Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My review of P1 W1MAX

I've been reading good reviews about P1 wimax. In fact the service is so good a friend of mine actually uses it at home already.

Coincidentally mum wants to change the BIOS battery of the old PC coz the always-self-resetting time is annoying. And she wants to add another DVD writer to the box as well. Since techshop dun have IDE drives anymore, dropped by at Digital World to see lo. Saw a P1 booth doin the 15 day money-back-guarantee promotion. Persuaded mom to sign up (i'm not the one paying ma... :-P ).

I was totally sold to the idea of a non-streamyx service. I tried it out and WTF streaming Top Gear in HQ (youtube) was... literally streaming. The buffer was way ahead of the playing and by the time it was 3 minutes into the vid the entire video had finished buffering. Done. An entire 10 minute Top Gear HQ vid done in 3 minutes. I forgot how many minutes it was but I remembered it was ahead of the playing time and finished buffering b4 the video was half way.

Impressive. No, it's GOD DAMN IMPRESSIVE. The promoter even showed me a vid of streaming 4 youtube vids simultaneously (on youtube, of coz). I didn't bothered to watch coz I noe they won't show me an evidence of their impressive connection if the video shows that it isn't. So my mom signed up based on the basis that we can return it 15 days later, FOC.

The night I went back, sure cannot get signal la coz baru saja register. Line also not yet activate la. NVM, I wait for the long night to end.

Since morning the next day I tried to connect from my room. Hrmm blinking red... I guess no connection? What about the study room? HRMMM... No connection as well. Guess I need to try outside? Nope doesn't work. Told mom that might as well go return it that night. Went there, confirmed is not modem prob. At the booth there can get green light summore off my modem. WEIRD STUFF. Coz the dealer is staying juz one row of houses in frnt of mine and he insists that he's having damn good reception and connection. Green light summore. So it's weird that one row behind cannot get any connection. He asked me to try for one more day (coz they don't take returns at that booth, have to send back to HQ by ourselves). If got prob can find the guy directly.

Tried one more time. Nope not working. Called up the guy and he came to my house while on his way home. He tried the study room and a bit outside (coz not logic to be able to get connection outside, I mean practically, it's pointless. Go online outside the porch meh?) He also said he couldn't understand the reason behind it. But we were getting a hint of stable red light.

The next day was determined to get at least some data off this modem. Then finally found this spot at the place where my mom irons clothes where I could get a stable red to orange signal.

Yes. That place. That's why I denied a webcam convo from my friend. Super messy background. I would love to see her face though... LOL (you noe, she might be reading this all the while).

It's juz hopeless. Just when I thought I'm getting decent internet, another problem poped up. Stability. The connection is never steady. I mean steadily steady.

Snapshot from my desktop 'Network Meter' gadget:

It almost resembles a human heartbeat. A while high speed, a while low speed. WTF. And it' PERIODIC.

Snapped seconds later.

As you can see, the speeds are impressive, but it can drop all the way to zero (lowest point on the graph) in a matter of seconds and takes some time to climb back up. And when it drops, there's a 10-20% chance that disconnection will follow. The frequency of disconnection is so annoying that I think it's just not worth it to sit in a tight space just to get high speeds. It was well worth it the first day, but not the second.

In fact I'm typing this post on a Steamyx connection. It sucks, but at least data is slipping thru, and my contacts on WLM dun get annoyed by the periodic "DJFOO has signed in" shit.

Streamyx, you suck, but you win. P1, you rock, but you suck as well, so you lose. Add another transmitter next to my house and I might consider giving it another 15 day trial. For the moment, I'm giving up on day 3.

Yes, 3 days of P1 misery. It rocks, but it really sucks that badly in terms of stability.

I would want to believe that my case is an isolated one. So do give the 15 day money-back guarantee thing by P1 a try. You might find it working great in your house. But mind you, there's a 20GB cap on the 1.2Mbps connection, beyond which your connection will be throttled to a meagre 400Kbps, which is still good, provided IF THE CONNECTION IS STABLE. Streamyx has got no cap, but the connection SUCKS. It sucks so badly TM should pay me for using their crappy service instead.

Now where did I put that tapeworm-like LAN cable from P1?

P/S: oh yea, the reason my mom was sold to the Rm99 package was that we're trying to get rid of the landline. Not using it so often already since everyone has got their own HP. Currently Rm66+ Rm60(for some TM package) = 126 per month. Aiks.

P/S 2: Streamyx, for the record, YOU SUCK!!!! If I have yet to mention why you suck, it's coz your speed is never the one I paid. I PAID FOR A STEADY 512Kbps connection, NOT AN OCCASIONAL/RARE 512Kbps connection.

Update 25th Nov 2009: Since this post is getting so much traffic, I might as well give it a small update.

I upgraded my streamyx package to the 1Mbps WiFi Combo, which is 110 inclusive of landline rental and taxes. Anyone who's not using the landline anymore but wants the streamyx service should consider this option.

To be fair, i was on the 512 package originally, I guess 0.5 Mbps is not that fast...

Yes, another video juz finished loading entirely by the time I finish this little update.


Anonymous said...

who is reading la?? joey or midget?? LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

p1 suck...dun ever try...
very very suck

Anonymous said...

How much is Streamyx paying your bad review of P1W1Max ? Give them some time. It's still new. I get very strong connection from where I live. Don't agree with your shotgun review.

Anonymous said...

haha.. all customer complaint about wireless broadband!


JUST ONE YOU WANT TO TRUST IS TMNET STREAMYX. Next year we will se 10mbps for home user.

you can register online for FREE here:


DJ Foo said...

Hey thanks for the traffic Google is giving me.

To whoever's reading this post next, I'm the owner of this blog (not technically but wutever).

For the time being I'm still with streamyx, I even upgraded to the 1Mbps combo package last week, which is cheaper than my previous landline+streamyx package.

And since all anons are anons, I dunno how to reply one by one so here's a lump-sum reply.

No, I really hated streamyx's connection that bad. Even this 1Mb line is not satisfying. Yes Youtube is really streaming with this line, but it's still not constant so the jitter and buffer is still there occasionally.

And to that P1 lover anon,
the whole tone of my P1 review was an impressive one. I was trying very hard to make the connection work. It didn't. That WAS in March 2009. The line has since been transferred to someone else. And like i said 2 days before the 2 week trial period ends I saw a new transmitter installed near my house, but wasn't confident enough to give it a full 2 year contract.

To Streamyx lover anon,
I do not love Streamyx, I fckin hate it. But I have to live with it coz it's the only landline broadband provider. If the gov opens up the infrastructure to other companies to explore, I'm def the first to jump ship.

and it's freakin expensive for a 1Mbps line. UK is giving 1Mpbs lines for free to it's people under their new broadband plan.

And your ad, it's annoying.

Master said...

Nearly to give up streamyx. Called called called to TM complaint about the slow the end cannot be connected to the internet at all. At last they came to see my line..and now it seems to be ok..speed is in my favour...that is about 900kbs-1mbs. However the cost for 1m 111.05 still sucking too much, as our neighbouring country for 10m just pay for about 100 ringgit. Oh!!!Malaysia boleh sucking their own people..hope will be improved soon or just reduce for 1m to 50 ringgit would be thanked to TM...

Anonymous said...

To me having any of the internet service from each of the providers really sucks for now. I know it takes time to matured but in TM's case, so many years they already started to provide DSLs but still having unstable connection(eg DSL sync down,lagging,bad response time,cannot established connection). If TM keep on like this while P1 service matured, don't ask me why i cut off all service provided by them. Currently i am paying RM117.00+5% tax for TM's DSL only (88 for line+29 for line rental which is sucking). In my case, the line appeared from hell when connected to IP address starts from, others are normal which including 60.50.xx.xx, 60.48.xx.xx and 118.xx.xx.xx. 115.xx.xx.xx lines really sucks as i am typing now !

Anonymous said...

My area was the 1st to get P1 coverage in JB. Am i lucky or what? Yes, i was ut not anymore...

The 1st 10 months for my 1.2mbps pkg was a honeymoon, sweet download at 1.5mbps abv and never below, upload 400kbps abv and never below. Disconnection? Got lah, i think 3-4 times only during that 10 months, yup indeed the honeymoon was so nice.

But our marriage doesnt seems to last any longer. Soon after they got that POTONG ads, OMG suddenly my DL/UP speed became 0.3mbps/0.05mbps only. So, what happen?

According to P1 staff himself, they are over over subscribe bcos people like to POTONG lah. So how? no choice but to sideline old wife like me loh (they throttle speed by 1/4) in order to gv full bandwidth to new younger wife.

Now, me the old discaded wife got frustrated. B ut no choice, streamyx got no available port in my area liao.

Now i am eagerly waiting for YTL by mid 2010, hopefully... Meantime on streamyx waiting list.

HooHaaa said...

I think u need to be more patience to tm.. they try their best to give the best service...Mine also got same bad experience with streamyx.. For about 4 months ago my dl rate drop at 0.3 mbps ( i rent a 1mb package) which is really testing my patience...Then yesterday, after few complaints, then suddenly the speed bam to 1.3mbps average.... and sometimes reach 1.7mbps..what the heck of that..
I think streamyx now is going into the larger dont potong yet and if u encounter the slowness, always keep in touch with the streamyx techie guy..dont give up

Quote:"However the cost for 1m 111.05 still sucking too much, as our neighbouring country for 10m just pay for about 100 ringgit. Oh!!!Malaysia boleh sucking their own people.."

Owhh..hello..??? which neighbouring country that offer that package? In Indonesia, u have to pay around Rm300 to get 1mbps considered 110 for 1mpbs line still considered affordable.... nak complaint lebih2tukar warganegara ler beb....

DJ Foo said...

HAHAHA. I've been a streamyx subscriber since 2003. That's a whopping 6 years entering 7. If that doesn't allow me to rant about their suck co*k line stability I dunno what will.

And comparing with a worse neighbour won't get us anywhere. We have to compare with the best to aspire to be the best., If we compare with Indon, we'll think 'ah we're better than indon, that's good enough.' NO, that is not enough. That fellow commenter is refering to S'pore I believe.

Anyone still remembers the comparison with South Korea of 30 years ago? Same starting ground but different progress.

Anonymous said...

Hey Streamyx is not the only landline provider anymore, there are few of them actually,they are not as popular as Streamyx yet the stream and service are definitely better. I am currently using Infolient which I found it from a newspapar couple of months ago and I just terminated streamyx right away as I was a streamyx hater too!! I am now paying RM 59 per month for 1Mb line, but not with no modem provided. If you use their so called 'free modem' you gotta pay RM 79. Although I cannot get fully 1mb, most of the time at 870kbps, it still worthwhile than the dumbo streamyx, at least it is much stable. I am not sure if all places could use infolient, you may enquire first, check it out at their website Hope this will help those who wanna get rid of streamyx's terrible streamyx irks.

Anonymous said...

yea, I really frustrated with P1. I was using their service for almost 1month, quite ok until recently, slow lik shit and some times cant connect, dunno they turned of some base station because no money or wat. They said wanna expand 70% malaysia by 2010, but infact the coverage seems to be shrinking!
their business plan is total sucks, never think of the future..
They earn quite some money from potong advertisements in short-term but they waste more money doing the retarded advertisements for TV, radio, newpaper etc.. Those money can be used for building more base station and improving the line infrastructure.. If service is really good, ppl will spread the news and more ppl will potong themselves, no need to waste like RM50mil to ask ppl potong just to be disappointed with shit connection. P1 should really consider changing it business strategy or it will be eaten by streamyx.

sorry for being annonymous, i still working for P1

Anonymous said...

I ain't neither Screamyx nor P1 guy.

FYI, most ISP other than this monopoly Screamyx in M'sia are renting the internet line (could be cable/fibre/anythin'else) from TMNUT itself (<80%). This mean TMNUT could easily throttle most ISPs' speed whenever or whichever they *like* need. --this should be an industry secret-- Well, that is a fact whichever you choose your ISP, you will still getting hella' problems (there're exceptions but they are just not so much available to public).

Because TMNUT had been monopoly this industry for ages, they never put much effort in upgrading their services (duhh,i'm still teH best why there's no need to improve). Screamyx still uses copper cables until now. Ya'might say why' there's no such things they did installed optical fibre, yes they did but that was implemented for very high end customers (DSL are for the lowest of all,they did said on *best effort basis*).

For wireless broadband and teH so called' W!MAX, none should expect much of em' because as some said earlier they spent $ on advertisement rather on improving their transmitter(when not throttled by TMNUT).

For some reason, Screamyx are good on countryside and bad in urban area. Guess you should know bout this term *Saturation* as this explained all.

Well, hope this so called' 1 M'sia plan would be allowing foreign company to invest on internet service in M'sia soon, as this might just be the solution for the problems in M'sia's internet industry once and for all.

Anonymous said...

It is time P1 upgrade their service to existing areas as I think the subs are frustrated at the reception they are getting. No point in having new coverage areas when the old areas are so congested that they are paying for something that they cannot use and also cannot terminate as have to pay penalty

Anonymous said...

now we should say potong...potong...potong...P1

Anonymous said...

Dear Fellow Victims,

PLEASE DUN POTONG YET!!! P1 STINKS. The 1st few weeks will be good. Then on it will be F@#KED!F$#CKED!& F#@CKED! And you thought Streamyx was bad...dun say you were not warned. It's of course my personal experience la. Malaysia Boleh! Pay so much...but get so little...

Anonymous said...

IF u wan tears
IF u wan unhappiness
IF u wan frustration
IF u wan misery
If u wan pain
If u wan to be another victim

Then u can...POTONG!

Anonymous said...

Agree, agree TM is suck but win and P1 is rock but lose.

I got a strong green light on my area(speed test around 1.4-5M) but it only rock on first 7-10 days on the month after that speed test 0.3-4M.
WTF, RM 99 for 20G. what time now still limit usage. I wanna potong next month, not LC, not TM but P1. Coming 21 monthly fees will pay to TM loh.

Anonymous said...

I stay in Ampang area, being with so many provider (TMNET, Maxis Broadband and DiGi Broadbad), let me give a fair comment here

TMNET (I was subscribed to 2MBps pkg)
Reasonable service, speed sucks sometime but most of the time good, the plus point here is there is no cap on network volume

Maxis Broadband (3G pkg)
The coverage is impressive, I was on a tour to east coast malaysia (sort of an expedition tour as we stop multiple small town along the trip) out of 10 towns I get 8 towns with high speed. But the problem with me is if you are on the ground floor everything should be good, but unfortunately I stay 10+ floor up, sometime I have to hang my modem high up to get good bandwidth.

DiGi Broadband (3G pkg)
I think they did it right, like what they said on their slogan. Coverage now is still limited being a new provider, but their bandwidth is really very very stable, i try to download some microsoft update and I can see there is a flat line (at 2Mbps) on the network bandwidth utilization graph. Guess what being on the 12th floor, I am getting full bar signal and constant bandwidth (even when I bring my laptop in the toilet). Its always a chicken and egg thing about these services, so for those who stay within the range go and subscribe for their service so they will get more money to extend their coverage to other fellow users here.

Technically there is this other consideration called "latency" that users should be aware, even if you have very high bandwidth but your data takes forever to reach the destination its pointless, and Maxis and DiGi has good latency to most of the countries.

Currently I am keeping Maxis and DiGi broadband for myself and my wife.

Good bye streamyx!!! I like mobility.


Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Do you expect anything in this fucking country to work? Nothing here works. This country is like your your P1 connection. Very unstable, sometimes work but most times dead.

Anonymous said...

lei got zho mei ya? ngo zhou dou got zho..haha..i think streamyx had improoved a bit their bandwidth connection becos after the "kot zho" advertisment the connection around my area seldom disconnect and faster (but juzt a damn little bit)haha anyway streamyx shows scare to the P1 thread..haha

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...




Don't potong? tell you, today I got a strong green light and the download speed is 0.09M(90k) and upload speed 0.11M(110K)on the first test, 2nd test 0.10M download and 0.09M upload, LOL, "tulan" you know.
P1, if I not potong u I will regret for sure. Money is not everything but it must to mean something and your something is 0.09M.

Anonymous said...

You Guys Should Try And See My SpeedTest.Net Result.

I'm Staying At Selangor.
Just Open The Link Below.

Yes, This Is A P1W1MAX Test Result.

Anonymous said...

We can change things. We really can. Let's start working on the GE13. Be prepared. Register to vote now.

Was in Hong Kong and found out that their super broadband is awesome. Just awesome. Updated my MacOSX in online (181 Mb) in 30 seconds! While we are not anywhere near that yet, let's remove whatever obstacles that hinder our reaching that goal.

The BN government is a curse to our nation - our society, our lives.

Tropicaljantie said...

hi, I am a matsalleh in Malaysia (for 5 years oledi, hence my special english :) meh...)

anyways, I could not agree more with you on the up and down time of p1 wimax.

if only p1 wimax would provide as good coverage and stable bandwidth as they provide banner advertising on the roads in klang valley...

point being is that it's dangerous marketing promising hyperspeed if you cannot even delivery steady speed. what is the point of a fast internet line if it only there 70% procent of the time. I remember even 3 days without any internet access. not even a message on the phone helpdesk of p1 wimax.

is this the internet malaysia boleh that everybody is so proud of ?

Anonymous said...

Have any of you been to the P1 WiMax in Giant Kota Damansara?

You would be impressed by the "speed" when you click on something, right?

Well, would you believe it that they are NOT using P1 WiMax in that particular promo stand?

Yep, totally true.

When I went to complain about my coverage and wanted to open from their promo stand, they said they can't as they are NOT using P1 WiMax as their broadband.

Kota Damansara, P1 User

Anonymous said...

Hey....i jus more competitors D better leh.......dun care whether stream,P1 or dot3 lah...cuz only den the service and price will come down...dun reali like monopoly by 1Streamy....reali suck ppls $$$ for a long time liao...^^

Anonymous said...

maxis broadband... very very very very very ...slow,DON'T Try !

Anonymous said...

TM;administration fee of RM350 flat will be charged across all packages regardless when they terminate within the contract period...
dont sign with contract...
two Company dont try...celcom & TM !!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a lucky P1 user. Using it in 3 different places and it didn't give my much problems. *Satisfied with it*. Just that at times when they do upgrading, it really made me mad.. yet, got waived in the bill for the day.. atleast not that suckie.

Anonymous said...

P1 really is fkcing slow.....sometime fast sometime slow.....i pay rm99 oso all time 1st good....after trial period dun noe y suddenly slowest down...PLEASE dun try P1....

khairul said...

yeah.. DON'T ever POTONG

FYI, all others internet provider use TM Lease line.

So TM control the world of internet in malaysia

If you want to register TM Streamyx for free try this website:

fadzly ex-extenders said...

hey. how come ur post is posted on an AD on haizz..

mk.lina said...

must come from TMnut,they giving free advertising to him.LoL
consider his post about P1 W1max review.they must think it worth to read.

so, anyone want free advertising for your blog,please do bad review for P1..hehe

DJ Foo said...

HAHAHA. And you thought I didn't know that? My latest post was about my investigation into this surge in traffic, and it was done quite sometime ago.

Billy said...

I will b going 2 "potong" my wimax this weekend! Had been tolerating with patience with their bad services and follow up for more than 6mths. The technician sent by them reconfirmed that my connection is bad even when my modem light is static green!! and my modem is not faulty. Ragunath of wimax 2nd level technical support suggested tat I upgrade my line n speed so tat i can hv deccent connection speed! meaning i will pay premium but expecting non-premium quality of connection.. wat kind of solution is tat??!@!#!?
Now.. I wonder whether i can get back my rm160 wimax initially charged me for line activation and admin fees.. wimax is one bloody big con job!!!

Billy said...

Those who felt victimised by P1, pls log in ur complaints to COMMUNICATIONS AND MULTIMEDIA CONSUMER FORUM OF M'SIA ( Let's teach P1 a lesson!!

vincent said...

Tried P1, it sucks, 2M download speed in the morning, 0M after 10am. I'm using DIGI Broadband, 1M in the morning, 1M in the evening. (DIGI didn't pay me anything to say these things). I am interested to hear from people who has tried CELCOM and Maxis.

Hong Tea said...

well, what can we do?
hate streamyx but still have to rely on the line...
recently i tried celcom and digi broadband
i have to agreed with vincent that digi seem very stable in connection, even sometimes digi 3g are weak, but it will automatically covered up by digi edge.
im quite satisfied with it. compare to celcom...
like stock market, up and down frequently. i just wait for an appropriate time to POTONG!
and regarding P1, really no comment cuz never try before. but the package aint so cheap as well...
thats my point of view.

Anonymous said...

Just want to share my experience... i'm staying in cheras. I'm using streamyx 1mbps package for about 14 month now.. For the past 13 month im really satisfied with my connection.
i can get around 1.2mbps (155KBps) connection at all time (During peak & off peak).

The 700mb size Movie its only take about 1 hour 17 minutes to finished.

But only start on this early december, i dont know what happened to tmnut, my connection very slow especially downloading from USA base server... I can get good speed using speed test,

but when i'm downloading, i didnt get that kind of speed.

Anyone have this problem?

Anonymous said...

hmm i dont know man im also like u,i hate streamyx so dnm much alwyas dc while playing on9 game in it is totaly sucks 100% ,i always hope that p1wimax can beat streamyx and provide a better services,cause didnt have other broadban sevices,but now it seems like pw1max also sucks some says much more suck then streamyx some says much more better but i have read a lot of command that says pw1max suck,i always hope that ppl who says p1wmax sucks is streamyx guy or pro streamyx but when many ppl says that in newspaper and website,is that mean all of them are streamyx ppl???well it is really sad i live in klang and i really hope that pwimax here is much more better,so that i can cut out my stramyx cause i had enough with it

Saiful Amani said...

skunk nie kan da ada streamyx wifi..
bulan 110 untk 1mbps.. line mmg clear n stbale nk di bandingkan dengan p1w1max.. why trust a beginner?? said...

Celcom Bband lg suck...kejap HS, kejap 3G, lg worst drop down to 2G & trus ilang...Lg2 bila u mok bayar bil, time itu lh die meragam...not worth paying for the really suck...

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem too, the agent even came to my house and help me to find a special spot to get a very MINOR signal for tht modem, after I calling him numerous time and almost fucked him on the phone, and the special spot is: hanging on the windows by the wire.
This TOTALLY sux, although it was really fast, but it is useless for us due to the repeat disconnection. Streamyx is temporarily owning!

Mr.Dante said...

this is my another speedtest result
still keep it...
just doing a little "bad" things

this is not a stupid photobucket or watever you wanna say..

Anonymous said...

today i called wimax..i want to POTONG THEM!! Their service really really bad.. the other day my daughter had to her college on-line assessment which is supposed to be done in 15 minutes... she had to go in and out so many time because the service is soo slow.
Wimax say i have to bring the modem to their centre PJ.. they will charge 299 to POTONG... I told them you can have your modem back and take the 1 month deposit .. I am not going to pay you another RM299 .. is that how you make money from cancellation fees... pity them la... pity the guy who took my call even more.. . Then I asked them can I transfer the line to my daughter under their Priviledge Package .. even that also cannot .. they said still have to pay cancellation fee and do fresh contract. What nonsense!!

Now I am wait for another month as I just paid this month's fee. said...

now seem Streamyx very slow and hard to make connection.. :/
i guess this because of their new stupid promotion> "Super Upgrade Deal."

just add RM5,and you can double
your speed. :o They just take
your bandwidth and give to upgrade users. sux!

to all streamyx users, Remember.. never subscribe to this stupid promotion.You think TMnut really double your connection speed for just RM5??!hahahahaa~!
they are no.1 bloodsucking company in m'sia le!!haiz!

once you subscribe, you have 2 years contract with them. cant potong anymore. that TMnut new goal btw... :)

Anonymous said...

P1 wimax totally sucks. I'm living in kajang area. The first month was ok, i can get constant 0.8Mbps...but the speed gets slower every month. By Oct and Nov, the speed barely able to reach 0.4Mbps. Now in December...i can't even load the

I called helpline to complain, but they gave lame excuse such as my wifi got hack and people using torrent on it.

F*** this Service. Since 1st Dec i couldn online...(using celcom broadband now)

How am i suppose to get my bill waived? i'm paying 99 per month for not NOTHING!!

Anonymous said...

P1 sucks. use up my 5Gb cap in one day when they refreshed the dl/ul qouta.
NOW the speed is running up to 20kb max, most of the time it's only 10kb and I have 80% connection strength as well. Before I signed up, the promoter says it's gonna be only a 50% drop in speed after i've use up my quota. Now, i think the speed is getting slower n slower. Come to think about it, it all make sense since they r signing up more n more users but never increase their own bandwidth, so we ended up sharing the same line with more ppl, hence the drop in speed.
Currently m thinking about to "potong W1MAX" if any other broadband provider can come out with better package minus the quota cap.
Anyone got any IDEA about WIWI or AMAX?

Lazyboy said...

Here is what I gather that is happening and it is outright cheating their customers by P1.

Reading the comments here, I gather P1 is trying to provide a satisfying enough experience for new subscribers in their initial trial period without any investment to expand bandwidth to cater for that. What is the best ay of doing it? Zero out everyone's remaining fair usage quota to Zero MB!!! The logic is already in the system to limit your bandwidth once you go over that limit, so no cost required to do so. All bandwidth can then be allocated to trial subscribers!!! My quota has been ZERO for the past week and I am gathering evidence everyday on that to show P1's practice. Now what I need is someone who just subscribed, take a screen shot of their fair usage policy as what I suspect that is their remaining quota will be close to actual! I don't want them to have an excuse to say it is a system bug!! because I sure don't think so. Someone please help confirm this! I ain't going to pay any fees to P1 for sure. Like someone said, I don't think I hit the 20GB quota in 1+ weeks of my monthly cycle because I have 6 months worth of data to show how much is my typical consumption!

Let's POTONG P1!

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day...

All public ISP's in Malaysia are mediocre at best, constrained by government red-tapes, rules, and regulations done in haste and corrupted members milking personal profits over quality and reliability.

We are still saying our good graces getting sub-par speeds compared to our neighboring countries. Getting giggly over 4Mbps or in the near upcoming future; a tentative leap to 10Mbps when the world standards are triple that is not laudable, IT'S LAUGHABLE!

~ Anti-NRA reviewer ~
( X P)

Currently using Streamyx 4Mbps (claims only certifiable on best effort etc... MY FOOT!)

Anonymous said...



last time, Celcom 3G ever reach 3.0Mbps, 2.2Mbps. However, 2 and half month ago, become worst. and don't know why become worst. ( morning 5:xx am)

only this times is acceptable ...


DIGI: ( not sure recently result )

( Mon, 29 June 2009, Penang, HSUPA )

(Sun, 21 June, 2009, Penang, HSUPA )

Anonymous said...



last time, Celcom 3G ever reach 3.0Mbps, 2.2Mbps. However, 2 and half month ago, become worst. and don't know why become worst. ( morning 5:xx am)

only this times is acceptable ...


DIGI: ( not sure recently result )

( Mon, 29 June 2009, Penang, HSUPA )

(Sun, 21 June, 2009, Penang, HSUPA )

benny said...

Let me share my experience about P1. A couple months back I took up the P1 package after the 15 days trial period. During the trial period I've tested the P1 at my office as well as my home. Though not under the P1 coverage, the speed was excellent - it registered a speed exceeding 1.0 mbps. Without second thought I signed-up another package for my office use. Things were ok until recently. The speed is now at a crawling pace of only 50 to 120 kbps - worst than TMnet dial-up ! Made a few calls to P1 support and they gave crap answers like not in coverage area etc...My question is simple - if not in coverage area then why am I getting blazing speed a few month's back. The funny thing is the problem starts after they carried out the 'Potong' advert intensively. Now I am really going to Potong for good - and this time its P1. To P1, please listen here. Among my circle of friends, non of them are satisfied with your service and 9 out 10 had already cancel your service. If things don't improve P1 would be history.

Anonymous said...


I've been experiencing super slow speed from P1 since october. And since 1st December till today i can't even connect to the internet. I called 1300-800-888. Guess what they told me. From 1st to 14 November i've downloaded 39GB of stuff. Which explains the slow connection in November.

For December, i already finish my fair usage limit. in 12 days? He says i've downloaded 8GB on 2nd Dec and 7GB on 3rd Dec.

This is impossible...even the guy thinks so. He ask me to go p1 center to complain.

What the hell?? my average speed is just 0.3 to 0.5Mbps in september, how on earth is it possible to download 39GB in 14 days, or 8GB in one day? even my streamyx at home is not that fast!

DJ Foo said...

LOL. I would have to try very hard to get 2GB through my current line. That P1 cap is a scam. LOL

【R@YMOŊÐ】 said...

P1 is slow, unstable, expensive, and limited usage.

It is inferior to streamyx in every way.(just use wifi router for wireless)

I think P1 knows this, hence all those promo to trick more customers.

Anonymous said...

TM & Celcom same Group...Lazy,Very Bad service ! ! !
P1 many complain !
maxis slow ! very slow ! very very very slow !
I will try DiGi...only problem is coverage ! if mobile...Die !

Anonymous said...

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p1_pls_shutdown_yourcompany said...

pls google for p1 comments be4 subscribe

dun ever listen to those fking p1 reseller who try to pursue u by cheating.

anyway, not all reseller r the fking cheater but f u for those who say green zone guarantee good signal.

and P1 if u dun wan to shut down your company, make sure u teach your reseller to be stop cheating AND IMPROVE YOUR NETWORK SERVICE.

POCO Homemade said...

Hi everyone,

I wanna get wifi for my cafe at KL Jalan Choo Cheng Khay. Anyone staying nearby and using P1? How is the connection there? I rent the shop, that's why I avoid using TM service so that I don't need to apply for phone line. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hey...been using P1 for a month has been very stable for me (d/l 600KB/s & u/l 120KB/s)...could get 3-4 bars signal at almost every area of my house & even in my office. Speed is very good...I can skype smoothly. I wouldn't want a streamyx either coz I just hate far as I could use something other than streamyx I would. Peace all :-)