Sunday, March 22, 2009

Qing Ming

Went Qing Ming ler. Did it earlier than everyone coz grandma passed away last year. According to customs need to do earlier this year.


Heard from friend the F2.0 of a P&S is no where near the F2.0 of a DSLR in terms of the blurring effect. The physical size of the aperture, I guess?


Is there's a 'lifeless-ness' feel to the pic? Dried plant is the foreground for a grave-visiting ceremony.


This one really tried to have a lifelessness feel coz it's a frame of dried plants.


Check out this ant. There are other smaller ants beside it. The tankers of the colony? DAMN big ok?


Burning incenses. Dunno how to capture smokes ler.

C&C please~~

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