAT for a ride!


If you don't believe just test P1 line quality at PINGTEST.NET!

superduperhairi ;) said... are right.Somehow Google is showing your site on their list when I googled "P1 W1max sucks?".

And I'm going to follow your blog cuz some of them I tend to find..interesting ahaha.

Mind that,it just that I have so much free time in hand right now while waiting for my SPM result,so yea.

Jyjy posting more good stuffs here :D