Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Portugese Kenny Rogers'

Went to Nando's the other day, mom's treat. I mean, it's juz dinner la. First time woi. Thought got wat so special. Mana tau it's juz a Kenny Rogers repackaged.

Tried the Lemon and Herb seasoning. LOL at the flag thingy.

WTF la, right?

As usual dun wanna get conned into getting a 6 dollar bottomless soft drink. Hey you pay 6 bucks and wan to drink how many rounds? You drink 1 cup you also full until wanna explode already la. 6 bucks. Gila ka? That's why I always order plain water. Most of the time it's FOC

But not in Nando's.

I ordered 'plain water', and they gave me this:

I thought their 'plain water' got so good come to you bottled, but no, you can find it in the menu for Rm3.80. And it's not called 'plain water', it comes w/ a fancy name called 'Peri Aid'. Wut's so special about 'Peri Aid - beat the heat'?

It comes from an underground source in Kedah. Did it beat the heat? Drink a real plain water and the effects are the same.

Mom ordered something else:

Some naan break brushed w/ butter. Not bad la, but quite plain and bland. Did I juz contradicted my own statement within one statement?

Lesson learnt. Always ask if you need to pay for that plain 'plain water' before confirming your order. Better still, drink something else.

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